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Tina Fey Explains Ditching “Blond” for “Yellow” in GQ

Funny lady and mommy-again-to-be Tina Fey recently had an interview for GQ‘s May 2011 issue to talk about why “blond” is out and “yellow” is in.

She explains that in a attempt to keep her brunette daughter from believing “that blond hair is somehow better,” she refers to blondies as “yellow.”

“Let’s talk about the hair. Why do I call it ‘yellow’ hair and not ‘blond’ hair? Because I’m pretty sure everybody calls my hair ‘brown,”‘ Fey writes. “When I read fairy tales to my daughter, I always change the word ‘blond’ to ‘yellow,’ because I don’t want her to think that blond hair is somehow better.”

GQ writer Dan Fierman questions Tina about her ideals, asking:

Dan: “My son’s blond. Is he superior, or do you have to be a girl for that magic to happen?”

Tina: “Oh, it still carries some weight. I think yeah. I wouldn’t even bother with him — he’ll be fine. What color are his eyes?”

Dan: “Blue.”

Tina: “Don’t even teach him to read,” she joked.

Check out chuckled-worthy interview in its entirety HERE.


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Tina Fey debuts her pregnancy curves at the Letterman Show last night!

A beautiful Tina Fey debuted her 5-month-pregnant baby belly while exiting the Late Show with David Letterman last night in NYC.

Last week Tina, 40, announced she was pregnant on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She and husband Jeff Richmond already have a daughter, Alice, who’s 5.

“I thought that raising an only child would be the norm in Manhattan, but my daughter is the only child in her class without a sibling,” Fey wrote about having another little one in her memoir Bossypants. “Most kids have at least two.”

“Who will be my daughter’s family when my husband and I are dead from stress-induced cankers?” she said. “She must have a sibling.”

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Pregnant Tina Fey promotes her new book!

As her 5-month baby bump begins to show, the newly announced pregnant Actress/Writer Tina Fey promotes her new book ‘Bossypants’ at Barnes & Noble Union Square in New York City.

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Tina Fey is pregnant!

Tina Fey is going to be a mommy again! The ’30 Rock’ actress announced to Oprah Winfrey during an interview yesterday that she is five months pregnant with her second child. She and husband Jeff Richmond have a five year old daughter, Alice.

Fey, 40, has been promoting her book “Bossypants,” in which she writes about how having her first daughter changed her as a leader in her shows’ writing rooms.

“The biggest thing you realize when you have a kid is how many other people in your workplace are dealing with that,” she wrote. “When you’re single, you’re like, ‘Let’s work ’til 10.’ You don’t care. Once you have a kid, you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, if I’m exhausted because my kid was up all night with a cold, so are 10 other people.’ It makes you more of a sympathetic human being.”

Fey’s “30 Rock” co-star, Jane Krakowski, is also pregnant. According to their co-star, Alec Baldwin, their hit comedy may be ending after next season.


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Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and Ben Stiller at the ‘Megamind’ premiere!

Celebrities attend the “Megamind” premiere, held at Loews Lincoln Center, in New York City.

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