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The New Season Of Big Brother Is Going To Be CRAY.

Farrah Abraham Is A Stripper; Compares Herself To Jennifer Aniston

Good lord.

I’m not a huge Celebrity Big Brother fan, but when I heard this cast lineup, I was already tingling from the DRAMA.  The cast has been revealed, and this season will be pretty fucking bonkers, if you ask me (and you DID).

Season 16 just premiered last night and whilethe theme of the year is UK vs USA,which is kind of boring, it’s interesting to see who’s up against whom.   The British team includes housemates Sherrie Hewson, Chris Ellison, Gail Porter, James Hill, Stevi Ritchie, Chloe Jasmine, and Natasha Hamilton.

The Americans, meanwhile, are a little more, ahem, familiar…

Farrah Abraham is in the house fresh off her Teen Mom OG appearances, and is joined by reality TV sex aficionado Tila Tequila and Jenna Jameson. Actor/director Daniel Baldwin will also be on the American team, along with Austin Armacost (a model who dated Marc Jacobs), and Fatman Scoop (a hip hop hype man).

Check out photos of each contestant from the TV premiere of the show last night and let us know if you gonna watch. Also have an amazing weekend filled with peaceful dreams, not Big Brother nightmares BWA HAH HAAAAA…..

Photo: FameFlynet

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‘Big Brother’s’ Brendon and Rachel are getting married!

Last December, Brendon Villegas from ‘Big Brother’ was caught in a naked photo scandal, and his shomance girlfriend, Rachel Reilly dumped him. He had reportedly sent pics of his dong to a ‘Big Brother’ fan.

After arguably the most embarrassing apology video of all time, Rachel has taken her man back – and the couple is getting married!

According to TMZ, the couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day, and will tie the knot in September.

This couple was by far the most entertaining part of ‘BB12’. We loved to hate them, that’s for sure. When BB premiered, I remember thinking how hot Brendon was…but as the season progressed, it become painfully obvious that he’s as dumb as a bag of rocks. He thus became much less hot, dumb is not hot.

I’d like to propose a new reality show for CBS. Let’s watch this whole wedding process unfold! I’d love to see a ‘Bethenny Getting Married’ type show starring none other than Rachel! Who’s with me?

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‘Big Brother’ star Brendon in naked photo scandal!

Haha! So funny! Here’s the scoop from TMZ:

In one of the most ridiculous, cry-babyish, pathetic videos to ever hit the web — Brendon recorded an apology to his former reality TV show girlfriend for sending shots of his wang to some chick he met online … who then released them into cyberspace.

Brendon claims he was duped by the naked photo recipient — who allegedly threatened to blackmail the swim coach if he didn’t send her video of himself.

Brendon — who cries more than a 13-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert — claims he wants to spend the “rest of his life” making things right with Rachel.

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Pamela Anderson Enters the Big Brother House In Mumbai

Two years after she moved into the Australian Big Brother house, Pamela Anderson has joined the cast of the Indian version of the reality TV show.

Dressed in a white sari, the 43-year-old actress surprised the celebrity housemates on Bigg Boss when she arrived unannounced last night.

The former Baywatch star will appear on the show for three days before leaving on Friday.

However, she may struggle to communicate with her housemates – because Bigg Boss rules state they must only speak in Hindi.

Before entering the house, Anderson claimed she wasn’t a fan of reality shows – despite starring in her own show Pam: Girl On The Loose two years ago.

She said: ‘I am not a fan of reality shows. I love traditional shows like Baywatch.

‘I am very excited about the show. I will be just myself and have fun with the contestants in the house.

‘I will miss my two kids when I will be locked in the house. I like doing household work. I do it at my place so I have no issues with it.

‘It is my first visit to India so I hope I will be able to get some impressions of the country during my stay. I am very excited to be in India and to meet the Bigg Boss housemates.’

One of her tasks during the three day stay will be to teach her housemates how to purify water.

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