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Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Will Televise Wedding

Either singer Nick Lachey didn’t learn his lesson the first time around or he’s been taking lessons from Kim Kardashian in profiting as much as he can from a wedding, but it’s been reported that he and fiance Vanessa Minnillo plan to televise their wedding…as Nick did with ex-wife Jessica Simpson their MTV show, Newlyweds.

TLC will air “Nick & Vanessa’s Dream Wedding” (working title), a special to air just weeks after the couple’s wedding date, which they are keeping top secret.

Lachey, 37, and Vanessa Minnillo, 30, have been dating since 2006 and got engaged last fall. He and ex-wife Jessica Simpson documented their own wedding and early married life on MTV’s Newlyweds.

“We’re lucky to have such passionate and loving fans, and we thought partnering with TLC on this special would be the best way to share the exciting journey we’re on with all the people that support us and our relationship,” Lachey and Minnillo said in a statement.

The special will feature footage from their joint wedding shower, Minnillo’s wedding dress search and the ceremony itself.

No disrespect to the couple, but…do people really care enough to watch this special? Nick and Jessica were such a high profile couple during their time, but do people want to watch Nick get married…again?


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Pictures from Vanessa Minnillo’s Vegas bachelorette party!

Vanessa Minnillo celebrated her bachelorette party in Vegas at LAVO over the weekend. “I’m about to get married. I’m about to get a ball and chain … but not yet and tonight’s my bachelorette party!” Minnillo screamed into the DJ’s microphone at LAVO.

Vanessa – and a group of her closest friends and family partied the day away, at one point even being serenaded by a Nick Lachey mini-me!

Although Nick Lachey wasn’t allowed anywhere near his bride-to-be, Vanessa Minnillo’s Las Vegas bachelorette party, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t there — Minnillo and her friends were serenaded by a Nick Lachey impersonator. The only difference? The impersonator may have lacked Lachey’s silky smooth vocals and he was also a little person, according to Us magazine.

But the presence of her hubby’s mini double didn’t prevent Minnillo, 30, from letting loose before she heads down the aisle.
The bachelorette was then serenaded by the impersonator who proceeded to tear off his shirt and perform renditions of Lachey’s band, 98 Degrees’, greatest hits.

But Minnillo and her guests’ weekend was just getting started after their night out — the group partied poolside while the blushing bachelorette donned a sash and crown at The Cosmopolitan’s rooftop cabana.

Although the pair haven’t announced their wedding date, with a wedding shower and bachelorette party already come and gone, the paps better get to sleuthing because we have a feeling it’s going down pretty soon.

Source, Photos: Fame

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Nick Lachey on making decisions with fiancée Vanessa Minnillo: “We’re a team”

So when it comes to weddings, it’s usually the lady who takes charge.

But not for Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo!

Nick seems to be a busy wedding planner… and family planner too!

During the Alex Maine store opening event in Hollywood, the former boy bander told In Touch he has been helping his fiancée Vanessa Minnillo prepare for their big day. “We’re a team, we’re in it together,” Nick confessed. “We make our decisions collectively.”

And those decisions even include planning for a baby. “I’m a big family person so a family has always been very important to me,” revealed Nick. “It’s definitely one of the things I look forward to the most.”

So how long will we have to wait before the couple decides to expand their family? Nick kept things vague, by saying, “Those things have a way of handling themselves, so we’ll see.”

I can’t wait until Nick and Vanessa have a baby — it will be so cute!

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Vanessa Minnillo Talks Wedding & Family Plans With Fiance Nick Lachey

Though they got engaged in November, 27-year-old Nick Lachey and 30-year-old Vanessa Minnillo are nowhere closer to setting a wedding date. Initially, Vanessa was against having a Winter wedding, but because of their schedules, she’s strongly reconsidering it:

“It’s just because of our work schedules. For us, work is important. It’s our creative outlet, it’s what keeps us going, it keeps us busy, and we want to be sure that we work around that.[...][I saw] a wedding booklet about the Ritz-Carlton weddings that they do and it was a winter theme and it was beautiful,” she said. “Something about winter, it’s one of my favorite seasons, it’s very romantic. The twinkle lights and the greenery and the snow. So that taught me I need to be more open-minded. We’ll figure it out.”

Even though a date, or even season, hasn’t been set, Vanessa says she isn’t worried about the wedding plans:

“We’re easy, that’s what I love about it. Neither of us are letting it dictate our lives. We’re gonna let it go with the flow… and I have faith in the team that we put together to make it as seamless as possible.”

Vanessa also talked about her thoughts on family, and how she and Nick deal with being apart so much, and if that puts any strain on their relationship:

“I turned 30 and I got engaged and [I] started really thinking about the next chapter. One of those is family.[...]Ideally, I would love to have three or four, but ask me after the first one!” she says with a laugh. “Ultimately, I just want them to be healthy.[...]No two people are the same or no two people are completely different. We understand that it’s a growing process so we’re willing to accept that and go with it as opposed to saying, this is how it’s gonna be. We know that there [will be] some curveballs.”

She sounds so happy. Congrats to them! I think a Winter wedding would be gorgeous!


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Nick Lachey begged Vanessa Minnillo to marry him.

Or was it the other way around?

Nick Lachey chatted with his “lifelong crush” on ET about how he popped the question to his longtime love Vanessa Minnillo, calling it his “best romantic effort.”

“You gotta take it in stages. If you set the bar too high than you set yourself up for failure,” Nick told Nancy of proposing to Vanessa late last year. ET caught up with the singer-turned-actor while he and his gal were guest starring on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-O.” “This was a carefully calculated plan,” he continued on about the proposal. “You have to set the romance but you have to take it in phases. This was phase one.”

Vanessa revealed that her hubby-to-be got down on both knees to ask her to marry him, a pose Nick referred to jokingly as the “full begging position.”

However, this excited bride still has some wedding planning to do. Vanessa admitted to ET, “Gosh, I gotta get started on that. … So much to do!”


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