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Amy Schumer Denies Any Joke Stealin’ Ways

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Amy Schumer is putting this whole joke-stealin’ mumbo jumbo to bed1

On Wednesday, Schumer appeared on Jim Norton‘s radio show to dispel the rumors and provide ample evidence to the contrary. In addition (and pretty impressively, she also volunteered to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence! The actress said of the hurtful claims:

“I would just never do that. This is what happens — people build people up then rip them down when they have some success.”

Makes sense, Amy is HUGE right now.

The comedian pulled up some compelling evidence in her favor, too: A., she never even saw the comedy specials she allegedly stole from and B., it’s strange and non-sensical to hold on to jokes for almost a decade and then to share them at the most public time in her life (aka the most opportune time to be caught).

Good point.

So why all the finger pointing? Well, Amy also thinks the woman in the middle of the drama, Tammy Pescatelli, is trying to get famous from Amy’s success:

“I think this was Tammy’s trying to get something going.”

Check out the revealing, interview (below) and let us know if you’re buying any of it:

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NEW VIDEO: Is Amy Schumer A Joke Stealer?!

Amy Schumer brought lube to an Emmys afterparty

Say what? (No literally, say it again so Amy Schumer can write it down and steal it)

People keep bringing up the similarities between Amy’s standup and that of late comic Patrice O’Neal, which is not only worrisome, but also super sad. Amy Schumer’s been like our great comedic hope of 2015, so to hear of all this mumbo jumbo is a real bummer.

The video (below) has been circulating around the web, and it cuts together the Trainwreck star’s material with comics Wendy Liebman and Kathleen Madigan. Now, I’m not saying she did steal, but decide for yourself whether the material is too similar for comfort, or just a case of parallel thinking…

And once you do watch, tell US if you think Amy Schumer is a joke-stealer!!

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Chris Brown Was A Court No-Show, But Still Kinda Won.

2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1

Wow, Chris Brown. Way to keep your MONEY.

The pop star scored an early victory in what will probs be a loooonnnnnggggg custody war with baby mama Nia Guzman that could end up saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars. TMZ reports:

Chris was M.I.A. from the courthouse in Houston, but during the hearing the judge shot down Guzman’s motion to move the case to California. Although Guzman now lives in Cali … the judge pointed out she was living in the Houston area when the case was filed.

Brown’s attorney opposed the motion to move — most likely because California courts tend to award more money in child support cases than Texas. Remember, Chris is currently paying Nia $2,500 per month, but she wants to bump that to $15k.

The hearing’s still going on — the judge still has to hash out a custody arrangement, and rule on the gag order Chris wants to stop Nia from bad mouthing him.

Strange that Chris no-showed, since he was already in Texas- he performed yesterday in Dallas. I think the money Nia already gets is appropriate but this gag order? No WAY could I ever stop badmouthing CB, and she shouldn’t, either!

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BTW, Kesha Does Weddings

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Hey BTW, Kesha can always fall back on her second career, officiating very casual, same-sex weddings!

The pop star recently officiated a same-sex wedding between her makeup artist, Vittorio Masecchia, and his partner Felipe Nogueira.

She shared a sweet snap (above) of the ceremony on Instagram, captioning the precious pic “all you need is love.” And that’s true. But having Kesha as your officiant certainly HELPS.

Kesha, do you also do bat mitzvahs?

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