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Katy Perry Is Getting Her Own Mobile Game

Katy Perry uses crystals in order to get men

Kinda makes sense, right?

Never thought I’d write about Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian in the same post, but here goes…

Last year Kim Kardashian released a mobile video game that ended up with sales in excess of $74 million, and the makers behind the game- Glu Mobile- hinted at making another game based on a different high profile celeb.  We’ve found out that the new celeb is indeed Katy Perry!

Our Super Bowl halftime hero will pair with Glu Mobile in hopes of creating a game just as successful, if not more so. The company says (via PerezHilton):

“Katy is arguably the most recognized musician in America following her Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance this past Sunday. She is a cultural icon and we expect to translate key elements of her success into an innovative, highly entertaining mobile experience.”

Katy’s likeness and voice will be used in the mobile video game, so you know it’ll be high color, high energy and fun.

…but will there be hot dancing sharks?

Photo: FameFlynet

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The Chinese Have A Great Nickname For Katy Perry

DIRECTV's Sixth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl After Party

The picture’s a hint…

During the Super Bowl halftime show, Chinese Internet users were all aflutter about woman called “shui guo jie,” roughlly translated to “Fruit Sister.” Who is this delightful mystery woman? Why, none other than Katy Perry, of course!

The AMAZING nickname refers to the tendency to wear fruit costumes and bring giant fruit with her on stage (fruit, not sharks. Though I motion to start calling Katy Perry “shark lady”).

But “Fruit Sister” isn’t the only celeb to get an awesome Chinese alias. Find out who Lord of Butt, Curly Blessing, Numbing-Spicy Chicken and Cow Sister are after the jump!


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John Mayer Was At the Superbowl, and Probably Not For Football

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.02.32 AM

Looks like Katy Perry is still datin’ John Mayer!

Again, I think these two are back on because if not, John Mayer took a looong trip to Arizona to see a couple teams he has no affiliation with.

According to PerezHilton, Mayer was the first one to congratulate Perry on spectacular halftime performance and even joined the Dark Horse singer and Missy Elliott at an after-party, shown by this instagram/twitter photo.

So, you know, it SEEMS like these two are boyfriend and girlfriend again, but who freaking knows. I’d LOVE to get more dirt on these two…

Photo: Twitter

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Exes Russell Brand, Diplo Show Katy Perry Some Halftime Love!

Katy Perry And Russell Brand Change From Within

Wow, support from the ghosts of Katy Perry‘s past! I like it.

The superbowl singer’s exes had nothing but love for Perry after she nailed her Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance with special guests Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott.  She did so well that gex-husband Russell Brand and her former fling Diplo spoke out about the show!

“Super Bowl may be baffling to Brits but half time show will be amazing. Good luck KP,” Brand tweeted ahead of her stellar performance.

“@Katyperry murdered it,” Diplo, Perry’s most recent ex, shared via app PHHOTO, along with a snap from her performance.

But that’s not the only performer who got some love during the Superbowl. Idina Menzel, who sang the National Anthem, got a sweet tweet from her ex-husband Taye Diggs:

“Yup. Baby mama crushed it at the Super Bowl,” he tweeted, along with a photo of their 5-year-old son Walker watching her performance.

(Via US Weekly)

Aww! Love the support.  John Mayer- still no tweets from you, BRO.

Photo: FameFlynet

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