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Miley Cyrus Interview: Shady Choices, Love for Jeggings and the Perks of “Yellow” Food

Miley Cyrus & Patrick Schwarzenegger Are Dating!

Miley Cyrus has NO filter, or maybe this 20-question Marie Claire interview made her feel soooo comfortable, she decided to tell the world a ton of info about herself.

Here are some of the highlights of the piece, which ran Jan 14th:

On fashion trends she likes and dislikes: “I love jeggings. They’re the best invention! Even though they have kind of ruined jeans.”/ “I don’t get Birkenstocks because I was in high school when they were cool and they remind me of being a nerd. I just don’t understand how they made such a comeback so quick. I think it’s ’cause Céline and Givenchy started making them, so everyone’s like, We can do a Birkenstock.”

On fashion dont’s from her past: “I had some shady wardrobe choices when I was about 16 to 18,” the star admitted. “I wore this hippie outfit to Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never premiere that I’m like, ‘Girl, who told you’ — It was not Woodstock, it was a premiere.”

What she’s picky about: Food. I’m better now but not that much better. I didn’t eat anything green until I was 18. I only ate yellow food.

What she’s not up for: Going to the movie theater. It’s f***ing freezing.

Wow, Miley. Tell us how you REALLY feel!

Check out the rest of the interview HERE!

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Katie Holmes on the Cover of Red Magazine


Katie Holmes might be evasive, but she does touch upon interesting points in her interviews.

The star’s chat with Red Magazine is no different. In it, Holmes talks about letting go of emotion, womanhood and being a star in the digital age.Here are some snippets from the interview…

On misconceptions of herself that she’d like to change: “I think that it’s a very interesting time for artists right now because of social media and camera phones. I don’t think you ever know how you’ll be portrayed. Any story can attach itself to your image. I don’t pay much attention because I’d spend the whole time worrying. I just don’t go out much to avoid it.”

On womanhood: “Women are complicated, in a beautiful way, and they have lots of different roles. I’m inspired by the community of women it takes to help one woman succeed. It’s important to be supportive and have people you can call at 3am.”

Is there any advice she’d give her 20 year old self? “I’m not so different than I was at 20,’ she tells me. ‘I still buy too many jeans…’ But eventually she says, ‘I don’t stay stuck on anything too long.’ There’s a pause. ‘I mean, like, any emotion.’

Read the full interview in February’s issue of Red, on sale 2 January 2015, and available on Digital Edition!

Photo: Red Magazine

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Sony Execs Slam Adam Sandler in Newest Leak

Celebrities Attend Kate Hudson's Halloween Party

Sony’s celeb-slamming seems to never stop! The latest? Adam Sandler as their target.

The emails leaked were after a meeting with the Happy Gilmore star, in which he apparently demanded Sony make his $200 million Candyland film.  Columbia Pictures exec Hannah Minghella sent an email to Amy Pascal and others, saying:

“Adam is an a**hole, and this is more his fault than anyone’s, but what we did was not communicate with each other and make assumptions.”

Later, Pascal wrote about another incident in which Adam tried to have execs pay $100k  for Hotel Transylvania producing partner (and Grandma’s Boy star) Allen Covert.

Sony rejected the payment, saying it was over their production fee limit. But Pascal responded to the request a little, ahem, heatedly. She wrote:

“100 percent . . . They are such a**holes”

(Via PerezHilton)

If I was a Sony exec, I’d not look at the internet for the next couple of years.  YIKES.


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Update: Sony Email Hacks

Kanye West Wants A $12,500 Bed For North While He's On Tour

A bit overwhelmed by the Sony email hacks? Yeah, me too.

I’m gonna break down the latest news in this epic hacker nightmare, and I’m gonna do it quick.  Firstly, the hacking itself is being perpetrated by aomysterious group calling themselves “Guardians of Peace.” They’ve already caused a lot of company damage, leaking employee salaries (revealing a troubling gender pay gap), racist jabs at President Barack Obama and insults at A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Kevin Hart, and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few.

So what’s happening right now? A spiderman reboot, female spidey movie and two music biopics: Destiny’s Child and Kanye West!

New leaks reveal a Spider-Man reboot (again),with interesting plans for Peter Parker. In an October 13 email from co-president of production for Columbia Pictures Michael De Luca to co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Amy Pascal, De Luca reveals plans for a Spider-Man three cameo in the third Captain America film, Captain America: Civil War, which is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016.

“I really feel, in my heart of hearts, that the new spiderman [sic] in cap 3 could just appear in his own film, be it sinister six or a kick ass spidey film of his own, after that intro in cap 3 and people would be cool with it,” wrote De Luca via The Daily Beast.

Also, a female spidey movie?! According to The Daily Beast:

In  an email dated September 20, De Luca to Pascal discusses plans for not only a “female spidey movie,” but an Avengers-like superhero extravaganza incorporating characters from different upcoming Spider-Man-related projects—in an attempt to emulate what De Luca reveals is a planned Fox crossover of the X-Men and Fantastic Four teams (X-Men: Apocalypse is due in 2016, while The Fantastic Four hits theaters in 2015).

Also, some big music Biopics were on the docket!  In an email from Screen Gems honcho Clint Culpepper to Pascal on Dec 4th, Culpepper reveals a Destiny’s Child movie in the works.

Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s Father wants to make the film of Destiny’s Child and came to me first,” wrote Culpepper. “He’s going to Universal next. Do we think it would be a successful film? They’re on Sony label. I’m just not sure that it’s not too soon.

Finally,  in an email dated August 4, 2014, Kanye West’s creative director Elon Rutberg to Pascal discusses a potential pitch for a Kanye West feature film.

“I supervise all of Kanye’s film and media projects, and we have a major film project coming up that involves both cinematic and technological innovation, so I naturally thought Sony and wanted to reach out,” wrote Rutberg. “We premiered a multi-screen cinema experience to great response at Cannes 2012, and are looking to take the storytelling to the next level with a feature length film, shot for an immersive cinema experience.”

Woah.  So many projects exposed. Which ones do you feel are the most exciting? Do you think this email hacking will jeopardize any of these projects?

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