7 Creative Gift Ideas Your Female Coworkers Will Love

Is there a person in the world who does not like to receive gifts or give them away? That’s what I thought.

Whoever said that we can’t “buy” happiness with money, probably didn’t direct that money to the right things.

Constantly spending money on personal needs will never fully satisfy us, but the present we give to someone else is a wonderful gesture for them, as well as a small dose of happiness for ourselves. It has been scientifically proven that generosity makes us happy, and you can find out for yourself.

When choosing a gift, it is important to give yourself time and think carefully about what do people need as a gift, what their taste is, have they recently mentioned what they would like to receive and where they can buy it.

What is important to point out is that a present does not have to have great monetary value to please the other party. Moreover, you must have heard many times that life is made of small things.

Of course, value also plays a role when it comes to who the gift is addressed. For example, it is quite logical that you will spend more money on a loved one, mother, or someone close than on a co-worker. An expensive gift for a co-worker can carry the wrong message. Still, a small token of attention is something he will definitely enjoy if his birthday is approaching or he has been promoted. It should not be that difficult to find appropriate gifts for female coworkers, but here are some ideas that could help you to choose.

1. Planner


This is one of those presents that will never go unused, especially if your coworker is at the workplace where he needs to take notes and it is essential to have a piece of paper with him. Today you can find personalized diaries for which you can design the entire design. Isn’t this a nice way to show him that you appreciate his work, but also to subtly show him that he’s a bit forgetful and that it’s time for him to start writing things down?

2. A mug


Large, ceramic, with a witty inscription or quote that inspires and motivates to work even on Monday morning, whatever the code you choose, a smile and joy will not be missing. If you want to leave a special impression, give a cup of some imported coffee and chocolate as a gift.

A coffee cup of interesting design is always welcome. You can also order a set of two salts, one for you and the other for a colleague to start your business in a nice atmosphere.

3. Coloring books for adults

One of the nice gifts that can serve as a good anti-stress technique even in the workplace during the break is coloring books for adults.

Show your co-worker that you appreciate his work and that you know how much stress his job brings with it, and that it’s time to relax and take a break.

4. Desk organizer for the office


Another practical and beautiful gift. There are different variants of organizers, with drawers, a compartment for messages, and a calendar. Choose the one that will best fit into the interior of your office.

5. Flowers or some decoration


Do you know what is best when buying this gift for an office associate? It is also your office, so on the one hand, you buy a gift for yourself. Choose a decorative plant that will fit perfectly on a shelf that has been empty for years.

6. Gift basket


A basket with fruit and flowers is an ideal gift in case your colleague is ill and you are not able to visit him in the hospital or at home. Be sure to pack a small message in which you want the sick person to recover quickly. No one will remain indifferent to a gift like this. This gift is extremely practical because you can improvise and pack exactly what your friend loves – favorite sweets, cosmetics, or anything else.

Studies have shown that we feel a greater sense of happiness when we spend money on others, as opposed to the moment we spend that same money on ourselves. The facial expression of the recipient when he opens the gift gives happiness to the giver and triggers the release of endorphins into the brain, producing the same euphoric feeling of satisfaction and joy we feel when we fall in love. But the essence itself is not in the expensive gift but in showing affection and emotion towards the person receiving the gift.

When choosing a gift, it is necessary to think about what you actually know about that person, his hobbies, tastes, interests, habits, and so on. If it will be easier for you to put all the things you know about a person on paper, maybe you will get an idea easier.

The next thing you need to think about is the budget. How much money you are willing to spend and how much you think is acceptable without being offensive to a person because we mentioned at the beginning of the text that expensive gifts can very easily be misinterpreted.

7. Gift card


Is there a woman who doesn’t need any of the cosmetics from her favorite perfumery? That’s what we thought! Buy corporate gift cards to give as presents and they will surely love it.

Final thoughts

It is not easy to buy gifts for colleagues or bosses. At work, we need to be more restrained in some conversations, and relationships and we can never be the same as at home or with friends. There always comes a time when maybe we should give someone a present for their birthday, including the boss. Of course, this is not easy, especially if the relationship is so professional that we know nothing about that person. Try classics and gifts that never go wrong. Remember that life is made of little things, and that is exactly what a modest gift says.

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