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Chris Brown Keeps Making AMAZING Decisions. -And Other LINKS!!!


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UPDATE: Chris Brown Escaped From The Philippines

Chris Brown Wants To Be Close To His Kid...And Other LINKS!

Chris Brown is off the hook with a very angry Philippines concert promoter, but now his Hong Kong fans might be payin’ the price…

Chris’ crackshot legal team just sorted out the issues in the Philippines that got him held up at the airport, which essentially revolved around problems between two different promoters that Chris was caught in the middle of. Now he’s set to leave BUT: he’s got another problem now… getting to his next show.

Chris is super late to his Hong Kong gig, and I mean really late: like he was in the air flying to China when the gig was supposed to start. He’s still got a shot at making it if his fans have absolutely no lives and wanna hang out in a huge arena for hours on end (I wouldn’t- not for Chris Brown, anyway).

We’ll keep you updated, don’t you worry your little Chris Brown-loving heads.

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Chris Brown Was Trapped In The Philippines For Skipping Out On A Concert

Chris Brown doesn't care about his recent weight gain

Hey Chris Brown, the Philippines want you to know not to MESS WITH THEM.

The singer couldn’t get into Canada earlier this year and now he can’t get OUT of the Philippines, all because he allegedly skipped out on a gig there.

On Tuesday night, Brown played a show in the country but when he tried to leave Wednesday morning for his next show in Hong Kong, the Philippine Department of Justice was like, NO DICE, sir. Why? Because Brown was allegedly supposed to play a show last New Year’s Eve, but never showed. The promoters of that gig were granted an order to bar Brown from leaving the country in order to get him to pay back money they say they are owed.

And this kind of border patrol stress isn’t new for Brown: back in Feb, he had to cancel a show in Canada because he was denied entry into the country due to his criminal background. It’s like Canada…but reversed. Chris? Don’t skip out on foreign shows, mmmmkay? He’s still working out the deets of how he’s gonna leave and we’ll keep ya posted.

In conclusion, The Philippines and elephants have one thing in common: THEY NEVER FORGET.

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Chris Brown Has Terrible Friends

Chris Brown Comments On Tyga's Alleged Relationship With Kylie Jenner

Chris Brown having gross friends? Yeah, I saw that coming.

Apparently several close friends were in on the home invasion robbery that happened last week, or at least that’s what Chris believes and cops also agree with.

And I’m not just talking casual buddies here, we’re talking tight friends: the 4 guys who broke into Chris Brown’s home Wednesday were close AND a club promoter was involved AND the cops believe that THE BLOODS might also be involved, because LAPD’s Gang Unit was also assigned to the case, TMZ reports.

Yeah, a burglary case with all the fixings: betrayal, gang violence and douchey celebrities.  We’ll report more when we know more!

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