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Snooki shows off dramatic weight loss, slams reports that she’s starving herself to get there.

Snooki has lost a lot of weight. A LOT. I don’t think we’ve ever seen her this small!

The actress reportedly lost 42 pounds after giving birth to her son in August. Now she’s fighting back at reports that she used laxatives and starved herself to lose the weight.

The 26-year-old is fighting back at Star Magazine, for calling her “emaciated.” Their source says “all she eats is lettuce and egg whites.”

“Most of her calories come from booze, and she uses laxatives too. It’s scary. She looks emaciated, and everyone is worried sick,” the source told the tabloid.

Snooki has admitted to struggling with anorexia in the past, but now insists she’s losing the weight in a healthy way. She tweeted, “Star mag, shame on u for that RIDICULOUS article. I literally worked my ass off in the gym for my toned, HEALTHY body. Get ur facts right.”

So my question is…. who’s the bigger hot mess – Snooki or JWoww? You be the judge >> (more…)

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Farrah Abraham: “Fine, I made a sex tape…but I want $2 million to release it!”

Well look who’s changed her story!

‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham is finally admitting that she shot a porn film, with A-list pornstar James Deen, but is claiming it was for her personal collection (does she think we’re stupid?).

She says now that everyone knows about it, she’s willing to sell it for $2 million.

The ex-“Teen Mom” star’s reason for shooting the XXX video is simply the best … telling TMZ she wanted to immortalize her smokin’ hot 21-year-old body — for her personal collection — so she could look back on it when she’s old.

Guess Olan Mills was booked?

Farrah, who initially denied a sex tape existed, says she’s pissed at her penis-for-hire — because Deen let the cat out of the bag … telling our camera guy the whole staged shoot was Farrah’s idea.

Farrah says she wants nothing to do with Deen now (we suspect that’s mutual) and took a parting shot, telling us — “If my ex-boyfriend Derek were alive, I would’ve rather it had been him with me.”

Farrah’s baby daddy Derek Underwood died in a car accident in 2008.

As for the sex vid going public … Farrah says her lawyer is dealing with a porn company, and she “will not be settling for anything less than a couple million” bucks.

Everyone has a price.

Okay first of all, she’s an idiot if she thinks anyone is going to buy the fact that she shot it for her own collection. If you wanted to “immortalize” your hot body, you could do that with ANYONE. You don’t head to a porn studio and film it with a porn star – if you’re going to keep it under wraps. She’s such an idiot it’s almost painful.

Now – will anyone pay $2 million to buy the tape?


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DETAILS: Farrah Abraham’s deliberate plan to film a sex tape – and then have it “accidentally” get leaked exposed!

‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham is one conniving little girl! The ‘Teen Mom’ star apparently was hoping to have her sex tape leak accidentally, and then pretend to be horrified once it was made public. Trouble is – her costar in the sex tape - James Deen –  has outed her, saying they DID film a sex tape, and the whole thing was Farrah’s big idea.

Deen tells TMZ, he was approached by an unidentified porn company to shoot the porno with Farrah over the weekend … and they did. He says the plan was to pass the porn off as a “sex tape,” but the plan fell apart.

Deen believes the ruse began to unravel Sunday when he and Farrah were shot leaving the Vivid Entertainment offices, holding hands.

He says, “I think what happened is that [the porn company was] going to pass it off as a ‘sex tape’ and somebody saw us coming out of a building together and people asked me what’s going on … so I was like we’re making a porno!” (Deen wouldn’t say if the “company” was in fact Vivid.)

And the kicker … despite Farrah’s poorly-worded protests, Deen says she was the one behind it the whole time, telling us, “Everybody’s trying to make it this story, but really [Farrah] wanted to make a sex tape.”

But how good was she really? We had to ask … and Deen doesn’t hold back.

We should say … it’s possible a legitimate Farrah sex tape exists somewhere … but according to Deen, this ain’t it.

I hope that Farrah is thoroughly humiliated with this. How disgusting. I’m sure that a HUGE majority of leaked sex tapes were leaked on purpose, but this just makes me sick. Maybe because she’s a mom? Maybe because it seems so pathetic? It’s just so lame. So, so, sad.

I think she’s still denying the whole thing (which proves she’s CRAZY). Here are her latest tweets, “I ‘m going to ignore all the lies, all the hate, all the disrespectful people who want 2 take advantage of me, have fun making money off me. Thankful for true friends, family, fans, & supporters that’s all I need because I have no time for the rest – Peace”


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UPDATE: Shain Gandee likely died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Authorities now believe that MTV star Shain Gandee may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Shain, star of ‘Buckwild’, and two others likely died from toxic exhaust fumes that filled his Bronco when it became stuck in the mud.

The 21-year-old, his uncle and another man who has not been identified, were found unresponsive in Gandee’s truck Monday morning, after being reported missing early Sunday.

“Foul play has been ruled out,” Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper of West Virginia told PEOPLE on Tuesday. “Carbon monoxide poisoning is the likely probable cause of death, pending official results from the state of West Virginia medical examiner’s office. State law requires an autopsy.”

With the vehicle knee-deep in mud, toxic fumes from the car were likely unable to escape through the tailpipe.

Gandee – whose MTV bio page described him as a “sociable and loyal” family man – is remembered by the network as “a magnetic personality, with a passion for life that touched everyone he met and we will miss him dearly.”

How sad. Above is a picture of his SUV after it had been pulled out of the mud.


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