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Val Kilmer squashes reports he’s hospitalized for a tumor

Val Kilmer squashes reports he's hospitalized for a tumor

There were rumors floating around previously that Val Kilmer was suffering from a tumor on his throat. The reports said that he was hospitalized in Los Angeles and that he was unable to speak. A source said that Val had a tracheotomy tube, IVs and other lines connected to his body when he was taken to the intensive care unit.

Kilmer took to his official Facebook page to debunk the reports that he’s sick again.

Thank you all for your love and support. There’s a rumor I’m unwell again and in hospital which is totally untrue. I was in to verify I have no tumor or infection of any kind which was verified by the very caring experts at UCLA.

We’re glad that all is well with the actor and we look forward to his future roles.

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Val Kilmer Has Left The Hospital!

Val Kilmer Has Left The Hospital!

Val Kilmer is all smiles after being discharged from the hospital.

As you may know, Kilmer was being treated for a throat tumor and has been released from the hospital following treatment. He shared the below photo on Twitter:

Val Kilmer Has Left The Hospital!

He captioned the picture: “This was taken last Friday when I was released from the hospital and on my way home. FREEDOM!!!!”

Kudos to him for getting through treatment. It was said that Val was against being treated due to his Christian Scientist faith, but we can all rest easy in hopes that he has gotten the care that he needs.

He looks so happy to be free!

Here’s to an awesome recovery!

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Is Val Kilmer’s Religion Putting Him In Danger?

The 23rd Annual Simply Shakespeare Benefit

Val Kilmer‘s family is NOT happy about his religious beliefs…

Scarily enough, the actor was rushed to the hospital Monday night after he started bleeding from the throat. Doctors at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica operated on Kilmer immediately and found a GIGANTIC tumor. The surgery was an invasive one, according to TMZ, because doctors had to enlarge a path to facilitate breathing.

Val has known about the tumor since Summer- so much so that he had trouble speaking and his neck swelled to the point he covered it up with scarves and other clothing items, which is, like, the point where I would see a doctor. Val and his religion had other plans, however…

Val’s family urged him to seek treatment but he would have none of it because he’s all Christian Science right now.  The actor denied himself treatment and cut out aanyone who urged him to seek traditional medical care.  Apparently, Val was confident that prayer will take his tumor away, but you know,  when you’re COUGHING UP BLOOD, you gotta hit the hospital.

FYI: Christian Science followers generally believe prayer heals, not medical treatment- and I guess Val Kilmer is super into it (news to me).

I’m all for respecting religious beliefs- but COME ON.  We need you good and healthy, Val!

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Val Kilmer’s a dead beat dad!

According to TMZ, Val Kilmer’s ex-wife is claiming that the actor hasn’t been paying his child support payments, and now she’s filing papers to go after his property in order to get what she claims she’s owed!

Actress Joanne Whalley had two children with Val before their marriage ended in 1996 — one of the children is now 19-years old and the other is 16. At the time of the split, Val agreed to shell out $27,500 per month in child support.

But according to court documents filed in New Mexico, Whalley claims Val has fallen behind in payment. Whalley doesn’t specify how much Val owes … but she has established a lien on Val’s property to force the actor to pay up.

It ain’t the first time Whalley claims Val left her hangin’ — court documents show Joanne got a lien on Val’s stuff in 2007 after he allegedly stiffed her on child support payments back then.

Val eventually rectified that situation — and the lien was removed in 2008.

We placed several calls to Val’s rep for comment — so far, no response.

The couple starred together in one of my favorite childhood movies….’Willow’.


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