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Victoria Beckham Debuts A New, Short Hairstyle: Check It Out HERE!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.24.23 AM

This is what Victoria Beckham‘s hair USED to look like!

Two weeks after attending best friend Eva Longoria‘s wedding in Mexico with long, flowing locks, Victoria decided to switch it up!

It’s not unlike the fashionista to do it, but her new, much shorter hairstyle might take some getting used to. Ultimately, though, I think it’s a good move. So want to check out how Vicki got her hair right for summer? Check it out, after the jump!


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Victoria Beckham Thinks Her Vogue Cover Girl Days Are Numbered


Victoria Beckham and David Beckham were like, BORN on a magazine cover.

Posh Spice has especially been all over the Vogues…and again, not really American but tones of overseas versions of Vogue, like Vogue UK, Vogue Australia, Vogue India, and most recently Vogue China. But she’s not anticipating any more Vogue covers anytime soon, and maybe that’s why she’s so GD SURLY all the time. Anyhow, according to The Sun Posh joked at the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibit on Thursday that she’s got to be nearing Vogue’s cover girl age expiration date. UGH.

“When I hear another Vogue cover has come up, I always say, ‘This is the last one, because I’m a bit of an old bag now. Surely this is the last one? I’m 42, I’ve got four kids.’”

Shortly after Posh called herself an “old bag” who was thinking she wasn’t going to snag any more Vogue shoots, The Daily Mail says that her rep reached out to them to say that she was “clearly joking” about being too old for Vogue, adding that she’s got “plenty of cover shoots under discussion for the future, Vogue and otherwise.” LOL. I love how her rep had to cover her tracks. Gotta keep that cash flow coming IN! But in all serious, Victoria looks awesome because she eats like a Nazi and probably does all kind of weird skin stuff. And hey, it looks like it’s paying off.

Photo: Vogue China


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Victoria Beckham To Heels: “I Just Can’t Quit You.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.09.14 AM

Heels is her heel!

Despite telling The Telegraph that she “just can’t do heels any more” in a late February 2016 interview, Victoria Beckham is still wearing her signature stilettos, and flaunting them on instagram. The fashion designer, 42, didn’t say that she’d give them up for good…just that she wouldn’t wear her heels in a professional setting. “Clothes have to be simple and comfortable,” she said.

And hey, that’s legit. But come ON. Victoria is practically a living stiletto.

The designer wore her high heels on a visit to Hong Kong four weeks ago, as well as on her trip to Los Angeles to promote her line. And know what? She probably will never give them up. Let’s all just be real.

Photo: Instagram

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Wolfgang Puck Reveals Victoria Beckham’s STRICT Diet!

'Charles James: Beyond Fashion' Costume Institute Gala

Okay, this isn’t THAT surprising…

On Tuesday, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck talked about Victoria Beckham‘s eating habits and, they’re obviously way obnoxious and very Hollywood. I mean, it takes a LOT of effort to maintain that mantis-like figure, right?

The Oscars‘ cook noted that David Beckham and his wife are regulars at his restaurant Cut…but while David’s into a nice steak, Victoria strictly eats steamed vegetables. BO-RING.

Puck added:

“David’s there with a steak and she’s there with vegetables.”

And not only is she strict about heath, she’s not exactly friendly:

“She’s uptight. Everything has to be right, she’s not interested in talking to anyone.”


Wolfgang warned that if you are planning a meal for Victoria, just make it a plate of spinach with a “touch of salt”. I mean, I get it but it’s also super sad that she has to be so restrictive, especially because she probably has LOTS of opportunity to eat delicious things!

What do YOU think of the 41-year-old’s diet?

Photo: FameFlynet

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