How Much Do Services for Transcription Cost on Average?

Transcript rates per audio minute vary. Some professionals charge higher than others. The cost of transcription often depends on the recording quality and other factors. For instance, a transcript may take longer to transcribe if the sound quality could be better or if multiple speakers are speaking at once. Additional requirements like special formatting, time stamps, or true verbatim transcription can also increase the price of the transcript.

Per Page Rate

For medical practices, transcription services are a big help. The medical field is highly complex, and employees are pulled in multiple directions. Transcription helps ease the burden of keeping up with paperwork and dictation. But what is the going rate for transcription services? Transcription rates are often based on the difficulty of an audio or video file. If the file is of poor quality, has obscure industry terms, or speakers talk too fast, transcribing will take longer. It can increase the rate by as much as 50% or more.

The accuracy of a transcript is often the most important factor for many organizations. For example, a transcription of a doctor’s dictation should be accurate to the letter. Some transcription services offer accuracy guarantees. The latter is a highly technical transcription service that provides a HIPAA-compliant, mobile-based dictation program and interfaces with most EMR systems. It helps streamline workflow and ensures documents align with your practice’s protocols.

Hourly Rate

If you want transcription work done, prices vary widely from company to company. While that is the case, understanding what you need to pay for will help you avoid the hucksters and find quality solutions that meet your needs. The most common way transcription services charge is per audio minute or hour. Most professionals use the standard industry rate, which can be very useful.

You will also see transcriptionists who charge per-line or per-typed page. Medical transcriptionists commonly use this pricing structure, costing between 7 and 14 cents per line.

If you need specialized formatting, accurate verbatim transcription, or timestamps in your transcripts, these will also add to the price. Lastly, suppose your audio or video file has multiple speakers, heavy background noise, or complex accents. In that case, these issues will make the transcription process more difficult and increase the cost. It is why it’s best to find a professional with experience in your specific industry or field.

Per Minute Rate

Whether you are looking at an individual transcriptionist or automated software-based transcription, pricing is often per audio minute. The price of transcribing an audio or video clip might vary greatly based on the type of recording used and other aspects. For example, a technical recording will likely cost more to transcribe than a business call. The specialized terminology used in these recordings will need to be researched so they can be transcribed correctly. In addition, technical transcriptions can often be more challenging due to garbled audio, thick accents and heavy background noise.

Additionally, transcription services can be more expensive if you require rush turnaround or special formatting. It is because transcribing services require overtime to meet your deadlines. If you need to know what the transcription rates are for your specific needs, it is best to contact a professional transcription service provider. The best transcriptions will be delivered to you as a result. You may also learn more about the transcription services offered by different companies and select the one that best meets your needs.

Per Line Rate


Selecting a per-line transcription service may make sense if you have a few lines to transcribe and need them to be put up in a certain manner. This pricing structure is common in the medical industry. Rates vary but are typically around 7 to 14 cents per line or about 65 characters in length. Knowing that a transcriptionist’s skills and experience impact the rates they charge is important. Some transcribers are known for providing quality transcripts with proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization and idioms. They also understand technical jargon and can provide accurate translations from one language to another. Other factors that impact the cost of transcription services are the turnaround time and if there are additional requirements such as a specific format, audio or video file size or type of material being transcribed. For example, medical, legal and financial content will likely cost more than a standard recording that includes general information. Getting quotations from many firms is the best approach to deciding how much you should spend on transcribing services.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time will impact transcription rates whether you want your transcripts back the same day or in 24 hours. The higher the turnaround, the more you will pay for transcription services. It is because a transcriber needs to spend more time on the project and may take longer breaks due to the audio quality. For accurate and understandable final transcripts, having your recordings transcribed by a professional is ideal. Turnaround times also depend on the type of recording. For example, if the recording is from a technical industry that uses jargon that only experts understand, you will have to pay more. You may anticipate paying less if it’s a routine conference call or interview. A good transcription service will have a fast turnaround and can meet urgent requests at no extra cost. Additionally, they will provide other services like timestamps, speaker identification, and other formats. They will also offer a flexible pricing model that allows you to choose the most appropriate rate for your needs.

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