How to Become a Professional Poker Dealer?

In the dimension of casino games, there are two horizons- one of the plays and the one that deals. While an excellent player may be hard to find, an outstanding dealer goes on smoothly, often adjudicating the table, and is a friendly cousin. Hardcore poker fans always have an avenue that goes above and beyond playing the game.

Society increasingly recognizes poker dealers as an ideal career path for casino games. Unlike most players, they have a stable income. Due to this, many dealing schools in Las Vegas offer professional dealer courses and thoroughly train you for the job description in top casinos. Some even provide placements and on-the-job training programs, which are immensely beneficial.

Their hand in these games is indispensable for world-class competitions and global tournaments. Here’s a thorough guide to getting your professional dealer career.

Poker Dealer: Occupation And Requirements


Croupiers’ profession lies in card and chip distribution for initiating the game. Poker dealers have a more comprehensive range of responsibilities than just dealing, including maintaining smooth gameplay and game ethics. They ensure the rules and regulations are being followed accurately by all participants.

All occupations require appropriate research, and the same applies to croupiers. Not all jobs may be for you; thus, it becomes imperative to research the job requirements. You will require the following:

• Knowledge of every casino game for a professional position
• Knowledge of bet-reading and poker hands
• Full attention to pot odds and sizes
• Patience and ability to sit for long durations.
• Proficiency in shuffling and handling casino chips
• Proficiency in pitching and dealing methods
• Maintenance of poker security and ethics

Poker dealing is an exciting yet daunting career path for most individuals. Still, as with any profession, you will need the correct skillset and mindset to ensure your survival in the casino industry and property. The established qualifications, unlike most work today, are surprisingly minimum. However, many personality-based requirements would require careful evaluation before placement. Consider the following:

• Mental Arithmetic: Quick arithmetic abilities of pot odds and bets
• Patient Approach: An indispensable skill with cautious players
• Friendly Personality: A brilliant way to attract tips is through your demeanour.
• Attention: Hand-reading abilities are crucial

The licensing requirements are as follows:

• A minimum of 18/21 years, depending on the place
• GED or high school diploma
• No past criminal activities and records
• Passing pre-employment drug tests
• Background and history evaluation
• Biometrics administration

Education and Training


Experience and relevant training are an ever-growing necessity in all types of jobs. Learning from professional dealing academies accredited and recognized by the place is essential for getting you started on your job hunting. This case is because of the licensing requirement for legal dealing. Such licences are only given through ethical training and appropriate procedural experience.

Licences typically start from $75 and are automatically deactivated after an activity period of 5 years. These licences provide a permit through which you are legally allowed to deal in such games. Dealing academies and relevant courses charge about $500, and some of them in Las Vegas have training prospects for the experience.

These courses give hands-on experience for no-limit management and games with limits and pot limits.

Thorough shuffling and adequate knowledge of the industry standards are thoroughly explained to the students. Such professionalism and patience are critical to the industry. Remember that this career goes way beyond your regular home games.

Educational learning and training can be facilitated through a 100 hour course (spread over 4-8 weeks) before proceeding to the job application. With relevant experience, you can meet the ever-growing demand for poker dealers worldwide. In either case, a dealer audition program is a must. In these auditions, you will need to deal for a set time with the assistance of a room manager who is also in charge of assessment.

Salary And Job Placement


A prevalent conception is that poker dealing courses can also open up jobs in other casino avenues. Your prospects for becoming a poker dealer improve substantially when you have experience in different table positions in the casino so that you truly know how it works from a bird’s eye view. Other positions open to you include room dealing and room management.

Remember that the industry is competitive, primarily when you have dealt in the World Series of Poker or other globally recognized poker games. While poker dealing may not be a full-time career option, it is also great for a side hustle. Apart from salaries, the most beneficial aspect of poker dealing in reputable casinos is the flexible schedules. This opportunity opens doors for either regular or other room management jobs in poker. This is typical as people work in other casino properties to make more cash.

Do your research regarding job placement opportunities and salaries. Most of your income might be from tips given for your good attitude.

Experience And Environment


There are a handful of things you would want to consider, especially if your love for poker is second to none. One of those things is the working atmosphere.

Attitude plays a crucial role in this career path, and only the ones with good disposition and professionalism survive in the industry.You must make the people on the other side of the table understand that poker is much more than winning and losing; they must create a satisfying experience for the players regardless of the outcome. This requires a proper mindset.

The working environment demands being used to barely lit rooms and passive smoking. You will have to sit and deal for extremely long hours, deal with impatient and unprofessional customers, and risk being drunk. Not everyone can take losing positively.


A croupier’s employment prospects are not just limited to poker dealing but also open up gates for various room management placements. A qualified dealer will always be in demand, offering handsome salaries and multiple perks- like environmental liveliness, lucrative tips, flexible schedules, travelling prospects, and many more.

The salary of a dealer starts from $16,907, with an average of $18,663 per month. These numbers vary per place, and with higher qualifications and suitable placements, you can get about $22,000. It depends on your tips, skills, and customer service attitude. Proper etiquette and experience are the charms for standing out in these industries.

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