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Sean Kingston’s Weird Kidnapping Case Is Closed

Jamaican Singer Sean Kingston Arrives In India

Sean Kingston, the cops are NOT amused.

On Tuesday, LAPD has ruled the weird incident where Sean was “kidnapped” because he didn’t want to pay for a watch a simple business dispute. PerezHilton reports:

As we previously reported, the 25-year-old revealed that he was briefly taken hostage by a jeweler over a $225,000 watch. Apparently, Sean made payments on a time piece — but only paid $185,000 because that’s how much he thought it was worth. Huh??

Anywho, the Jamaican-American performer and the accused agreed to settle the dispute by meeting up with the designer in a downtown El Lay parking lot at 1:50 a.m. Sure, that’s casual.

According to Sean, the meeting resulted in him being jacked, held at gunpoint in a car, and eventually dropped off down the street. Bizarre!

And the police are all like, uh, NO. Lesson to take away: maybe not make a business deal in the dead of night? Dunno.

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Sean Kingston’s Bentley got reposessed right in front of his face!


Oh, dear – this is no good. Sean Kingston took his Bentley out on the town in Los Angeles last night when he went for dinner at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. Problem is, the repo man came to get it, causing a huge scene – and a whole lot of embarrassment – for Kingston and his crew.

According to our sources, Kingston valeted his car at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood last night. The valet kept the car in front ’cause that’s what they do with high-profile rides … and that’s when the repo crew struck.

We’re told the repo guys backed in their tow truck and hooked up the Bentley in a matter of seconds — impressive because the hotel has a REALLY small driveway and valet area.

Someone got Sean out of the hotel … and in the video you can see him arguing with the repo guy, and at one point he yells, “I paid for it already.”

Too little too late … the Bentley got towed. Cops were called for the fight, but no arrests were made.

Huh, tough break. It’s generally pretty serious if your car actually gets to the stage of being repossessed. And clearly he didn’t pay for it flat out, or else there’d be no way they could take the car off the scene. His reps, of course, have had no comment.

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Justin Bieber gets pulled over!

Tsk tsk, Justin Bieber’s clean-cut image has been tarnished this week. The 17 year old was cruising around the streets of LA, like any other normal 17 year old, with the addition of a 3 car entourage, including his security and friend, Sean Kingston and of course his very own custom Batmobile-inspired Cadillac!

Law enforcement insiders revealed the Biebster cut off a cop car and was pulled over along with the other vehicles in his motorcade. Lucky for Justin he drove away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

This is not the first time the singer has run into trouble with partner-in-crime, Sean Kingston. The duo were pulled over a few months ago in Miami while cruising around in a Rolls Royce but were let off with a warning.

Ahhh, the perks of the business…


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Sean Kingston tweets first picture since his horrible accident!

Only three weeks ago, Sean Kingston was the victim of a near-fatal jet ski accident. The singer took to his Twitter account yesterday to show the world that he’s feeling much better!

Typing out his first tweet since the May 29 accident, the ‘Beautiful Girls’ singer appeared to be in good spirits, exclaiming, “Feeling alot better! GOD IS GREAT! Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you ALL!” Kingston attached a healthy-looking photo of himself from the hospital to accompany the tweet, throwing up a peace sign and looking a few pounds lighter.

The 21-year old Jamaican-American singer injured himself in Miami over the Memorial Day holiday, when he crashed his newly-purchased jet ski into a bridge, while riding with a female companion. After losing his life jacket, he was rescued from the water, and immediately rushed to the Ryder Trauma Center of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Although he was initially listed in critical condition, he has made a swift recovery, breathing on his own, communicating via sign language and even walking on his own, just a week and a half after the crash.

Doctors have said that they expect him to make a full recovery within the next six months.

He looks 12 years old in that picture!


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