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Luke Pell Is The New Bachelor Frontrunner (But Check Out Who Else Is On The Shortlist HERE)

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Well, well well if it isn’t Luke Pell.

According to US Weekly, this country singer/war vet is the front-runner to be the next Bachelor, which doesn’t surprise me AT ALL. He was pretty much the only likeable dude that wasn’t completely boring on Jojo Fletcher‘s season (and she walked away with Jordan Rodgers, who was more douchey than likeable). If ANYONE from the last season would be the next bach, it would be Luke. But again, not ideal.

“It’s looking like Luke right now as the next Bachelor, but there are a couple others on the back burner in case he doesn’t work out,” a source tells Us. Others being considered include Robby Hayes,Chase McNary and Wells Adams.

Pell, 31, instantly became a fan favorite as one of JoJo Fletcher’s contestants on season 12 of The Bachelorette. The real estate developer, 25, often gushed over their explosive chemistry on the ABC series.

“I’m running out of words to describe the level of passion that is Luke and me together,” Fletcher said during the June 27 episode. “Luke and I have a very emotional relationship, but we have, like, that physical connection down. Like, we have it down! Every time we kiss, I get the feeling where I have to, like, take a breath. I have to take a moment because that spark is just … it’s crazy.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Wells is HOT but kind of awkward and not right for the franchise. Robby is a lumpy, overly-tanned Will Forte and Chase? Boring AF. Luke is clearly the best option, in my opinion.

Who do YOU think should be the Bachelor on the upcoming season? Weigh in below!


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The Bachelorette’s Robby Hayes Is Doing “Really Well” After His Reality Breakup

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Weird Will Forte is gonna be a-okay.

Bachelorette runner-up Robby Hayes doesn’t harbor any bitterness toward JoJo Fletcher, who dumped him on the show’s season finale Monday, August 1, a source reveals to Us Weekly. In fact, it feels like he’s loving life- reading to sloths, working out, hanging out on ships, working out, doing press conferences and you know, working out. Maybe he’ll get back to ex-Olympic swimming at some point? But for now, the dude is doing just fine:

“He’s doing really well,” says a source close to the Florida native, 27. “With the help of family and friends, he’s progressively been able to move on.” Watch Hayes ask Fletcher for closure during the After the Final Rose special above!.

Hayes was the first of Fletcher’s suitors to proclaim his love for the Bachelorette during a one-on-one date in Uruguay. But weeks later, on the beach in Thailand — on what he assumed would be the greatest day of his life — the real estate developer rejected him for his pal Jordan Rodgers.

“I can’t let you get down on one knee — I can’t let you do that because I don’t want to take that moment from you,” Fletcher told the former competitive swimmer. “I fell in love with you, but for some reason my heart is somewhere else.”

Left shocked, Hayes finally got closure during his appearance on After the Final Rose on Monday. “Finding out that JoJo is happy was comforting and is helping him move on,” adds the insider. “Robby still cares for her and in caring for her, all he wants is for her to be happy.”

Hayes, known for his perfectly coiffed hair, got the opportunity to confront Fletcher during the reunion special for the first time since she broke his heart. “You say a lot of things that make me think that it should have been us,” the suitor said to Fletcher while flashing his pearly whites. “[You said] that you love me, that your family thought it should’ve been me. … I’m asking now, with the time that has passed, is there anything that’s more clear as to why one love was stronger than the one love we had?”

Admitted Fletcher, “My heart was always with Jordan.”

Still, Hayes leaves with no regrets. “The entire experience was positive and Robby would do it again,” the source tell Us. “Robby just wants JoJo to be happy and he knows she had to make the right decision for her.”

(Via US Weekly)

Ooof, so cold. But hey, we alll knew she was going to pick Jordan. I bet Robby- in his heart of hearts- probably knew it too. Time for some sweet spinoff action, am I right?

What do YOU think- will Robby be the next Bachelor?

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JoJo And Jordan Rodgers Are Moving In Together!

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The Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher picked Jordan Rodgers as her dude last night, revealed what we knew all along. YAWN. Honestly, the season was pretty boring, but I do have some news to report: the duo are moving in together!

JoJoJo divulged this info during the After the Final Rose special on Monday, and also have been talking about getting hitched in 2017. Still, the two first wanna “let the craziness settle down a little bit,” and in doing so they’re setting up a Dallas-area shackup shack.

“We have a house in Dallas,” Jordan said about Fletcher’s hometown. “We’re moving in right after this.”

The pair admitted that it was hard for them to be apart while the show was airing, and for them not be able to comfort each other especially in the wake of the rumor that Rodgers was a cheatin’ famewhore (his ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar claimed Jordan did as much via instagram).

“There’s been many nights that I’ve cried myself to sleep,” Fletcher, 25, told Harrison.

However, they’re better now that the season finale is out.

“We’re going to continue to grow and love every single day,” Rodgers said.

(Via Us Weekly)

Anyone wanna take bets on how long this lasts? I’m going to say end of the year, maybe. Or maybe it’ll go through football season? That’d be convenient…

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Ali Fedotowsky’s Epidural Stopped Working, Pain Was ‘Excruciating’

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Um, this does NOT sound fun.

Ali Fedotowsky says her first weeks as a new mom have been surreal, and by surreal we mean PAINFUL AF. The former Bachelorette, who welcomed daughter Molly with her fiancé, Kevin Manno, on July 6, talked about her new role as a mom to Us Weekly:

She’s so in love with her “angel baby,” but the 31-year-old lifestyle blogger had a few complications during her difficult 20-hour labor. “I had a really, really hard labor. My epidural stopped working,” she said. “It didn’t work on half of my body, and it stopped working three different times during my labor,” she said, adding that it was “just exhausting.”

“It was like a crazy emotional experience,” Fedotowsky told Us. “It is so funny because you go through all of this pain — and the most excruciating pain you can possibly imagine — and a few days later you are holding your beautiful baby, and you’re like, ‘I could do this again.’”

Now, I’ve never had any kids but these quotes scare the ever loving tar outta me. THE EPIDURAL STOPPED WORKING?! How is that even possible? Anyhow, glad to hear she’s doing well with her adorbs baby and fiance. The happy ending after the pai-ai-ainnnnn.

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