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Eva Longoria Got Hitched For The 3rd Time.

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It looks like 3rd time’s a charm!

Eva Longoria and her fiance José “Pepe” Bastón tied the knot this weekend in a star-studded ceremony in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, at Baston’s home. And what a home he has!  I thought they had some swank destination wedding, but no. The dude LIVES here! Good on, you, Eva.

And of course, they didn’t do it alone. Eva had some of her pals attend, including Ricky Martin, Victoria and David Beckham, Melanie Griffith, Vanessa Williams and Mario Lopez. And everyone looks like they had a blast- including the Beckhams, who by far took the best instas of the event.

Check out the Beckham’s photos- and others- below!

Photos: Hola, Instagram

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Eva Longoria Is Getting Married This Weekend!

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Eva Longoria is set to marry her fiancé, José “Pepe” Baston, in Mexico this FREAKIN’ weekend!

The two got engaged in December in Dubai, and are looking forward to tying the knot in front of friends and family. Eva’s always wanted a Mexican celebration, and she said so when describing the proposal:

“It was such a surprise,” she said in an interview on the Today show in January. Longoria, who played a Spanish soap star on the recently canceled NBC series Telenovela, added that she wanted a “big fat Mexican wedding.”

The actress said that she and Bastonhave “been calling each other husband and wife for a while,” adding, “We feel married.” Well, now you’ll have that slip of paper to prove it, you two! CONGRATS! Bring me back some Mexican Wedding Cake? Or you know, some cute instagrams will do…

Photo: Instagram

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David Hasselhoff Is Officially Off The Market.

Celebrities On A Night Out At Scott's Restaurant
The Hoff is off…the MARKET.

David Hasselhoff popped the question to his girlfriend Hayley Roberts after nearly five years of dating, reports Hello! Magazine. And there are a couple weird things about this engagement, though most of it is cute. Sure, there’s the 27 year age gap (which isn’t surprising) but then there’s the fact that she has the same name as his daughter (creepy) and he asked her “jokingly” a couple times to marry him? Confused. Anyhow, The Hoff surprised Roberts at a beachside picnic in Malibu, and she said yes. People reports:

“We were both in tears … I genuinely had no idea he was going to do that,” Roberts told Hello! of the romantic gesture. “I’m still overwhelmed.
The actor admitted that he mulled over the decision to propose or not due to their 27-year age gap, but ultimately decided their love was strong enough to withstand any obstacles.

“I had a saying, ‘You don’t get married because you want to live with someone, you get married because you can’t live without them,’ ” he said. “I felt that way. I knew that I was really unhappy without her. I waited to propose because I thought I was too old for her.”

But Roberts said their age gap never bothered her. “I don’t worry about it. I don’t want to miss out on being with someone I love because of what might happen down the line.”

And when the big moment finally came, Roberts said it took her a few minutes to grasp what was really happening.

“I thought he was just joking around at first,” she said. “He’s asked me before, but it was never for real. Then he pulled out the ring. I cried so hard that he didn’t get around to actually asking, ‘Will you marry me?’ until about ten minutes later.”

“I’ve asked her to marry me before but those times were for fun,” added Hasselhoff. “This time, it was special and from my heart.”

The actor acknowledged the engagement on Twitter, thanking his fans for their well-wishes.

This will mark Hasselhoff’s third marriage, which is another thing that isn’t surprising. He was married to singer Catherine Hickland from 1984-1989 and that same year he tied the knot with Pamela Bach in 1989, but divorced in ’96. He’s been stag for a while now, though he does have to daughters (with Bach): Hayley, 23, and Taylor, 25.

This seems…very Hasslehoffian. The age, the weird joke proposals, all of it. But hey, if the dude’s happy, he’s happy. Maybe she’ll give him enough confidence to knock it off with the plastic surgery?

Photo: FameFlynet


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Tatyana Ali is Engaged And Preggers To Some Dude She Met On EHarmony!

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Here’s some news to make you feel OLD.

Tatyana Ali, or as I like to call her cute Ashley Banks from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, recently announced to Entertainment Tonight that she is both engaged AND pregnant! TWO FER!

The 37-year-old and her beau, Dr. Vaughn Rasberry, (YES THAT IS HIS REAL NAME HOW AMAZING IS THIS) are going to tie the knot this summer, in addition to expecting their first child together. Tatyana said:

“Planning our wedding has been so exciting, but when we found out we were expecting, our perspective shifted completely. We want our ceremony to really celebrate our newest blessing! Plus, I have the best wedding planner, Michael Russo. He’s making everything so fun and stress free!”

I’m sure this is going to be very cute, as Russo did the weddings of Kevin Jonas, Joey Fatone, and Beverley Mitchell!

ANOTHER AMAZING DETAIL OF THIS STORY: the two met online! She explained:

“Vaughn and I met on eHarmony! It was my first time dating online. We wrote letters for months before we decided to Skype. And then, of course, met.”

And the proposal was an even sweeter story:

“He took me on a 45-minute hike in the Redwoods [in Yosemite, California], which he knows I absolutely love and proposed in the most picturesque clearing. Just the two of us. It was so thoughtful and perfect. We’re best friends.”

THIS IS AWESOME. Obvi, it’s April 1st, so I’m desperately hoping this is real and not some April Fool’s hoax akin to dumb Jon Lovitz engagement. But they did share this photo on twitter, which looks legit. Cross your fingers, y’all!!!

Photo: Twitter


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