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Rihanna accidentally smashes Police Chief’s cell phone; donates $25k to charity

Rihanna accidentally smashes Police Chief's cell phone; donates $25k to charity

Rihanna was seated next to the L.A. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff at the Clippers game on Friday. He wanted a picture with the singer, but she accidentally smashed his phone. So, she donated a cool $25,000 to his charity.

Rihanna happened to be seated next to the police commission chief at the Clippers game at L.A.’s Staples Center, so Soboroff asked to take a selfie with the “Good Girl Gone Bad” singer while she was wearing an LAPD wristband.

Eager to oblige, the Barbadian beauty offered to snap the picture herself, but the phone slipped out of her hand and smashed on the floor.

An embarrassed Rihanna tweeted her police chief pal after the game, saying, “Sorry I broke your phone @SteveSoboroff :)”

To make sure there were no hard feelings, the chart-topping singer went above and beyond the call of duty by making a $25,000 donation to his L.A. Police Foundation.

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Rihanna upsets Katy Perry by recording a duet with John Mayer?

Rihanna upsets Katy Perry by recording a duet with John Mayer?

Rihanna is doing a duet with John Mayer and that has gotten Katy Perry miffed!

Katy and John called it quits this February after finding text messages from another woman on his cell phone. Now, Katy is hurt that her BFF is spending time with John. A source said, “Katy’s been left shocked and hurt after finding out John and Rihanna met up at a recording studio in L.A. two weeks ago before having dinner. Rihanna asked John to sing vocals on a new track, but Katy’s flipped out and told her best mate she’s gone one step too far this time. Katy’s totally unimpressed.”

Rihanna and John had a nice little dinner together in Los Angeles to discuss the deal, but Katy wants her friend to be considerate to her and not get chummy with her ex. The source added, “She was madly in love with John and heartbroken when it didn’t work out. The last thing any girl wants is to see her best friend getting chummy with their ex. It’s a complete slap in the face.”

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Rihanna Settles Battle With Former Accountants

Rihanna Settles Battle With Former Accountants

Rihanna has settled her differences with her former accountants and has agreed to a settlement deal to end the long-running legal battle.

In 2012, the Barbadian singer filed a lawsuit against New York firm Berdon LLP, claiming that she suffered significant losses after they mismanaged her financial affairs. In addition, she claimed that they failed to sort things out with her taxes and charged way too much for their commission.

The accounting firm blasted back in RiRi’s general direction, stating that she was really the one to blame for her financial woes. Now, despite all of the fighting, both parties have agreed to a settlement in the matter. During a hearing in a New York City courtroom on Thursday, lawyers for both parties asked for the judge to dismiss the suit.

We have yet to learn the terms of the settlement, so stay tuned for that information as soon as it’s made available…

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Lupita Nyong’o, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna won the MTV Movie Awards


Last night, the MTV Movie Awards brought all the stars out in Los Angeles, and some fared better than other when it came to fashion.

Three obvious stars on the red carpet were Lupita Nyong’o, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, in my opinion. All three of them looked gorgeous and had amazing dresses! Lupita’s Chanel dress in particular is amazing – and incredibly hard to pull off.

Nice work, ladies!






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