Is Putting Money in RRSP Worth It – 2024 Guide

An RRSP or Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a savings plan for your retirement registered under the Canadian government. Even though it is a retirement savings plan, there is no age limit for this saving plan.

But some institutions need to meet some financial and age requirements. It is an excellent savings plan with many benefits for Canadian citizens, explicitly targeting their retirement.

With the growing inflation and needs of day-to-day life, this type of savings plan has become essential for people. Under a registered retirement savings investment, various types of investments can be opted for, considering your objectives, bonds, mutual funds, etc. The kind of investment you choose also has a maximum amount of investment you can make in that plan. To know the amount of money you need to invest in the registered retirement savings investment, you can use an rrsp calculator, and it’ll also tell you what would be the result if you were to deposit or withdraw money from it.

Generally, suppose you want to invest in RRSP in the current year-2022. In that case, the government offers that you invest in RRSP with a maximum amount of 18% of your income in the previous year or $29,210, whichever is the lower amount. You can make investments in various forms such as saving accounts, mutual funds, GICs, stocks and even cash. Whichever type of investment it may be, all these investments are tax-free.

These Investments grow without any tax deduction and can withdraw when needed. Tax is eligible on the withdrawn amount only in the year you withdrew it. It would be best to keep in mind that an investment is not wrong. Your financial situation and needs determine whether it’s right for you or not.

As everything has pros and cons, here is a list of reasons why it is worth putting money in a registered savings plan and why not.

Three Reasons Why It Is Worth It To Put Money In RRSP

1. Save For Retirement

We don’t know what lies in the future; similarly, we don’t know how it will be in the next few years or after a decade. Thus it is not important how much your RRSP investment will be in a year. But it is essential whether you have saved up enough for your retirement. Having a comfortable retirement is much needed by everyone as a priority.

Especially at any time of the pandemic, staying safe needs money, and when you retire, you need to ensure that you have more than enough money to stay safe. A registered retirement savings investment is a very safe and essential savings investment to ensure you have savings for your retirement.

2. Knowing How Much To Save

Most of the people who plan for retirement are usually those who are dependent on government schemes.

Thus when looking at the pensions and the various investments available for you, you have an idea of how much you need to save. Though it is usually hazy what you should do, you are unsure of how many years of retirement there would be. But once you start calculating your funds and your expenses, you can plan what should be the approximate amount you can move forward with all investments you need to make.

As a registered retirement savings plan has different investment options, you can choose the one which aligns with your needs. As an RRSP is registered under the government, it is a secure investment.

3. Tax Benefits

When investing in an RRSP plan, the amount invested in the plan will then be deducted from your whole income, giving you the exact taxable amount that is lower than the initial amount. At 71, you need to transfer RRSP to RRIF or life annuity or withdraw in cash. At retirement, your total income would generally be lower than the amount you before had and will have an even lower tax. Similarly, the amount you will withdraw from your RRIF would have a lower amount of tax eligible than you were investing in your registered retirement savings plan.

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Put Money In RRSP


1. High-Interest Debt

If you already have a debt with high interest, it is better to put off your RRSP investment after your debt is clear. Covering the interest of your death as well as the retirement savings plan can be heavy for your pocket. No matter how much your income is, especially if it is low, you should concentrate on clearing your debt first.

2. Overcontributing

When investing in your RRSP and your investment is close to the amount you are supposed to your target, you should confirm your investment. If the government or the institution finds that you are overcontributing, you are eligible for a penalty of 1% for every month you have overcontributed. To avoid penalties, you should check your notice of the assessment every year.

3. Defined Pension

If you work in a company that provides you with a retirement pension plan, then investing in an RRSP might not be beneficial. Your defined pension benefit plan usually depends on the number of years you have served in that company. Depending on the served years, then it’s multiplied by x per cent of your best year income for every year after retirement, where that company determines the percentage. Also, if you are to add the benefits you get after retirement to this pension, you could be in a higher tax bracket, which is not beneficial for RRSP investment.



If you are someone in the lower tax bracket, then a registered retirement savings plan might not be beneficial for you. But if you are currently in a higher tax bracket, then other than the usual retirement benefits that you get from the government, RRSP is very beneficial. When investing in a registered retirement savings plan, you get tax benefits as well as options in various forms to invest for the RRSP plan.

Suppose thought through properly, then putting money in an RRSP can prove to be very beneficial. Therefore when investing in any saving investment, you should make sure that you have an idea of what you need out of that investment. An investment without much thought can have uncertain outcomes where any loss is undesirable when you would need it the most.

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