The Pros and Cons of Using an IT Recruitment Agency

Leading a business is a great responsibility. Some people get so overwhelmed by it that they think they can do it all on their own. But that’s not always the case. In fact, that’s rarely the case. For most businesses, especially those that grow fast and grow big, outside help is necessary. You need to be able to recognize the right moment to see it. There are many departments in which it can come in handy, but one of those where you might be out of your league is recruitment.

These days, most businesses run at least some of their operations through the IT sector. You might be a successful businessman but when it comes to IT not everyone is an expert. Every large enterprise has this sector, but you might not be adept in selecting your employees by proper standards. It’s quite different. Also, you might not seek employees but hire outside IT help, which can be an issue if you don’t know who to contact and with who to talk. That’s why we want to tell you that the right move to make here is to hire a recruitment agency.

Of course, we’re not saying you should do this blindly. No, that’s not always the answer. That’s why we are going to write about both sides of the same coin. In this article, we are going to lay down to you some of the pros and cons of using it recruitment agency with our focus being on only the biggest positives and negatives. Once you finish reading this article you’ll have a clearer picture of what to expect in this department going forward.

Full Support


Most recruitment agencies work in two ways. They’re in touch with the employers and those who seek to be employed. It’s all about being a connection between a candidate and a job vacancy. What this makes them good at is the ability to provide support to both sides. Every agency of this type, and so does every IT recruiter, wants the best feedback from both parties with a final goal of having success, which will be reflected in both employers’ and employees’ satisfaction. When it comes to employees they feed them the info of open positions, tell them where to send a CV, how to upgrade it, and where to seek the best opportunities. For the employer they respond with only the right answer depending on how many workers you need, is it one position to be filled or an entire department? The goal is to only send you the best candidates in any case.

Faster Hiring


Sometimes you’ll lose money if you don’t make a quick hire and fill the position of need. A recruitment agency will do this for you. It saves you the time of talking to candidates, going through their resumes, and even attracting them to a job interview. When you cooperate with an agency they’ll ensure that only top candidates reach your desk. The speed is what matters here. An agency that operates in this field can reach candidates quite faster. The reason is simple – it’s their job to have a talent pool and access to it at all times.

Having a partner with such an advantage will save you time during the hiring process.

Talking Only to Quality Candidates


The recruitment process can be long and hard. It can drain you so much that you don’t end p with the best candidate for the job. You can always use help to improve the quality of your workers and candidates alike.

As we said, these agencies have vast pools. What this means is that they have their candidates sorted out.

What this means is that once you have an opening they will provide you with only the high-end candidates that suit your needs. Remember, you are working with experts in their domain here – recruitment.



No high-end service comes for free. And It recruiter won’t handle the hard end of the bargain for no fee. If you use an agency of this type, and you do it often it will result in expenses. Sometimes they can get quite high. Usually, their fee is around 20 or 30% of an employee’s yearly salary. While this might be much for some, it can get even worse. The harder the position is to fill, the more will their service cost. It all depends on the role, but in essence, every time you reach for their services there will be a fee to be met. At the same time, when you handle this on your own. You will be spending more time but less money. Also, you’ll be developing skills in this domain.

No Eyes on The Culture


Agencies will always look to send you the best candidates. That’s great! But, your company works in a certain way. You have views and goals and above all else culture. Culture is best nurtured by hiring people of the same profile that will coexist easily and thrive surrounded by each other. An agency has no clue about your culture. Maybe in general liens, but what’s deep down under is not familiar to them. When hiring based on a cultural fit you have better chances to hit the jackpot than any agency. Of course, the best recruiters in the business will go out of their way to learn this about their clients, but this is not the norm in this domain.

The Loss of Control


This might be one of the biggest cons of hiring a recruitment agency. For the most part, you’ll b out of control of who you interview and how comes to your company. You’ll be having the best candidates sent out for you, but that’s based on someone else’s opinion. Yes, you’ll have the final word, but the whole cake of the process will not be yours to be consumed. For some employers, this is too much to handle. After all the recruitment process can be fun. It is an experience that makes being an employer great. That loss of control is not something many employers want to lose.

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