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Robert Downey Jr. Can Cheat On His Wife But Only With Gwyneth Paltrow

'Iron Man 3' Germany Photocall
Ugh. Goopy? Come on.

Robert Downey Jr. was on The Howard Stern Show yesterday to promote, promote promote and after hinting that Gwyneth’s Iron Man character will probably make an appearance in another Marvel movie, the conversation turned to how his wife, Susan Downey. And, how she’s cool with her husband making out with Gwyneth on-screen. So much so, that Gwyn is Robert’s free pass, because I guess if you’re going to mess around with anyone, make it ORGANIC.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of the “Free Pass“, it’s an agreement that one person presents to the person they’re with that grants them permission to mess around with whomever they want. Sometimes it’s someone famous, sometimes not. Anyhow, Gwyneth Paltrow is RDJ’s free pass, and he gets to make out with his free pass anytime he Iron Mans. Not to shabby of an arrangement, I guess!

“I’m very happily married … but I guess I could dream a bit. My ‘free pass’ is, because her and Susan are such good friends, is Paltrow. I gotta get her back in these movies, so I can make out with her on screen again.”

HOWEVER THERE ARE FREE PASS STIPULATIONS: RDJ says his wife doesn’t care what happens while the cameras are rolling, but that’s about as far as his Free Pass goes. So no making out over crafty, you creeps!

Don’t believe me? Check out the clip below…

Photo: FameFlynet

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Robert Downey Jr. Seems Chill (Not At ALL)


Robert Downey Jr. is not winning over any more fans with this kind of of diva behavior!

I think we always knew the actor was a bit of a lose cannon, but on top of  walking out of an interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy last week and that weird incident where RDJ seemed racist towards Alejandro Inarritu both kinda lent momentum to this item in this morning’s Page Six:

Robert Downey Jr. had security fit for a king for his family at ABC Kitchen Sunday afternoon. Witnesses tell us the “Iron Man” star took his father and other family members to lunch.

“The security operation to get him and his entourage to the restaurant was insane,” described a source, who said Downey sent two SUVs to pick up family members. Meanwhile, two bodyguards loaded Downey into an SUV at his hotel.

“You would’ve thought it was the president,” snipped our source. “His security blocked cars coming into the garage until Downey was in his car.”

The guards also stood watch in the restaurant throughout the three- hour meal. Despite the ring of steel, Downey did sign autographs on the way out.

Downey’s rep told us: “Robert had brunch on Sunday at his father’s favorite restaurant, ABC Kitchen. Security was invited to attend as guests, along with other family members and friends.”

[From Page Six]

Geez, this ain’t like some important foreign dignitary. This is a dude. Who plays a superhero. In movies.  Chill out, RDJ!

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Robert Downey Jr. Offers Himself As A Prize In Fundraiser

'The Judge' Rome Premiere

Win a date with Robert Downey Jr.  Well, not really a “date date” since he’s married and has babies and all, but a chance to hang out with him anyway!  Robert is raffling himself off for a very good cause!  AND you can bring a friend if you win.

Robert is teaming up to raise money for Julia’s House.  It’s a Dorset-based charity that offers home-based community care. They are planning to build a £3million children’s respite care hospice and had an original financial target of £500,000.

Robert shared in a statement,  “Have you had the best night of your life…yet? Well you could, with me, for a good cause.   You donate $10 or more for a chance to win the RDJ experience and I will proceed to awesome the c**p out of you.  We’ll giggle, chat, take pictures and perhaps even engage in a battle of wits.”

The experience will include:

  • Arrive by motorcade and walk the red carpet with Robert Downey Jr. at the World Premiere of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • Experience indoor skydiving, a helicopter ride around LA, a custom tux/gown fitting, and more.
  • Get flown to Los Angeles and stay in a 4-star hotel.

Your chances/entries increase as your donation amount goes up.  If you’re planning to enter, do it soon because the prizing perks for some of the levels are going fast – and the website crashed already!

Check out the details here! 

Source  Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Robert Downey Jr. Spends A Ton On Sober Coaches

Robert Downey Jr. Spends A Ton On Sober Coaches

Robert Downey, Jr. is spending a ton of money on sober coaches for himself and his son Indio. According to one source, the actor is throwing down a thousand bucks per day to keep them both healthy.

Indio, 21, pleaded guilty to cocaine possession after a June bust in West Hollywood. He’s now in rehab in Utah.

“Given his history and what his boy has been through recently, Robert is leaving nothing to chance,” said a source close to the actor.

“He spends up to $1,000 a day for sober coaches or companions for himself and his son.”

“When Indio flew down to L.A. to go to court, he had a sober coach shadowing him 24-7.”

You can’t really blame the guy for wanting to keep himself and his son straight. He knows the pitfalls of falling into drugs from his own experiences, so naturally he doesn’t want his kid to follow in his footsteps.

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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