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Where did Katy Perry spend her 4th of July?

Turns out Katy Perry partied the night away at Shore Bar in Santa Monica. (Quite the festive outfit, dontcha think?)

Katy was in good company, Lindsay Lohan and her costar boyfriend James Deen were also there 4th of July evening. Oh to be a fly on the wall!

Sidenote: I tried to see Katy Perry’s new movie last night, but they were only showing it in 3D. I’ve decided I HATE 3D! Only movie I’ve seen in 3D that was actually worth it – was ‘Avatar’. Other than that, I’m super disappointed with it. I think it’s just a BS way to make another dollar. I saw the new ‘Spiderman’ in 3D – and what a waste!! The colors look off, the effects aren’t really that cool, and I kept wanting to just take the glasses off for most of the movie.

So ‘Spiderman’ was alright. Wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great. Emma Stone is cute(ish), but I’m just not sold on Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. He does this whole smoldering eye look thing that ends up just looking funny. I know it’s going to make a ton of money – and I’ve certainly seen worse movies, but it doesn’t get some rave review from me.

What I ended up seeing instead of Katy Perry’s movie, because I’m not doing 3D, was ‘Ted’. I thought it was pretty funny – but there’s definitely a certain type of person who would LOVE it (NERDS). I can see why so many critics love it…. but this girl thought it was “meh”. There were definitely some huge laughs, but there were also quite a few weird scenes. BONUS: There’s a cameo by a certain A-List hottie celebrity that TOTALLY made it worth it for me. :)

Anyway, hoping to catch Katy Perry in NON 3D over the weekend. I’m totally excited to see it.

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Katy Perry wears one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen to the London premiere of ‘Part of Me’

Seriously- what is that!? It might be decent without that strange frill on the top, but then we’d still have the bottom to deal with. Just not a good look.

As the movie nears it’s release date, more and more information from what we’ll see in the movie is being released. One topic covered in the film is her divorce from Russell Brand. What we didn’t know, is that having children was a big part of that. Russell wanted kids soon – Katy did not.

The documentary shows Perry, 27, at her emotional breaking point — collapsing in tears moments before she’s supposed to take the stage in Brazil. Brand, 37, filed for divorce in February, and “Part of Me” highlights the roughest part of Perry’s struggle to accept the broken relationship.

Perry’s documentary, which hits theaters July 5, alternates between confetti-laden concert scenes bursting with energy, and rawer moments in which the singer appears worn and depressed by her husband’s absence.

While Brand, a comedian, does appear in the flick, he pops in and out only in early scenes. Later, an exhausted Perry struggles to uphold the relationship, flying to see her husband in between sleepless touring.

“I’m fighting to keep my marriage alive,” Perry says at one point.

A friend interviewed in the film notes that Perry “should be resting, but she wants to fly to wherever Russ is to show she cares. She’s running herself ragged.”

During another scene, Brand texts Perry, suggesting they name their children after Ronald McDonald.

Perry, 10 years younger than her husband and not ready for a family, texts back: “Babies can’t have babies, and I’m still a baby.”

Conflicting desires about having children only added to the stress of a shared life spent in the spotlight, and — due to demanding travel schedules — often apart.

Perry was on tour when Brand filed for divorce, and “Part of Me” includes the news of the announcement — and the singer’s subsequent heartbreak.

Later, Perry tells the cameras she still misses Brand.

“I’m a romantic and I believe in the whole fairytale,” she says. “Love is a dream, but the reality is making it work. I did everything I could — but it’s still failed.”

I’m excited to finally see this movie!

Source, Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Katy Perry at the Australian premiere of her film ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D’ at Event Cinemas in Sydney

She looks amazing!

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Katy Perry Arrives At LAX

Katy Perry goes goth as paparazzi snap her arriving at LAX to catch a flight!

The fashion-forward singer usually makes me want to run out and buy fun, funky accessories. In this case, however, I feel like Perry fell short. Perry wears patterned leggings, a graphic shirt, short boots and a leather jacket to top it all off.  She kind of looks like a Spencer Gifts exploded all over her- and those tights don’t help the matter! I think she’s trying to be indie biker chic? Perry is so naturally beautiful and has such a great, fun persona. It’s a shame to see her in a getup that brings her natural beauty down a notch!

What are your thoughts on Perry’s flying garb? Does it take flight or does it go down in flames?

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Katy Perry at the pink carpet premiere of her new documentary, “Part of Me”

Katy Perry attended the premiere of her new movie, “Part of Me”, last night at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

I love her red dress! She looks great!

So what will Katy be up to, now that her ‘California Dreams’ tour has finally ended? Rumor has it she’s going to star alongside Sacha Baron Cohen in an upcoming biopic on Freddy Mercury’s life. She says she’s interested, but nothing is in writing yet.

“There’s something about the internet that’s sort of funny—it’s that nothing is true on there,” the chart-topping hitmaker told us at last night’s Hollywood premiere of her new documentary concert flick, Katy Perry: Part of Me.

The buzz began earlier this month when a British tabloid the Mirror claimed Perry was hoping to land the gig.

“There’s been no formal offer,” she told us. “Although I do like the association and I like the company because I think Sacha Baron Cohen is hilarious.”

But she said, “I have to take a catnap first before I do anything.”

Source, Photos: Fame/Flynet

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