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Naya Rivera Loves Her Breast Implants

De Re Gallery & Casamigos Host The Opening Of "Wildlife"

Ah yes, Naya Rivera is still promoting her book, Sorry Not Sorry, pretty hard. Which means more press releases and more sad personal (probably Glee-related) tidbits that make me hurt for humanity. The newest one? The woman got a boob job when she turned 18, and loves her some plastic surgery.

The former Glee star was so excited about her new implants, she even told her teachers. Uh. The 29-year-old wrote:

“I went around to all my teachers, told them I was going to be out. ‘I’m getting plastic surgery!’ I’d tell them gleefully… My art teacher was stoked – when I told her she said that she too had fake tits and that she was very excited for me.”‘

But hey, she did it not for men, for her OWN SELF ESTEEM (which is conveniently tied to what dudes like!):

“My new boobs were a confidence thing, not a sexual thing… I’d never even taken my top off for a guy. I hadn’t had many opportunities to do so, but even if I had, my bra was always stuffed with napkins.”

And surprise surprise, dudes dug it:

“As soon as I went back to school, [the boys] all practically fell over themselves rushing to see who could hold the door open for me.”

And the lady has no regrets.

“People have a lot of opinions about plastic surgery, but more than ten years after I got my boobs, they still make me happy when I look in the mirror. It might have even been the best $8K I’ve ever spent.”

(Via PerezHilton)

You can pick up the memori September 13, if you really don’t like yourself and want to read all about a girl’s lost childhood and a teenager thinking she needs implants. Oof.

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Naya Rivera Has Some Pretty Traumatic Secrets To Share

De Re Gallery & Casamigos Host The Opening Of "Wildlife"

Naya Rivera is not my favorite, but I do think she’s sharing an important message (and uh, making some money off of it, too).

Naya’s promoting her upcoming memoir Sorry Not Sorry (arguably the dumbest, most basic title of a book I’ve ever heard) fairly hard, as the book goes on sale Sept. 13. But she’s using a lot of dirt to get book sales off the ground, including talking about her “maturity,” anorexia and yes…an abortion she had while on the show. Heavy. Hear are some excerpts:

“By the time I was a sophomore, I started feeling that what had begun as a game had maybe gone too far. I just avoided food at all costs,” she writes in Sorry Not Sorry of coping with her parents splitting and reuniting at the same time her acting career was stalling. “If my mom had packed a lunch for me, I’d either trash it or find some excuse to give it away.”

Rivera says she didn’t really realize how serious her eating disorder was until she decided to write about it in her memoir.

“I was so young and it just seemed to be the norm. Everyone was going through similar stuff,” she tells PEOPLE. “I had no way of knowing if I was going through it worse. I was juggling my feelings and it makes me sad that there are girls still going through that 15 years after I went through it.”

And then, her abortion after she got pregnant with actor Ryan Dorsey‘s child in late 2010, which happened just weeks after breaking up with him to focus on her career:

Rivera says she did not reveal the pregnancy to Dorsey, whom she wed in 2014 and is now the father of her 11-month-old son. Instead, she made the call to put her career first and terminated the pregnancy during her one day off from filming an episode of Glee.

“It was very scary to open up about everything,” says Rivera. “It’s not something a lot of people talk about, but I think they should. I know some people might read it and say, ‘What the Hell?’ But I hope someone out there gets something out of it.”

One person she hopes gets something out of her memoir is her son, Josey.

“I hope Josey will read it one day,” she says of the book. “I hope it gives him a better perspective on the issues women face.”

(Via People)


What do you think of her experience. And, would you read the book? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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Naya Rivera Is Writing An OUTRAGEOUS Memoir

Stars Shine At The 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards

Leave it to the no-holds-barred Naya Rivera to write the first juicy Glee memoir!

The actress just announced that she’s writing a memoir, due out in 2016, called Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up.  She tweeted the big news on Monday night that she sold her book to Tarcher, with the caption “Can’t wait until next Spring!  So many juicy stories about my life.  Glee, guys, growing up and much more.  #Sorrynotsorry”

Oh my god I hope there’s some good Big Sean/Ryan Dorsey stuff!

Some other reps have commented on the book, much more than what Naya can share, saying:

“She’s going to be very honest and real. She talks about growing up poor and all the trouble she had when she was younger. It’s things that a lot of woman can relate to…She talks about having to choose between her career and school and she shares all the crazy jobs she had before landing Glee.”

According to PerezHilton, after she was a child star and before getting on Glee, Rivera worked at a Hooters restaurant which I hope to GOD also makes it into the book! She’s controversial, she’s interesting and now she’s taking her outlandish tales about the entertainment industry to the world!

Will you read her book?

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Who Took This Belfie?

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.13.25 AM

A hint: It isn’t Kim Kardashian!

The 28-year-old actress off this juicy butt selfie (Yes, this word exists. Everything ins terrible) on instagram, hashtagging the photo:

“#pregnancyperk 👌🍑”

So who’s proud of this luscious backside? Find out, after the JUMP!


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