6 Practical Tips for Getting More Channels With Your Indoor Antenna

We all love to sit on the couch and enjoy watching some movie or our favorite TV shows. However, when using an indoor antenna, the image quality can sometimes be a problem. This is where the position of your antenna is crucial. Of course, it is best if your antenna is positioned outside, but what when it is inside the house? Can we do something to improve the image on the screen or find more TV channels than we have?

Read six of our tips that will hopefully be useful for you.

Location Is Most Important For Good Reception Of Your Aerial


Anyone who wishes to enjoy a TV program is aware that having a good reception is necessary for a good image on the TV screen. For good reception, we use the antenna – whether we choose an indoor or an outdoor type. When it comes to indoor type, first we must determine its adequate position where the signal will be strong enough to provide us with the image on the screen. Most people agree that the best option is having an outdoor type of aerial because it is more likely you will achieve good reception. However, it happens that we don’t have the conditions for something like that, so we use an indoor type of aerials.

Installing an indoor antenna can sometimes be very challenging because we must find a specific antenna position where we can receive the best signal possible. Very often, this adjustment can take time, because we move it to various positions and locations – until we reach the best possible reception. We will give you some tips on what you can do to achieve better reception when you use an indoor TV aerial.

1. Direct your antenna at the TV transmitter


Your antenna should reach the TV signal well, but you must turn it in the right direction. The signal route should be directed to the nearest TV transmitter – that is, the tower from where the signal is broadcast. If you don’t know which tower is the closest and best to direct your antenna to – look at the station search menu.

There, you will find every signal station to which you can point the aerial until you get a good signal.

2. Try relocating aerial to various spots in your house


The position in which you will place the aerial has a big impact on the number of channels you have on TV – as well as the image quality. Of course, if you have an amplifier, you might achieve this – but that is not necessarily the rule. The position of your aerial is actually the key issue. That’s why, according to TV Aerial Installation, you must pay attention to where will you place it. Of course, the aerial position is also depending on its type – whether you have a flat one or not. If you have a flat indoor aerial (which is usually the case) – then the best option is to put it next to walls or even better, on a window, so that is facing outside. Try it.

However, if you don’t get the desired result, you can always find another location in the house, where the signal may reach better. Scan your TV channels and determine what is the best position for the aerial.

3. Move the aerial to a higher location


The attic or the skylights in your house can be an ideal place to mount your aerial. Namely, the higher the aerial is – the better are the chances that you will capture the signal and have more TV channels. However, you gotta be sure that the optical visibility to the TV transmitter is good – and unobstructed by concrete buildings, hills, or trees. If your house doesn’t have an attic or roof windows, you might try to move the aerial to a higher part of your home.

4. Remove anything that interferes with the TV signal


It is already known that electronic equipment such as mobile phones, computers, wi-fi routers, etc. – may interfere with TV signal reception. To make sure this is the case, first try to remove these devices to see if removing them has made the signal better. Also, this applies to other electronic devices such as lighting. Did you know that ordinary LED bulbs can cause a problem with the TV signal? Even though it sounds impossible – it actually is. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove any electronic devices located near the connector. Also, disconnect all other connections on the TV that might be causing you troubles. This should allow you to get a better signal and receive more TV channels.

5. Get higher quality cables


Sometimes you need longer or better quality cables to achieve a better TV signal. In case you have some electronic devices located near the TV – a longer TV antenna cable will definitely help you. That way, you could physically separate the antenna and move it away from the TV, wi-fi, and similar devices that can interfere with a TV signal. Also, better quality and thicker coaxial cable can be of great help. Namely, these cables are designed for higher frequencies – and in addition, they have even better conductors, they are better insulated, and safer to use.

6. The amplifier might be the problem too


The amplifier can help you, but sometimes it can also cause you a problem. For example, if you live in a place that is quite far from the transmitter, like more than 40 kilometers – then you will definitely need an amplifier and it will be useful to you.

How will you know you need an amplifier? If everything on your TV channel browser is marked in yellow or red, then you definitely need it – because without an amplifier you will not be able to get any signal. On the other hand, an amplifier can sometimes cause you a problem. For example, if you have an aerial with an amplifier, and your signal is already strong – the amplifier can cause a problem because a station with a stronger signal completely overwhelms all the others that are weaker.

Therefore, you may have poor reception of other channels. In fact, the experiences of many users say that sometimes it is better to use antennas without built-in amplifiers. If you have this problem, try removing the amplifier or get an antenna without it.

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