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Facebook Transforms Into Meta: The Corporate Name Variation Shortly

For the purpose of rebranding, Facebook changed its forename to Meta.

As the company planned to expand its activity over social media and to set out to pass into online realness as well, the alteration refers only to the main firm rather than the following platforms they own: WhatsApp, INSA, FB.

Mark Zuckerberg- the founder of FB, declared about his intention to construct a metaverse, and the newest forename-Meta, is entailed of this. In his opinion, the existing name of Facebook is not able to present their current activity as a whole and reflect all the spheres they act and everything they do, let alone the forthcoming ones and are going to build, so it should be changed. Mark Zuckerberg is in the hope that within the time his company will be considered a metaverse one. Mark Zuckerberg announced that the shares of Facebook will be trading from 1 of December.

The meaning of the metaverse


The origin of the speech “meta” derives from the Greek speech “beyond”.

Metaverse is an online virtual environment where people will be able to be present at various musical performances or socialize with family members and mates, work from home, as well as play various online games with the help of special headsets invented for virtual realism without doing any movement. Online games are actually nowadays also, and there are a number of people that look forward to staying home and playing their favorable virtual games with their friends or just looking for live betting results with millions of other people all around the globe.

Mark Zuckerberg with his team is in the hope that metaverse is the future of the Internet as the people will not require making use of computers rather they will put the headset to be connected to the imaginary world.

Mark Zuckerberg declared that intends to employ more than 10000 officials in Europe to evolve the metaverse. Online Reality will be the same advancement related to the current Internet and computers as the modern mobile phones in comparison to the first gadgets released in the 1980s.

In the distinction of current virtual reality that is applied only in gaming, the upcoming one will be applied in every single realm of our life.

Most people visualize that all human beings will possess their own avatars to represent themselves when they will need them. To say frankly, any precision or new decisions regarding this issue is not. There is only a bright imagination of our population how it will be individuals in the metaverse.

Why has this news really shocked the world?

A few years ago, there were an enormous amount of emotions with regard to the digital environment which would become the future of the Internet. But those were only conversations among people and their imagination. But with the emergence of the metaverse that excitement has increased and a bunch of technology firms and affluent investors do not desire to be left behind to be incorporated in the future of the Internet.

Meta Announcements


At the Facebook Connect 2024 presentation, the company talked about the development of the “meta universe” and the creation of devices designed for use in it.

In 2024, Meta will release a new “high-end class” VR headset, which is being developed under the codename Project Cambria.

The device will get smaller optical lenses, support for facial tracking technology and advanced augmented reality capabilities. Among other things, the headset will allow the owner to create a virtual avatar with full facial expressions, and use it to communicate on virtual sites with other people.

Meta is not considering Project Cambria as a direct replacement for Oculus Quest 2 – the product will be more expensive. However, the company did not name a price or release date for the device.

Project Azeray is an augmented reality glasses. They will give owners access to the vast possibilities of “meta universe”, allowing you to connect with people and interact with objects in new ways.

The Abandonment of the Oculus Brand

Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth said that starting in 2024, there will be a transition from the Oculus Quest brand of VR headsets to Meta Quest and from the Oculus App to the Meta Quest App.

Facebook’s Reality Labs studio will revert to the Reality Labs name one year after the renaming. According to Bosworth, this is necessary to better show that the company is creating the “meta universe of the future.”

The Meta Quest team is working on new products that won’t require a Facebook account. As Bosworth noted, this is one of the developers’ priorities.

Where a Meta-universe Comes From


As mentioned above, Facebook is creating a meta universe. However, what is behind this term?

A meta-universe is a utopian virtual universe that is “freed” from the problems of reality, or a virtual “asylum” in the vision of science fiction writers.

The term “meta-universe” was coined by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in Snow Crash. Stevenson’s meta-universe is the next stage in the development of the Internet: a shared digital world that combines “physical” reality, AR, and VR.

People can connect to it as avatars and do everything they do in the real world: search for information, communicate, store and work – but get away from reality and live in a virtual universe. A person’s avatar in the meta-universe can be whatever he or she wants.

Similar fully digital worlds are shown in the “Matrix” trilogy and the novel by Ernest Cline, where the analogue of the metaworld was a game “OASIS”.

What Must Happen for a Meta-universe to Emerge

Today’s digital worlds are independent and unconnected. For example, the iPhone runs on a closed iOS, but apps can be accessed through a Facebook account, which in turn is registered through a Gmail account. But buying games and apps from the App Store does not entitle you to download them on Android from the Google Play Store.

Virtual worlds cannot be called metaworlds. They only have some of its features and may constitute part of the metaworld in the future.

The metaworld will appear only decades later – it requires simultaneous development in many IT fields.

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