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Did Sienna Miller inspire Rhys’ sad song?

Sienna Miller

Actor-rocker Rhys Ifans has penned a bitter ballad – prompting speculation that it describes his heartbreaking split from Sienna Miller.

The song, called “Stonefinger,” appears on an upcoming album by Ifans’s band, The Peth, which has been touring Wales in the weeks since he and Miller, 26, broke up.

The lyrics are certainly poignant: “Every little thing you said would break me/All of it came true/Every bit of love I give you mock it/Yes you do.” And it goes on, “Every little thing I do you hate it/Oh yes you do.”

Since her split from the 39-year-old Ifans, Miller has been linked to millionaire Balthazar Getty and fellow actor Matthew Rhys.

A rep for the band refused to confirm that “Stoneginger” is about Miller. “The song was written months ago – you can draw your own conclusions over who it was written about,” he told People. The spokesman added, “This was [penned] way prior to the split that’s being alluded to.”

Work on the album, The Golden Mile, began six months ago. The band performs in London later this week.



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Pals worried about inconsolable Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans is reportedly struggling to cope after he was dumped by actress Sienna Miller – with friends worrying about his excessive binge drinking.

The Notting Hill star split from actress Miller earlier this month and has been spotted out in London on a string of lonely boozing sessions.

On Thursday, Ifans had to be calmed down by police after he lashed out at paparazzi after drinking until late at a London nightspot – reportedly trying to hit one snapper with a bottle.

And friends of the star are concerned about his current fragile state, with one source telling Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper that the actor is “inconsolable”.

The source says, “His life was anarchic already, but now he is going on all these hard-core benders and is inconsolable. He is going to the pub first thing in the morning.”

“He is desperate to get her back and has been doing things to remind her how in love they are, such as bombarding her with their favourite Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf CDs.”



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Rhys Ifans questioned by police over paparazzi attack

Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans seems to be finding hard to deal with his split from ex-fiancee Sienna Miller – he reportedly lashed out at photographers after drowning his sorrows at a London nightspot.

The Notting Hill star split from actress Miller earlier this month, amid rumors of his jealous behavior and possessive ways. And now, despite reports from co-stars and friends insisting the actor is doing fine after the split, the star was less convincing after a boozy drinking session in the British capital on Thursday night.

According to reports, the star hit out at the awaiting paparazzi, swearing at the snappers and even reportedly trying to hit one with a bottle.

The actor was so angry, police were called to the scene and officers spent ten minutes trying to calm the star down, before eventually sending him home.



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Sienna Miller hinted at split with Rhys Ifans weeks ago

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller hinted that a split between her and ex-fiance Rhys Ifans was possible – weeks before reports claimed they had separated.

The couple is alleged to have parted ways earlier this month, with Miller reportedly dumping Notting Hill actor Ifans by phone.

But the Alfie star revealed she wasn’t ready to settle down while recently promoting forthcoming film GI Joe.

In an interview with Britain’s Telegraph Magazine, which was published on Sunday, Miller appears to cast doubt over the future of her relationship with Ifans.

She says, “When it comes to settling down, I chop and change. I really thought I was ready for it, and then I realised that I wanted to be selfish for a little bit longer. I’m full of curiosity. I know that as soon as I have a child it will probably be everything, and I don’t want to regret not doing more. I’ll always work, I hope, but I want to have the freedom to go to India tomorrow for three months, like Tarka (Cordell, her writer friend) did. The press will say, ‘She doesn’t love Rhys’ and ‘She’s selfish!’, but I’m 26 and I have time and when it’s right it will happen.”



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Sienna Miller & Rhys Ifans split

Sienna Miller & Rhys Ifans

Sienna Miller has dumped boyfriend Rhys Ifans – because he was jealous of her friendship with her former lover Matthew Rhys.

She ended her one-year relationship with the Welsh actor last weekend.

Miller – who ended her relationship with Rhys to date Ifans – has blamed the break-up on their long-distance relationship, reports British newspaper the Sun.

A source tells the publication, “Sienna broke the news at the weekend in a call from Prague. Things have been awkward for a while after she caught Rhys going through her text messages. She went bananas and Rhys said he was looking for what he called ‘incriminating evidence’. He has been giving her a hard time lately, questioning her commitment to him and the time she puts into the relationship. She compared him to a spotlight shining in her face all the time. He is heartbroken they have split. Sienna feels really sorry for him because he had slotted into her family perfectly, but she couldn’t cope with his suspicious and jealous behavior.
“When they are together they get on so well. But she can’t cope with his jealousy.”

Miller and Rhys have recently been spending time together to promote their new movie The Edge Of Love.

She admitted in a recent interview: “I must have a thing for Welshmen.”



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