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‘The Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Does The Rachael Ray Show

Are you a fan of ‘The Walking Dead‘?  Andrew Lincoln stopped by the Rachael Ray Show for an interview that airs in full tomorrow, February 29th.  Andrew talks movies, kids, and living in both the U.S. and England.


Andrew on if he would be a hider or fighter in a zombie apocalypse:

“I’d be a cooker probably, I love cooking. I do love cooking and I would be useless in a real [zombie apocalypse]…but I like slow cooking food. That’s kind of my big thing at the moment. We enjoy roasts and that kind of thing.”

Andrew on his role in “Love Actually”:

“Actually, funny enough, I think that is one of the most romantic movies I have ever been involved in and I’m the only guy that doesn’t get the girl, which is yeah…”

Andrew’s daughter says her dad “shoots zombies” for a living:

“Yeah, well I dropped her off at school the other day and she’s just started this new school in England, it’s a little bit like Hogwarts, you know, I expect Harry Potter to be teaching them and basically I heard as I was leaving one of the girls said, “What does your daddy do for a living?” and she just said, “he shoots zombies”.”

Andrew on his family’s split life between England and the states:

“They love it. I mean, we live this very schizophrenic life where we have half the year in England and then everybody comes out with me. My daughter started to get an American accent after about a year.”

Photo courtesy of the Rachael Ray Show

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Rachael Ray Undergoes Vocal Cord Surgery

Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray, who has been battling trouble with her vocal cords since last year, had surgery to correct the problem last week, her rep tells People exclusively.

“After several months of vocal therapy and on the advice of her doctors, Rachael decided to have a benign cyst removed from her vocal cord,” says Charlie Dougiello. “According to Rachael’s doctors the minor, non-invasive procedure was a success and she is already resting at home.”

The TV chef and talk show host, who is known for being upbeat and outspoken, had previously scheduled surgery to remove the cyst and then cancelled the procedure and instead began intensive vocal therapy.

Now, “the hardest part for Rachael is going to be giving her voice a rest for the next week or so,” says her rep.

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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Rachael Ray’s Surgery Called Off – for Now


It won’t be a quiet holiday season for Rachael Ray after all. The Emmy winning talk show host, known her for gift of gab, will not have surgery on her vocal cords this week as had been scheduled

“During the course of normal pre-op care, Rachael started an intensive new vocal therapy and it is now the opinion of her doctor that surgery may not be necessary,” Charlie Dougiello, a spokesman for Ray, said.

Last month, Ray said that she planned to carry a pencil and paper around to communicate with husband John Cusimano after undergoing surgery to remove a benign cyst on her vocal cord.

Now there’s no need for the TV chef to buy extra pencils – or curtail her chattiness.

“Rachael is very grateful that it won’t be a silent Christmas and thanks everyone for their prayers and well wishes,” adds Dougiello.


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The Rachael Ray Show sued by anorexic employee

Rachael Ray

Bosses on Rachael Ray’s show are facing legal action from a former employee – who claims he was forced out of his job because he suffered from an eating disorder.

Aaron Ferguson – who suffers from anorexia – has filed papers at Manhattan’s Supreme Court accusing bosses on Ray’s self-titled show of exhibiting “hostile behavior” and making “vile” comments about him.

Ferguson started working for the CBS production company in July 2007 and claims he was forced to quit because of his supervisors’ behavior.

His lawyer, William H. Kaiser, says, “The things that were said in front of my client were hurtful, and once they knew he had a problem with it they should have stopped.”

Three employees of the Rachael Ray show have been named in the suit, although the star herself is not stated as a defendant.



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