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Miley Cyrus hired a psychic to contact her dead dog Floyd

Miley Cyrus hired a psychic to contact her dead dog Floyd

Miley Cyrus must still be mourning the loss of her dog Floyd because apparently she went and hired a psychic to reach out to the pooch. Strange!

An animal medium by the name of Melissa Bacelar revealed that Miley was guilt-ridden over not being around when Floyd died. She revealed in a new interview, “It was particularly hard as she wasn’t there when Floyd died, so there would have been a huge amount of guilt. I connect with the dog telepathically. Some will give me actual words, but most of the time, I will get images and feelings which I pass on to the owner.”

I guess she just needed to feel better about the whole thing in order to move on from his death. She took it hard, we all know that, so maybe this helped her?

Would you ever hire an animal psychic?

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PIC: Miley Cyrus shares topless photo on Instagram

PIC: Miley Cyrus shares topless photo on Instagram

Miley Cyrus must have heard the rumors making the rounds that she has died in her Los Angeles hotel room because she is showing the world that she’s still kicking it – with a topless photo on Instagram.

She stripped down to nothing but a pair of jean shorts flashed some peace signs and had someone snap a photo for her hordes of fans. She left the photo uncaptioned and she is just Miley bein’ Miley.

The death hoax involving the former Disney star started when someone posted a photo of her laying in a bed with a bottle of prescription pills. As it turns out, the photo came from her video with the Flaming Lips, titled “Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain”.

People should know better. If she’s actually gone, everyone on the planet would know it.

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PICS: Liam Hemsworth touches down at LAX

PICS: Liam Hemsworth touches down at LAX

“The Hunger Games” actor Liam Hemsworth arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on July 11, 2014.

PICS: Liam Hemsworth touches down at LAX

PICS: Liam Hemsworth touches down at LAX

It is being reported that Liam was recently overheard talking about his ex Miley Cyrus saying that they will “always be best friends” and they had “an instantaneous and powerful connection.”

PICS: Liam Hemsworth touches down at LAX

I don’t know about you, but I think that Miley and Liam will end up getting back together at some point. They were engaged, but she called it off so that she could work on her album. Now that she’s done with that, could they see fit to reacquaint themselves with one another? It seems like a logical solution… They obviously still care about each other, don’t you think?

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Miley Cyrus is Off the Market?

Miley Cyrus wants to shelter her younger sister Noah

Has the free-spirited pop star, Miley Cyrus, settled down into a relationship?  Multiple sources are saying ‘yes!’  US Weekly exclusively reports that Cyrus has been dating her Bangerz producer, Mike Will Made-It for nine months!

“Everybody in her circle knows they’ve been together this whole time,” a source close to the “Wrecking Ball” singer tells US. Cyrus, 21, first started seeing the producer, 25, soon after splitting from her fiance Liam Hemsworth in September 2013.

Another insider tells US the duo have become “pretty serious.” The “23” hitmaker has even won over Cyrus’ mom, Tish Cyrus. “Tish says he’s part of the family,” the insider tells US.

Apparently she keeps in touch with him by phone and text while on tour, and that the amorous couple were “all over each other” at the BET Awards at the end of June.

Can we be serious for a second about Will Made-It’s name?  I guess his given name is Michael Len Williams II.  He’s a record producer from Georgia who has worked with many artists including, Ciara, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and of course, Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus – always looking to shock her fans – just participated in an art-house video with her friends in the Flaming Lips band.  According to Fox News, it’s even racier than her usual antics, featuring creepy imagery, shots of Cyrus smoking pot, full-frontal nudity, and plenty of expletives.  Fox News is quite impressed as you can imagine.

Miley Cyrus feels better than ever, 'like an athlete'

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Liam Hemsworth Misses Miley Cyrus?

The 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2

Could hunky Hunger Games star, Liam Hemsworth be missing his raunchy pop star ex-fiance Miley Cyrus?  According to new reports… maybe so?  The famous couple broke up last September after three years together.

Liam may not be quite ready to move on from ex-fiancee Miley Cyrus. The Hunger Games hunk was overheard talking about his ex while dining with friends at Puny in Portofino, Italy, Page Six reports.

Liam revealed that despite their breakup, he and Miley would “always be best friends” and had “an instantaneous and powerful connection,” a source told the outlet.

The Hunger Games actor also raved about how “amazing” Miley was. He reveled in the fact that they “clicked and understood everything about each other,” the source revealed.

I never really understood these two as a couple.  They just seemed so different.  Like he’s a babe with a slew of really hot brothers, and did I mention his hot brothers?  Hi Chris.  And she’s… a talented singer who is just kind of insane and seems desperate to shock everyone.  Anyway- I don’t really think he’s missing her- but wouldn’t it be interesting if they actually did reconcile?

For Miley’s part- I don’t know if she’s missing Liam, but she’s definitely missing her dog Floyd, who passed away earlier this year.  As was reported earlier, at a house party over the weekend, she got a tattoo memorializing the pup on her rib cage along with two of her friends.

On a superficial note… I miss her darker hair.  And the days when she did less lady-bit flashing and grabbing.

'Hunger Games' Cast Head Out in Cannes Miley Cyrus Performs In Belgium

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