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Chris Brown Steps Out From Rehab; Attends Holiday Toy Drive

Chris Brown Performs On "Today" Show

Chris Brown is getting out of rehab (for a little while) and getting INTO some holiday cheer!

The singer left his rehab facility for a bit to do some work at at Brooklyn Projects Melrose in Los Angeles yesterday.  Brown was all smiles and hugs as he posed with fans and collected toys for needy kids.

However, once the event was over, the love didn’t stop! “Thank you to all the fans who brought gifts for the kids today. Have a wonderful holiday. You’ve made a merry Christmas for a young child!,” Brown tweeted once the event was over. He also post a split shot of himself and his toy drive line and wrote, “MY TEAM IS THE BEST!”

The R&B star will go back to his treatment facility to do the time in light of his October arrest for alleged assault in Washington D.C. He was given a “day pass” for the drive, which was a nice thing to do, if it didn’t seem like a total publicity stunt. What do you think?

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Chris Brown Wants To Give His Lawyer A Lamborghini

Chris Brown Wants To Give His Lawyer A Lamborghini

R&B singer Chris Brown is so happy that his lawyer got his hit and run case dismissed that he wants to buy the guy a Lamborghini!

His lawyer Mark Geragos helped him get off scott-free for the recent hit and run charges and Chris wants to thank him with the pricey car. He said that he was considering a gift of the luxury vehicle as a way for getting him out of possible jail time.

When asked what he wanted to get his lawyer as a way to say thanks, he pointed to his orange Lamborghini and said, “One of these.”

In May, Chris was accused of running into a woman’s Mercedes-Benz with his Range Rover and was said to have failed to provide his insurance documentation. After the victim said she didn’t wish to press charges, the judge in the case dismissed it completely.

Mark Geragos said, “The case never should have been filed in the first place. It’s unfortunate he was being prosecuted for who he is rather than what he’s done.”

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Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty To Hit-And-Run Charges

Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty To Hit-And-Run Charges

Chris Brown has pleaded not guilty to the recent hit-and-run charges that were brought against him. The charges stemmed from an accident in which the other driver claimed that Chris didn’t show a valid driver’s license along with any insurance information.

The judge in the case has since revoked the singer’s probation in the Rihanna beating case. If convicted, Chris may face up to four years in jail.

When the incident took place, Chris wasn’t arrested, so now he has to make his way down to a police station in order to get a new mug shot photo. TMZ reports that he has until August 6th to get that done. In addition, he’s due in court to answer to the hit-and-run charges on August 15th.

TMZ reports:

As for his possible probation violation in the Rihanna beating case — the singer has to appear in court for a separate probation violation hearing in August.

As we reported, the judge revoked Chris’ probation in the wake of the hit-and-run charge … but he’s currently free on his own recognizance.

Did you think he was guilty? We’re of the mind that if he’s going to fight with a valet over a ten dollar charge, then it’s most definitely possible that he left the scene of a minor accident without giving the other driver the proper information. What do you think?

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Chris Brown’s Probation To Get Revoked? (UPDATE: Probation REVOKED!)

Chris Brown's Probation To Get Revoked?

It looks like Chris Brown could be in more than a world of trouble! He was already placed on probation in the 2009 case of beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Now, since getting entangled in an alleged hit-and-run case, he might be getting his probation revoked! TMZ reports:

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, the D.A. is asking for the revocation based on charges being filed against Brown in connection with a hit-and-run last May. Brown left the scene without forking over a California driver’s license and proper insurance info.

The D.A.’s legal docs claim Brown “willfully and unlawfully” broke the law in the hit-and-run case. And, law enforcement sources tell us, even if the L.A. City Attorney ultimately agrees to drop the hit-and-run case because the victim doesn’t want Brown prosecuted, the D.A. will press on because Brown has a duty to obey all laws as a condition to his probation.

He just tweeted, “I did everything I was suppose to do during the so called hit n run, I provided the correct info. There were no injuries or damages. C’mon!!”

Do you believe him?

UPDATE: His probation was just revoked!!

The judge just REVOKED Chris Brown’s probation, but the singer was not taken into custody. Instead, Brown has been released on his own recognizance, and was ordered to appear in court in August when the judge will determine whether he actually violated his probation.

In the meantime, Brown will have a chance to respond to the L.A. County D.A.’s allegations.

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