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Kanye West’s New Album Was Renamed…Again.

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On Monday, Kanye West announced he had yet again changed the name of his upcoming seventh album, which is crazy that it even makes news in and of itself.

Here’s the progression of the name: first, it was So Help Me God which later changed to SWISH, before becoming Waves and now it’s changed again to the mysterious title…T.L.O.P.!

To keep people interested in this ever-evolving album title, the rapper promised tickets to Thursday’s Yeezy Season 3 show and a pair of Yeezys to anyone who could decode the cryptic acronym. And know what? SOMEONE DID.

Dante Holley, a 20 year old Jersey-based rapper correctly guessed the name of the album, which is…The Life Of Pablo!

Speaking to MTV News, he said:

“When I first saw [T.L.O.P.] I initially thought it’d be ‘the something of something,’ and then I thought The Life Of The Party. But then I was listening back to the first two singles he dropped [Real Friends and No More Parties In L.A.] to look for clues. And that’s when I heard the lyric, ‘I feel like Pablo when I’m working on my shoes.'”

The No More Parties In L.A. lyric (which Holley believes is a reference to Pablo Escobar) was the key clue he needed, after a couple of guesses in the dark. On Monday night, he sent the tweet from his record label account HW4L Records, and dude GOT IT! Enjoy those Yeezys, bro.

What do YOU think of Yeezy’s new album name?

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