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Fitbit Ace 3 Review 2024

Fitbit Ace is an affordable fitness tracker that is available in a variety of colors. It is a really good tracker if you are looking to track your steps, sleep and calories. It wouldn’t be as good if you are looking for a tracker for swimming, since it doesn’t give that much information about your swim. But that’s what the Charge 3 is for. The Charge 3 is the best tracker if you are looking for swimming.

The Fitbit Ace 3 is the most powerful tracker of them all. It is a step up from the Fitbit Ace 2 in all aspects and comes with a host of improvements. Firstly, the device is water resistant and works great in swimming. Secondly, it has a clear display that is OLED hence has better visibility underwater. Thirdly, it is able to connect to the companion app without having to be paired with a smartphone and is able to do so on cellular networks. Last but not the least, the device has a built-in GPS to track GPS-enabled workouts.

Fitbit is a company that has been around since 2007. They started out as a simple step counter and fitness tracker. It is now a leader in the wearable technology space and is now the  leading brand of activity-monitoring wristbands (wearables). I have worn and reviewed hundreds of activity trackers over the years, and I have always been impressed with the improvements that Fitbit has made to its devices and software. The Fitbit Ace 3 is an updated version of the Fitbit Ace 2 that was released in August of 2017. While the Fitbit Ace 3 is not the most advanced Fitbit product, it still offers a lot of value for those looking to track their activity throughout the day.

Fitbit Ace 3 is a wearable gadget designed exclusively for kids. The recommended minimum age is 6 years. Compared to the previous version, it has a brighter screen and longer battery life (8 days versus 5). Moreover, its 50m water resistance in the pool (and in the bath) makes it more adaptable than the previous model. Dark blue with green accents or black with red accents are two color options. The monochrome PMOLED display lets you choose from different watch faces so no two As are the same. Because the Fitbit Ace 3 is designed for kids, it doesn’t record all the parameters that an adult tracker can. Including calories burned. Kids over 13 can track their activity if they create a standard Fitbit account, which they can’t do if they’re under 13.

Ace 3 tracks the quality and stages of sleep, steps, movement time and active minutes of young children. The latter uses various sensors to keep track of the number of actions. This includes jumping, trampoline and sports in addition to the normal step count. There is no way to track your location via GPS. Create activity goals with rewards for reaching the goal in steps or active minutes. The Fitbit app also has a Kid View feature that allows kids to see their vital signs, but not the whole family’s data. The Fitbit Ace 3 lacks eye-catching features like cartoon and movie themes. We think this is an advantage because it doesn’t look like a typical baby product. The Ace 3 is streamlined, comfortable and robust enough to handle the most exciting trips.

Publication date and price

When the Fitbit Ace 3 launched in March 2024, it cost less than $80. Interestingly, the Garmin Vivofit Jr 3 costs about the same.

Fitbit Ace 3 Design

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The Fitbit Ace 3 device itself is a small rectangular pebble with a silicone strap. Thus, like its predecessor, it protects against shocks and bumps. The Ace 3 has a rounded look, which makes it more modern than the Ace 2. It comes in two colors and has an adjustable plastic buckle: navy blue with green buckle and black with red buckle. Individual colored ribbons can be purchased. Credit: Fitbit All parts are waterproof, including the strap, which is adjustable from 116 to 168 mm, depending on the circumference of the wrist. The Ace 3 is water resistant to 50 m and can therefore be worn while swimming or bathing.

Unlike many other baby watches, the silicone strap is comfortable and easy to change and won’t hurt your baby’s delicate skin. Other children’s watches can cause rashes if worn at night, but the Fitbit does not cause irritation after a month of use. The screen of the Ace 3 is a monochrome OLED touchscreen with backlight. There are also different watch faces available through the Fitbit app. The Fitbit Ace 3 lasts 3 days longer between charges than the previous version, which is nice. You can use the device by pressing the borders or sliding the touch screen to switch between the watch face, pedometer, sleep monitor, timers and do not disturb functions.

Fitbit Ace 3 Battery Life

The internal battery is charged through a dedicated USB port on the back of the Ace. You should charge your Fitbit at least once a week. The official battery life is eight days, but we regularly reached eight or nine days after a hectic first week where the constant pace depleted the battery in less than seven days.

Uses in everyday life

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The Fitbit Ace 3 offers unique features that kids will love, such as. B. Dials that are only lit when you walk. Additionally, depending on the watch face, the day’s activities can be displayed on the main screen, and if you have a race set up in the app, Ace can alert you when you are getting closer to your goal. If your child has their own phone, you can set Ace to receive notifications of calls and messages. One of the key features of the Ace 3 is that tracking doesn’t stop during sleep. It also records sleep and allows you to set a reminder, which can make it easier for children to go to bed on time. You can also use an alarm clock to wake them up.

