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Rod Stewart And Family Filming A New Reality Show!

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Move over Kardashians, there’s a new reality TV family heading to E!  Rocker Rod Stewart and his family are filming a new reality series and it’s going to be airing on E!, according to new reports.  Photographers have spotted Rod’s older kids, Kimberly and Sean, with camera crews in tow, and it looks like this is the reason why!

Rod and his wife Penny Lancaster are filming with their young sons and with Rod’s eldest kiddos and maybe Kimberly’s daughter, too?  Unless Benicio del Toro, her dad, put a stop to that part.

A source tells the Mirror:

“Rod is very proud of his family and he wants to show everyone that. He will star very much as the dad, and it will show he has kept things together. Sean has a very prominent role as does Kimberly.  There will be some ups and downs but they are keen to show that the Stewart’s ate close and they enjoy themselves. This is huge for them, the family ate hoping this is the start is something big for them.”

Would you watch this? I would just to be nosy about their family dynamic.


Source  Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Pregnant Kimberly Stewart has lunch with her dad!

Rod Stewart and daughter Kimberly Stewart enjoy a coffee at a cafe in Los Angeles, California today. It was recently revealed that Kimberly is pregnant with Benecio del Toro’s child.

Photos: INF

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Rod Stewart steps out with his very pregnant wife Penny Lancaster in Los Angeles


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Rod Stewart claims he’s never slept with a groupie, unlike that slut Russell Brand.

And I call bullsh*t (about Rod Stewart, anyway).

Rod Stewart downplays his lothario image.

He explains, “I’ve hardly ever had a one-night stand and I’ve never had sex with a groupie. I’ve been faithful to (wife) Penny (Lancaster) and I was faithful to (ex-wife) Rachel (Hunter)… I’d say I’ve always been enthusiastic about women but never indiscriminate. I’m more a quality than quantity man.”

Rod recently criticized self-proclaimed lothario Russell Brand over his sex boasts – insisting Brand’s claim to have slept with 90 women in a month is impossible. Talking to Piers Morgan for his “Life Stories” TV show, Stewart said, “Get out of here. Not true. You can’t bed two or three women a day.”

Asked by Morgan if he could remember every women he slept with, he said: ‘No, no, and I’m not proud of that either. I can remember the good s**gs, only joking!

Did Russell Brand really brag about sleepign with 90 women in a month? GROSS! How would you like to be that 90th girl!?

Russ told GQ magazine in 2009 that working out his monthly conquests is a numbers game.

“Work out how many days and, here’s a simple rule, triple it!” he said.

“I love it. I’ve a very addictive personality, and it’s very easy for me to get compulsive about anything sensual.”



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