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WARNING: Reading This Kardashian Text Chain WILL Make You Stupider

2015 NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Upfront

Disclaimer: Do not scroll down if you aren’t okay with having your IQ jump down a couple points…

Kris Jenner took to her Instagram on Saturday to share a glimpse of what her group text chain with Rob Kardashian and others look like on an average day and it…is…disturbing.

“Kendall’s texts are cut off at the top and Kylie is on a plane,” the mother of six wrote, alongside a screen shot of multiple messages from her eldest children. “But this is how fun and silly my family’s text chains are on a daily .. Sorry guys I had to ????????????#itjustgoesonandon.”

Read the mess below and tell me you don’t fear for our civilization.
Photos:  FameFlynet, Instagram

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.44.41 AM

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Bruce Jenner Isn’t Having Surgery….Down There. Yet.

Was Bruce Jenner Dating Kris' Best Friend Ronda Kamihira?

If anyone’s wondering….

Bruce Jenner has NOT made an appointment to remove his “thing down there” yet, in case, uh, that was on your mind.  Tthe transgender dad of ten revealed during the second part of his E! Special, About Bruce, that this was the case, as he talked to stepdaughters Kim and Khloe Kardashian and biological daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

OH BUT IN CASE YOU WERE ALSO WONDERING- the former Olympic gold medalist informed his kids he’s going to “play it by ear.” Us Weekly reports:

“So, like you don’t have a surgery to remove that and then that means you’re the woman,” Kim says while motioning down below.

“Remove the little thing down there? You can do an awful lot down there…as of right now, no, as of right now, no [I don’t have an appointment to do that],” Jenner confirmed in the emotional episode.

During Sunday’s first half of About Bruce, Kris Jenner’s ex-husband, who has been hiding his secret his entire life, confessed that he had already had a series of cosmetic procedures done to his face, including a nose job as well as work on his upper lip and forehead.

Well, I guess we’re all waiting to know to what extent he’ll make the transition to “her…” That being said, we don’t have to get TOO personal, do we?

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Kylie and Kendall Jenner Got Booed At The BMAS

2015 Billboard Music Awards

You can’t be loved by EVERYONE (especially not hundreds of BMA attendees, it seems).

The crowd at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards were NOT happy to see reality star sisters to see Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner take the stage to introduce brother-in-law Kanye West‘s closing performance, and nobody was afraid to let ‘em know…

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars were booed as they stepped into the spotlight at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena to introduce Yeezy. And while there were some cheers and yells in the mix, but let’s be real- mostly boo’s- and they were even audible on the TV broadcast. YIKES, haters, YIKES!

The duo ignored the crowd reaction and went on with their intro, but I’m sure it did some ego-bruising.  Hey, at least Popeyes will cure what ails ya, right Kylie?

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2015 Billboard Music Awards

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Of Course Spencer Pratt Has To Pipe In About Bruce Jenner

3rd Annual Reality TV Awards

Wait- a way to get into the limelight for two seconds? Spencer Pratt is IN!

The Hills alum talked to US Weekly at the fourth rung of hell- er, I mean the Reality TV Awards on Wednesday, where he discussed Bruce Jenner‘s transition from male to female and in true Pratt form, made sure the media knew he knew what was up the WHOLE time.

“I did watch Bruce’s special [with Diane Sawyer],” I was pretty aware of the situation for like, the last ten years, you know,” he told Us. “I knew there was something going on, you know, years ago, certain things…”

Not surprisingly Pratt was not keen on telling US Weekly any more specifics, but he did want to note that he talked to his brah Brody Jenner about it because, you know, brahs talk about this stuff.

“Yeah, I’ve talked to Brody about it! It’s all great. He’s very excited… supportive!” He added that he was throwing his full support behind Brody and of course, Bruce. “He can do whatever he wants,” he told Us, while fembot Heidi Montag chimed in: “We support the pursuit of happiness!”

And the next thing the two were DYING to talk about aside from gender politics and the role of the media? REALITY TV, of course:

“We love reality TV,” Montag, 28, noted. “It’s hard being on reality TV now! It’s like, so competitive and cut-throat and crazy. It’s gnarly. But we love Love & Hip Hop, we love Party Down South, we love love Real World/Road Rules Challenges, we love Total Divas, we love…”

“Kardashians,” her husband continued. He also spoke about what he likes about the genre. “I’m not complaining, but in a perfect world, we could just watch reality TV all day long,” he told Us. “So much more fun watching than being on reality TV.”

(US Weekly)

Yes, in a perfect world you two would be watching reality tv all day, so you’d be too occupied to give ridiculous interviews.

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