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Scooty Kilmer, a YouTube topliner. Scott Michael Kilmer is his real name. This YouTube icon has a multi talented persona. He is a mechanic cum author and YT personality. His Career as mechanic began at 14.He professes that he has worked as a mechanic for 50 years that is why his fans believe and grasp his advice contributing to a huge number of subscribers for his channel.

His style of speech is attractive and attention seeking. His videos are enhanced with a dash of entertainment that people await for his videos.

This car enthusiast and author had much more. Continue reading to know more.

About Scooty

This keen star concludes that because of the 50 years encounter as a mechanic his perspective of cars is insightful based on which he advises over the automobiles on his channel. Some disagree about his experience.

Though criticism held him back, he moved on and today he is at the peak of success with 3 million and more subscribers with billions of views. Even today at his old age he posts his videos because of his fans who keep bragging about his videos. He is a prominent star.

Early Life And Family

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Scott Kilmer, an American nationality whose date of birth is October 2, 1953. At a very mere age he started as a mechanic at his grandfather’s garage who was a mechanic by profession. Scott says that his grandfather was the one to encourage him and tutor him on the vehicles and their function.

He has a Masters degree in Anthropology from New York. He risked his pile of studies before he pursued a Ph.D which was a magnificent decision because his future awaited him to be a great mechanic and a YouTube Star. This Car enthusiast brought about a very unique content that’s the reason he gets billions of views on the videos that he posts.

Leslie Kilmer is Scott Michael Kilmer’s wife and they are blessed with two sons. They also have a grandson.

Career And Milestones

Scott appeared in the ‘Crank It UP’ TV Show which introduced the key answers for the problems related to automobiles before he actually started his career as a YouTube icon.

He further featured his client’s car in his YouTube channels to showcase the defects and gave advice to correct it. It also included maintenance of the car with the core details that every car owner should know.

His book on ‘Buying Old Cars And Their Maintenance’ is a well versed book with a great deal of authorization.

Things You Didn’t know About Scott

Scooty Kilmer received an Emmy Award. Rather than his love for automobiles he is a consistent motorcyclist.

Net Worth

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3.8-4 million dollars is the approximation of Scott Michael Kilmer’s net worth which he earns from his YouTube channel and some mechanical work.

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