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Shia LaBeouf goes on a rampage, has public breakdown at nightclub in Los Angeles!

Shia LaBeouf had a rough night last night. The actor was at an LA party when he began acting very strange. According to sources at the scene, the actor had a “public meltdown” and spat water all over his date and rocker Marilyn Manson before charging through the crowd to exit.

At the Aug. 26 opening of the LA outpost of The Box nightclub sponsored by Belvedere, the witness tells Life & Style, “Shia picked up a water bottle and shot a mouthful of water all over his seated date’s legs.

“Then he put more water in his mouth and started spitting it all over his tablemates, including Marilyn Manson. He seemed wasted.”

But according to the witness, neither his date, his friends nor Marilyn could calm Shia down — even after Marilyn offered a fist bump, as if to say everything was fine.

“People started taking their seats in front of the stage at the event, but all of a sudden Shia started shouting at his date and getting visibly angry,” the eyewitness tells Life & Style. Then he headed for the door. “He lunged through the very thick seated crowd, and the crowd pleaded with him and encouraged him to sit down. They tried to hold him back — but he kept struggling through.”

And the audience at the event got more than just the show it came to see. “Shia had to climb over people and tear himself out of the grasp of various strangers who were trying to keep him from going crazy,” the eyewitness says. “His date panicked and ran out after him. Marilyn looked shocked and annoyed but stayed seated. Shia and the girl did not return.”

“It was so insane — he just had a total meltdown right in front of everyone,” the eyewitness tells Life & Style. “It was completely out of control. He was so angry and physical. He was determined to get out of there.”

So what’s Shia’s problem? Angry drunk? Nervous breakdown?

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Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend steps out with the crotch cut out of her dress!

These pictures are what nightmares are made of. What in the world is up with her face mask – and even worse, that fake patch of pubes?

Marilyn sure knows how to pick em! Marilyn Manson was spotted out with his girlfriend leaving Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night. His girlfriend was sporting a doll mask, blonde wig, and more surprising, a fake patch of pubic hair showing through a cutout in her pink dress.

Marilyn and his girlfriend had a rough night…. reports circulating this morning say that Shia Labeouf went crazy on Marilyn and his girlfriend last night. Stay tuned…that story coming next!

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Evan Rachel Wood: “I lived 50 lifetimes” while dating Marilyn Manson

In this week’s New York magazine, Evan Rachel Wood talks about her roles in The Conspirator and Mildred Pierce, as well as her relationship with her ex, Marilyn Manson:

“I didn’t really get a normal childhood,” says Wood. “Manson gave me what I felt I’d missed out on, where you get to experiment and cut loose and change and grow. I lived 50 lifetimes in those four years.”

Evan, who considers herself Jewish, was the daughter of a Jew (her mother) and a Christian (her father). She was homeschooled (earning her GED at 15), which might be why she considers her childhood non-traditional. In her early teens, she was described as “the sad, introverted teen”, on which she commented: “It’s just a type I enjoy playing. But I don’t want to be typecast as the misery chick for the rest of my career. I guess I have to watch out for that.”


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Marilyn Manson parties on Melrose Ave. last night

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