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Bachelorette Jillian Harris Has Advice For Young JoJo

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From one similar-looking Bachelorette star to another…

Jillian Harris, our favorite rascally Canadian Bachelorette from season 5, gave advice to the newly crowned JoJo Fletcher when embarking on her “journey.” The gist?  to simply “be yourself.”

“It sounds really cliché, but if I were to go back and do my season over again, I would follow even more into the Kaitlyn Bristowe shoes,” Harris tells People on-set of filming her Mr. Clean’s Dirty Little Secrets campaign. “Even though she took a lot of flack for being off the cuff and a little bit off-side, that is more who I am.”

Harris was a contestant on Jason Mesnick‘s season of The Bachelor, finishing as second runner-up and became The Bachelorette in 2009, eventually becoming engaged to Ed Swiderski and (of course) splitting in 2010.

What kind of Bachelorette do you think JoJo will be?!

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ABC Spoiled Its Own Bachelor Finale!

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Somebody on ABC‘s social media team is getting straight up FIRED.

The network took to their official Facebook page and revealed the big winner last night, but it was just a little too early…at least, for NY watchers.

The post has long since been deleted, but it revealed that runner up JoJo Fletcher as the show’s pick for the next Bachelorette... hours before the show aired in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones! That’s a pretty big Bachelor fail.

The spoiler-y announcement pissed off lots of fans (and rightfully so) their finale enjoyment was ruined by the network’s own official social team. Again, someone must have got fired hardcore for that one.

What did YOU think of The Bachelor finale?

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Bachelorette Alum Kaitlyn Bristowe Is Holding Off On Wedding Plans!

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Surprisingly enough, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are still together, and while I want a wedding of theirs to crash-and-burn, I do respect that they are acting like normal people and just chilling out about marriage plans.

As one does on The Bachelor, the couple became engaged after 10 weeks of dating but are now settling in their new life together in Nashville. The 30-year-old Canada native told People:

“We’ve come full circle. There was no weird, ‘Oh no am I going to be able to live with this?’ I get mad at him when he shaves and his hair is all over the sink. But that’s about it!”

And they’re obnoxious as ever!

“We’re very touchy feely. That’s how we show our love. We grab each other’s butts all the time! … I love Shawn more now than the day he proposed. That was like a fantasy love. Now it’s real.”

And they’re not in a rush on getting hitched. Shawn said:

“The pressure doesn’t get to us at all. We only knew each other for ten weeks before I proposed. We’re both normal people and the most normal thing we can do is wait.”

His bride-to-be added:

“We’re living together, we’re enjoying being engaged. When we start to plan, we’ll let everybody know!”

You’d better. Everyone wants one of these reality couplings to work out. TELL US LOVE IS REAL!

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Emily Maynard Has Lots of Bachelor REGRET.

Emily Maynard Is Interviewed For "Extra!"

Emily Maynard, these are BOLD statements!

The Bachelorette season 8 star told Us Weekly hat she still finds it odd that people agree to appear on the popular ABC dating franchise, let alone twice, as she did. She’s got a new book out called  I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love is set for release on March 1, so natch she’s making some controversial statements to drum up interest for the release. I always thought she seemed nice but who knows? She’s badmouthing the show that made this book deal even possible, so who knows?

“I still look back, and I think, ‘What in the world?'” the reality TV star, 30, tells Us about agreeing to be the Bachelorette. “My girlfriend and I would watch the show and just laugh [and say], ‘Who would ever agree to do this?’ And I still watch it, and I think, after all the embarrassing things that happen on this TV show, ‘Who in their right mind would ever agree to do this show, much less twice, like I did?’

But I think I was just searching so much for this meaningful life and this purpose that I was just open to anything,” she continues. “I thought that I would go on the show and hopefully find the love of my life, and everything would be perfect. I just had such a hole in my heart that I was trying to fill, and I thought maybe that was the answer. Clearly, it wasn’t.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Emily’s been exceptionally unlucky in love: her late fiancé Ricky Hendrick died in a freak plane crash, and then she went on the The Bachelor and got the final rose from Brad Womack, and after that crash n burned she got her own Bachelorette season where picked Jef Holm who fizzled out. Finally, she met IRL and married Tyler Johnson in June 2014, and two have a son together. So I get her trepidation, but still- the show made her able to find the right guy and make a career out of nothing.

The Bachelor airs on ABC on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST. Do you empathize for the contestants?

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