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The Jon Lovitz/Jessica Lowndes Relationship Was Just A Really Lame Prank

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A disclaimer: Every part of this is “prank” is lame as hell. Read on!

 Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz played lovers and fiancees on social media, and everyone took notice, ICYDK included. It’s not every day you see Jon Lovitz do anything, so when he’s into/playing along with some 90210 dlister, of course we took notice. BUT, apparently it was all a big hoax to promote some lame track from her nonexistent pop career.

Brilliant, Jessica.

In the clip of the new music video that goes along with the song, Jon Lovitz is seen playing the lover of the former 90210 star which was revealed to be a prank on Monday. And in case Jessica’s instagram wasn’t evidence enough of her loving her own bikini bod and not much else, the video for “Deja Vu,” (as the song is called) also shows Lowndes stripping off naked while Lovitz is seen getting dressed in a plush mansion.

Lowndes revealed all in an Instagram video of herself wondering, “Just because it’s still late March, is it too early to say ‘April Fools’?” and letting the camera pan to a computer screen featuring a paused clip of Lovitz in her new music video.

Really? A very dumb April fools prank that really couldn’t wait till April? Bravo, I guess? Check out the video HERE if you want to hear/see something truly mediocre.

Photo: Instagram

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Oh Good, Jon Lovitz Is Engaged To A 27 Year Old

51742447 Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is spotted leaving The Palm restaurant in Beverly Hills, California after enjoying lunch with friends on May 15, 2015. Comedian Jon Lovitz was also spotted at the trendy eartey. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876


How is NOBODY age-appropriate getting together, these days?

Apparently, Jon Lovitz and his girlfriend Jessica Lowndes are engaged. Sure, congrats. Problem is, Jessica is 27 years old. Lovitz is 58. Are we being Punk’d?

Despite their 30-year age difference, Lowndes and Lovitz insist that they are really together and that they are engaged. Check out the photo gallery below of Lowndes, who’s known or (I mean, after this publicity stunt), being on the 90210 reboot and being generally hot and obnoxious on social media.

Well, I’d like to say it’s beneath Lovitz, but from what I gather it’s not. So…congrats?

Photos: FameFlynet

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Jonah Hill Got Fat Again.

Jonah Hill Walks His Dogs In NYC

To put it bluntly…

Jonah Hill was spotted out and about in NYC walking is two very cute dogs…but, it feels as though he’s gained back some of that weight he worked so hard to shed. That being said, he could have also been told to beef up for a role. either way, he’s looking definitely bigger, even despite wearing a blue puffy vest and sporting lots of facial hair.

Check out the pics below and tell us if he seems significantly bigger, or maybe it’s all a beardy, puffy-vest optical illusion…

Photos: FameFlynet

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Burt Reynolds Thinks Angelina Jolie Should Run For President

Angelina Jolie is too skinny for plastic surgery

Tell us more, Burt Reynolds

Burt was at SXSW to promote The Bandit, a documentary he made about the late stuntman (and Burt’s buddy) Hal Needham. Much like Burt’s promotional tour for his memoir several months ago, the actor has been happy to discuss any number of subjects, and he’s been kinda loose and palling around, which makes for some good interview material. The Daily Beast interviewed him ahead of SXSW, and not surprsingly, some of the most interesting bits don’t have anything to do with The Bandit. Some highlights:

He’s friendly with Donald Trump, but he’s not endorsing Trump: “I don’t think there’s any question that Donald is going to be nominated. You know, our current president has kind of messed things up the last four years. But I don’t know who I would vote for…I’m worried about Donald in terms of us getting into a war, because he’s all for certain things. I like him very much personally. I know him, and I like him. He’s always been nice and sweet and kind to me. But he seems to be like a sheriff that’s quick on the draw.”

He thinks his friend Jon Voight should run for office: “If any actor was going to run for office, it should be Jon Voight. I think he’s quite brilliant in terms of handling himself and he always knows what’s going on in politics. I have [encouraged him to run]! He gets red in the face and says he couldn’t do it. But I think he would be wonderful.”

No, he thinks Angelina Jolie should run for office: “It’s Jon Voight’s daughter that should run,” he laughed, noting that he’s known Angelina Jolie since she was a child. “I like her a lot. She’s not afraid to tackle anything, and she’s a very, very sweet girl.”

His Cosmo centerfold: “I thought I’d made a horrible mistake and I wished I hadn’t done it! A lot of people took it in the spirit that it was meant. They saw that I was smiling and it was meant to be a Playboy takeoff. I had fun, but as I remember the only way I could do it was I had to have a few toddies before… quite a few, in fact. It took a few hours and then I kind of wobbled home. I wobbled in there and I wobbled out, and hoped for the best.”

(Via The Daily Beast)

LOL. I love how clearly Burt loves John Voight AND Angelina Jolie, but feels conflicted about that. In his GQ profile months ago, he named Jolie as one of the directors he’d most like to work with but ALSO has been known to talk about how Angelina mistreats her father. I dare say I don’t want Angi or her dad running for president, but at least Burt’s trying to be nice!

Photo: FameFlynet

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