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And…Lindsay Still Might Be Going To Jail.

Lindsay Lohan seen leaving the theatre after performing in 'Speed-The-Plow'

I told you I’d keep you updated on this whole community service debacle, and I’m a woman of my word…

TMZ reports that prosecutor Terry White is seriously indignant over Lindsay doing ridiculous things and calling them “community service,” e.g. Lindsay getting 18 hours credit for meeting and greeting fans after her London play AND 70 hours credit for allowing young people to follow her around for “work shadowing experience,” which has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

TMZ says White believes Lindsay had an obligation to inform the court the types of community service she was doing. White objected to allowing Lindsay to do her community service in London in the first place, because he suspected something like this might go down. For this very reason, and now he thinks she should go to jail for her shenanigans.

Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, told the judge her client merely did what she was told to do by the community service organization.

What do you think? Should Lilo hit the slammer?

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Posted Thursday, January 29th, 2015 at 3:15pm
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Oh Wait, I Guess Greeting Fans ISN’T Community Service?

Chopard Christmas Party In London

I’m keeping you up to date on all this Lindsay Lohan community service nonsense, y’all.

Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Holley just showed up in LA court this morning to submit proof of Lohan’s community service progress, that we THOUGHT she had completed, just under the wire.  TMZ reports that The City Attorney said some of the service looked seriously sketch-because it included time spent doing meet and greets after her play.

Yes, you heard right. Lindsay Lohan shook a bunch of fans’ hands after her play in London, and has it counting towards her 240 hours of community service.

The City Attorney-who is clearly not up for this kind of BS- demanded 2 weeks to investigate exactly what Lindsay did or didn’t do to complete the 240 hours.

So jail time is still on the table, folks, and rightly so.  Shaking hands after her play?! Puh-leeze.

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Posted Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 at 4:16pm
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I Guess Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Going To Jail.

Celebs Enjoy A Night Out At The Chiltern Firehouse In London

Lindsay Lohan completed her London community service center…with literally not a day to spare.

TMZ reports that Community Service Volunteers will certify Lindsay has completed her 240 hours to satisfy her probation requirement in her reckless driving case, but only because she logged a ridiculous amount of hours beginning last week, waiting till the last minute to get the hours under her belt. 

There’s one thing that’s unclear: whether she completed all of her hours on Tuesday or whether she has a few left that she’ll do Wednesday morning before the court hearing. Since London is 8 hours ahead of L.A, Lindsay has the full day to finish any remaining hours if she hasn’t already…which is, of course, ridiculous.

CSV is prepared to send a letter of completion before her court hearing Wednesday morning, so that her lawyer Shawn Holley can get the proof to the judge.

Man, I can’t believe she did it.  I guess I’m strangely proud that her irresponsibility worked out for her (this time?).

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Posted Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 at 12:12pm
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Lindsay Lohan: “Oh Yeah, Community Service.”

Celebs Enjoy A Night Out At The Chiltern Firehouse In London

Our favorite trainwreck Lindsay Lohan is scrambling to finish her community service by Wednesday, because as we previously reported, it may be the difference between her going to jail or walking amongst the free…

TMZ reports that Lindsay went to the Community Service Volunteers in London Friday and Saturday, and her plan was to go Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. She’s been delinquent 15 days and MUST finish them by court Wednesday morning, which feels a lot like a college all-nighter, only with, you know, drugs and the law and probable jailtime…

Lilo’s judge did her a huge favor- after Lindsay was supposed to finish her 30 days community service by November 6 but did only half- The judge said she could complete her hours by Wednesday. Now, she’s struggling to get it done amidst a sea of excuses- the volunteer center being closed, having a weird virus…

She seems super confident that she’ll log in the necessary hours, WHO KNOWS.  As they say, orange is the new black…

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Posted Monday, January 26th, 2015 at 12:12pm
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