Maintaining a health record

The Fitbit Ace 3’s screen is much brighter, making it easier to see in direct sunlight. Plus, your child can easily check their activity data without having to open the Fitbit app, although they can do so there. The Fitbit Ace 3 doesn’t track calories because it’s designed exclusively for kids. Instead, active minutes are counted, including the number of steps and time spent in other physical activities such as jumping, trampolining, hopping or playing racquetball. Older subjects can simulate an activity count by sitting on the couch and waving their arms around. Fitbit not only lets you track your fitness, but also creates inactivity alerts, sets a countdown timer and uses the device as a stopwatch. The ability to set family goals in the Fitbit app is particularly useful. Mainly, you can go for a ride with each other, email each other and challenge each other to fitness events.

Fitbit App

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Although the Fitbit Ace 3 is designed for kids, it uses the usual Fitbit app with a few built-in features, such as Fitbit community membership and calorie burn. So we ended up with an application that was clearly designed for adults and adapted to children. Setting up a Fitbit for your child is not the same as setting it up for yourself. To add your children – or at least children under 13 – you must first register for a family account. It is not possible to create a child account for persons aged 13 or older, although this is not obvious from the way you create the account. Before your child becomes a member of the Fitbit family, if he or she is 13 or older, he or she must create their own Fitbit account.

Additional software features such as calorie tracking, menstrual cycle tracking, and access to the Fitbit community are available in standard accounts. Children who have already reached the age of 13 are eligible. The Fitbit application is excellent. Kid View, however, was clearly not intended for young children. It is recommended to pair the Ace with a parent’s phone. You will be able to track their progress in the application. While this also has some limitations, they have to use your phone to check your information or change your face. You cannot connect your Ace 3 to the Fitbit app on other devices without using parental logins and then switching to child view. So think carefully about the device you want to give your child.

Fitbit Ace 3 Pros

If you want your baby tracker to last, buy one. The silicone band that wraps around the Fitbit Ace 3 to protect the touchscreen, and is expected to last a long time, protects the gadget from bumps and knocks. The silicone strap is easily adjustable for optimal comfort. It looks good and isn’t too crazy to make fun of older kids.

Fitbit Ace 3 vs

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If you want smarter features, you shouldn’t buy it. The Fitbit Ace 3 is a fitness tracker, not a smartwatch, and it’s not meant to be a pure entertainment center. While the 8-day battery life is excellent, the Garmin Vivofit Jr 3’s easily replaceable battery lasts for a year. You’re missing the chance to check your heart rate. The heart rate sensors of the Ace 3 detect activity but do not register a heartbeat. This may change in the future. If you want to know more options for kids, we have the top 10 for you! If you like our content, follow us on social media for the latest smartwatch news and reviews.

Maigen is a versatile writer, proofreader and experienced smartwatch writing and editing professional.Fitbit Ace 3 Review 2024. After I finished my very first Fitbit Ace 3 Review, I realized that it was a great  product. However, it wasn’t perfect, and it certainly wasn’t without flaws. The new Fitbit Ace 3 has some cool features that make it an even better device, such as an improved sleep monitor and a pretty nice screen. That said, Fitbit Ace 3 Review 2024 would be ruined by unnecessary changes, and I believe the same can be said about the new Fitbit Ace 3. So, we are back to the Ace 3, and I’m going to run through its unique features, its general design, and its flaws. After that, I’m going to go into the Ace 3’s pros. Read more about fitbit ace 3 waterproof and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Fitbit Ace 3 do?

Fitbit has been in the fitness tracker market for quite some time now, and it’s a brand you can trust. But Fitbit doesn’t only make fitness trackers, in fact, it is also known for making smartwatches. The Fitbit Ace 3 is a smartwatch that needs no introduction, it was the most successful smartwatch from the company so far and it has been officially released since last year. Fitbit has added a third device to its GPS and heart rate-tracking Ace series, and this one is a big deal. The Ace 3 is Fitbit’s first activity tracker to include a 3-axis accelerometer, so it can detect all three types of movement: forward, backward and side-to-side. And while it can’t track sleep like the Ace 2, it does include a silent alarm that wakes you before your chosen time, a continuous heart rate monitor (that shows your current HR) and that long-awaited silent alarm.

Does the Fitbit Ace 3 track heart rate?

Fitbit can be a great tool for fitness enthusiasts, but it can also be a distraction for those who really care about their health. There are a lot of devices that track heart rate, but what is actually the best? The Fitbit Ace 3 has an updated heart rate tracking feature, but does it measure accurately? This is a review of the Fitbit Ace 3, a fitness tracker that tracks your steps, distance, heart rate and calories burned. It’s the latest in Fitbit’s line of activity trackers and it does not disappoint.

Can adults use Fitbit ACE 3?

On March 23, 2018, Fitbit announced it was acquiring wearable technology company Fitbit, Inc. (Fitbit) for $ Versions of Fitbit’s line of fitness trackers, called Fitbit Ace 3, are compatible with the devices. ACE 3 features include a continuous heart-rate monitor, a stress-tracking feature, a sleep monitor, and a guided breathing feature. The Fitbit Ace 3 is Fitbit’s latest wearable fitness tracker.  If you’re familiar with Fitbit, you’ll know that this is a huge step up from the Fitbit Ace 2, which was released in January 2016. The Ace 3 is now a fully-fledged fitness tracker, with activity, sleep, weight management, and other features such as pulse oximetry, call, text and calendar notifications.

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