How to Prevent Mouse & Rat Infestation in Your Basement

If you are a homeowner, you have probably at least once had the opportunity to experience mice and rats inhabiting your basement. This is very uncomfortable for many reasons. First of all, rodents in the basement can damage furniture, wires, and everything else they come across.

However, the biggest problem is certainly health, because mice and patches transmit numerous bacteria and parasites that can be a serious threat to health. That is why it is always recommended to take all measures to keep rodents as far away from your basement as possible. In the following text, you can read more about how to prevent mouse and rat infestation in your basement.

Why do mice and rats inhabit basements and other rooms in houses?

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During the cold months, mice and rats look for a warm hiding place where they can spend the winter. You will mostly find them in basements because these rooms are warm, humid, dark and often very easily accessible to mice. These rodents can crawl through even the smallest cracks and settle in an environment that suits them. If they find enough waste and other material, they will make a nest for themselves and spend some time there.

If you keep any kind of food in the basement, this will additionally contribute to the infestation of mice and rats, because they will have something to eat and survive for months. Sometimes it’s not even food for humans, but food for dogs or birds. Whatever it is: it will be quite enough for rodents, and it will be a perfect base for life and reproduction. And all this means that you will have a big problem that you will have to solve. That is why it is crucial to take all measures to prevent the infestation of mice and rats in time.

How to prevent mouse and rat infestation in your basement

1. Try to seal all cracks in the house through which rodents can enter

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As we mentioned, mice can enter the basement through the smallest cracks. That is why it is necessary to ensure that there are no openings on the outside of the house through which rodents can enter. Focus especially on the places where the pipes pass through the house because that can be more than enough space for rodents to sneak in.

2. Do not leave food around your basement

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If rodents find enough food, you will have to face a serious infestation that will make your life miserable. Who wants to deal with dirty rats? That is why it is necessary to keep all food in hermetically sealed containers. Or even better: keep it away from the basement if you have already had previous experience with mice and rats. This applies to human food but also animal one. If you keep dog, cat, or bird food in the basement, try to close it well or remove it completely from the basement if that is an option.

Also, do not leave garbage in the basement before throwing it outside. Too much garbage attracts rodents, because it allows them to make a perfect nest and place to live.

If you still find that you have rodents in the basement, do not wait, but call mice and rat control in order to eliminate these pests as soon as possible and return your life to normal. You can find more information at https://expertpestcontrol.com.au/rat-mice-rodent-control-sydney/.

3. Eliminate water and moisture

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Humid, warm rooms such as basements are the perfect place for rodent infestation, because such conditions suit them incredibly. In case you have leaking pipes or clogged drains, it is time to work on it and fix all the faults. If you delay this job too much, your basement will become a perfect breeding ground for mice and rats, so why not react in time and prevent this from happening?

Also, in order to keep the basement dry and clean, try to ventilate it regularly. The more oxygen and less moisture the room has, the fewer rodents will like it.

4. Remove trees and shrubs that are in direct contact with the house

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One of the paths that mice and rats use to get to the basement, and which people often forget about, are trees and shrubs. The branches that are in close contact with the house allow the rodents to slip through them and reach the basement where they will nest. Try to prune all trees and shrubs to ensure that this path is eliminated for rodents.

Extra tip: consider planting some of the plants whose scent repels rodents, such as mint. Having this plant around the house or in the basement can at least to some extent make entering the basement less attractive to rodents.

5. Arrange your basement

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The fact is that for the rats, the most attractive rooms are the messy ones, and this is very often the case with the basement. We usually have that one room in the house where we put everything we don’t use, or it’s not aesthetically pleasing. In the end, we create chaos in the basement, and such a space is the perfect place for rodents that function best in dirt and clutter. If you want to prevent the infestation of mice and rats, it is necessary to tidy up your basement and prevent clutter by organizing cleaning actions every once in a while.

Remember to vacuum and wipe all surfaces, just as you do in the rest of your home. People often neglect the basement, and this eventually results in the appearance of pests that pose a serious health hazard.

Conclusion: If you’ve ever had mice or rats in your basement, you know how uncomfortable this can be. In addition to damaging your property, rodents also transmit various diseases. So we suggest sealing all the cracks around the house and removing food and trash from the basement.

Try to eliminate moisture, as well as trees and shrubs that are in direct contact with the house. Lastly, tidy up your basement and prevent clutter, which is the perfect base for rodents. With these tips, you will prevent the infestation of mice and rats in the basement and protect your family members from unpleasant situations.

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