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Rebel Wilson Talks Relationships On The Cover Of Marie Claire


Rebel Wilson knows her worth!

The actress covers the July issue of Marie Claire UK magazine, looking VERY saucy (check out that RING!). Apparently, the cover mirrors what’s inside, because she’s all up on talking dating, nude scenes and childhood. Here’s a little snippet for the nippin:’

On finding the right person: “I’m very independent to the point where I’m too independent. If you’re a successful woman you want to find the right person, but you don’t necessarily need them,” she explains.

On not settling: “I don’t know whether that sounds weird, but there’s a whole crop of young women who are in that situation now,” Rebel says. “I don’t want to settle for someone if they’re not right but, because I get to do such awesome fun stuff all the time, I really want to share that with somebody. We’ll see. I’m definitely on the look out. I’m trying to put it out there, but I don’t know whether the right person is in Hollywood – you only meet actors or musicians here.”

On a nude scene in her new movie, Brothers Grimsby:“They wanted full-frontal nudity,” she reveals. “We write in the contract, specifically, ‘No nudity.’ They got in another girl – this larger burlesque dancer from South Africa – to be a nude double. And they got her to do all this stuff. Sacha [Baron Cohen] would go, ‘See, she looks good.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not doing it. I don’t care what you say.'”

On how acting made her come out of her shell: “I was so unusually shy, bordering on a social disorder,” she confesses. “So my mum – one day she drives me to this community acting class. I was holding on to the car door and crying. She had to peel me off the car. She’s like, ‘I’ll pick you up in two hours,’ And she left me.”

(via Marie Claire UK)

Hey, I think being empowered is the key to finding a good dude. And I also think Rebel deserves one- I feel like she’s a very down to earth actress with very real expectations about acting…even if she does like about her age sometimes. So it goes!

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Rebel Wilson May Have Been Drugged At A “Trendy” Club

William Morris Endeavor Pre-Oscars Party In Beverly Hills

Watch your drinks, Hollywood club types.

Because Rebel Wilson believes she may have been drugged at a club on Wednesday night. The Brothers Grimsby actress tweeted about the scary incident on Thursday, relating how she felt after drinking a little bit of her cocktail:

“Hey guys, but especially to all the girls out there, please be super careful about what you drink when out at clubs and bars at night X,” Wilson tweeted.

“I had one drink last night at a trendy club which I believe may have been spiked with something. I felt super tried and disoriented,” she recalled. “I got home safely but woke up this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. I never thought that would happen to me, but if it does… please act as soon as you feel something strange and get yourself to safety.”

Thankfully, the Pitch Perfect star realized something was up early on in her drink consumption.

“Lucky for me, I only drank 1/3 of the drink and realized something wasn’t quite right in time to get home before it really hit me,” Wilson said.

I’m glad nothing happened to her, but I do have a problem with her not naming the club. At the very least, go to the owners and freaking LET THEM KNOW, right? Everyone should be careful but what’s the use of saying “some club?” It seems way more constructive to me to name the thing.

Do you think Rebel should name the club where she was drugged?

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Rebel Wilson Loves The Smell Of Brad Pitt’s Hair

"How To Be Single" - UK Premiere

We figured.

I mean every once in a while (especially after watching Thelma & Louise) we all wonder what that fine, luxurious feathery head o hairs on Brad Pitt smells like. Well now, we have an answer, care of Rebel Wilson: like unicorns.

The How To Be Single actress met Pitt at the recent SAG Awards in Los Angeles…and she was so starstruck by Pitt she literally didn’t know what else to do…but smell…the hair. People reports:

“I was too nervous to say anything so I just smelled his hair,” Wilson said during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. “You’re really packed in like sardines and everywhere you turn there is someone mega famous and you don’t know what to do so you smell their hair.”

Sure, Rebel. Suuure. Now you might ask: what do unicorns smell like? Simple: like Brad Pitt’s hair.

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Rebel Wilson Is Looking For A Boyfriend!

Pain & Gain Premieres in Hollywood

New year, new love!

After comedian Rebel Wilson split from her boyfriend Mickey Gooch Jr. back in September, the Pitch Perfect star is really trying to put herself out there. She opened up to Australia’s 2DAYFM radio, saying

“I guess to make it in movies a lot of people don’t realize how hard it is and you know often you’re working 16 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week sometimes. Which means that if I get a weekend off I just chill at home which is not the most sociable thing especially for a single girl.”

For REAL. But she’s trying:

“So I try to like make an effort on the weekends to go out and meet new people which is really hard especially in Los Angeles because you have to navigate through the crazies but I do try to push myself to go out to certain parties and stuff.”

Dating is hard but fame definitely complicates things. Good luck to you, Rebel!

Who do YOU think the blonde beauty should date next?

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