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Chris Distefano Net Worth 2024

Who wouldn’t love laughing? Don’t you? If so, you must watch Chris Distefano’s comedy shows. He is one of the exclusive comedians who fills your heart with joy and leaves your face with a big smile. He has been an active comedian since 2009. Unlike many other standup comedians, he uses his observational humor and makes the audience laugh louder in front of the bottom of their hearts.

Are you curious to know more about Chris Distefano? If yes, here’s everything about his net worth, less known exciting facts, family, milestones, and many more. So, without any further ado, read on.

About Chris Distefano

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Chris was born on August 26 and is 36-years old. He’s a Virgo. Chrissy D is one of the best standup comedians and most prestigious American comedians even. He acted in a few films and hosted podcasts. However, he primarily works as a standup comedian.

Most of his fans call him “High Energy Comic” because of his enormous energy levels while acting. He performed in most of the top-notch comedy clubs of New York City. And at present, he’s working in GuyCode, and GirlCode shows with MTV2.

Early Life And Family

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The famous and best-laughing therapist, Chris Distefano, spent his childhood in Ridgewood, Queens, and finished high school. He even achieved the degree as well. Later, he went to St. Stephen’s College to pursue Psychology. Finally earned a doctorate upon completing a Ph.D. degree in physical therapy. However, he said that he did all this to impress his mother and her friends.

In 2009, he started performing and made people laugh. Also, he impressed several people with his laughter therapy. Gradually, his passion as a comedian and artist grew. So he hosted standup comedy programs in a comedy club, including Fencing masters, March Madness, etc.

Want to know more about his personal life?

Well, he dated Carly Aquilino, a fellow comedian. She was a co-star in the show GirlCode right at the beginning of his journey in 2010. Owing to several personal reasons, they broke off in 2014. Then, he married Jazzy, a Zumba instructor, and had a cute daughter in 2015, Delilah. There’s no information available about this family.

Career And Major Milestones

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  • In 2012, he started working with MTV and appeared in many different comedy shows.
  • In 2014, he recorded a special half an hour episode that streamed on the Comedy Central channel.
  • Another less known fact about Chris is that he was an anchor as well.
  • He said that he loves to perform and travel worldwide to spread his humor and entertain people.
  • He hosts podcasts and entertains people. That’s why his listeners love them.

Facts You Didn’t Know About Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano.

Here’re a few less-known facts about Chris Distefano that you might be interested in.

  • He did Ph.D. in physical therapy but settled as a great comedian.
  • One of the best super hit comedy series by Chris is Size 38 Waist.
  • He has a cute 6-year-old daughter.

Net Worth

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Chris Distefano’s net worth is around $3 million from his primary source of income: T.V. shows and special episodes on most popular comedy channels.

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