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Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus are NOT Married

Patrick Schwarzenegger Angry Over Miley Cyrus Trainwreck Reports

Everybody HOLD UP-  Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger are NOT man and wife!

A new Life & Style report claimed that  “stunned friends” learned that Cyrus and Schwarzenegger tied the knot in a “wild secret ceremony,” but the fact is,  Life & Style spreads a lot of questionable stuff about Miz Cyrus on the reg. The new story?

According to Gossip Cop:

The new story claims she and Schwarzenegger got married during a crazy night in Miami earlier this month. According to the magazine’s insider, Cyrus dragged her boyfriend to a hotel suite, where a “little person stripper pal [who’s] ordained as a minister was waiting.” The Life & Style source adds, “Miley whipped out rings she’d fashioned from rolling paper and screamed, ‘We’re getting married!’”

The tabloid says the alleged newlyweds boarded a plane on December 6 for Nashville, where Cyrus had assembled her pals. “Miley invited a bunch of her childhood friends over to announce that she and Patrick had eloped the night before,” claims the Life & Style insider. “Everyone seemed really confused and taken aback about what Miley went on to describe as a ‘private commitment ceremony.’”

Life & Style then admits the union “won’t be legal unless Miley and Patrick apply for a marriage license,” but claims the two are “taking their young relationship to new levels.” Wait, so they AREN’T married, then? But the Life & Style cover says they’re “MARRIED.” There’s even an exclamation point! Could it be a total bait-and-switch from a magazine that has no earthly idea what’s happening with Cyrus, and has proven it over and over with bogus cover stories that are lies and tricks? A source close to the situation exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “The story is trash.”

Believe you me, I WANT this too be true (especially the rolling paper rings and little person stripper pal) but the fact is, I doubt any of it is true. We’ll just have to be content with Miley’s crazy SOLO antics, for now…

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Rory Kennedy Weighs In On Miley & Patrick

Patrick Schwarzenegger Angry Over Miley Cyrus Trainwreck Reports

Rory Kennedy has something to say about her cousin’s new relationship with pop star Miley Cyrus!

“I’m happy for them,” Kennedy, 46, said of Maria Shriver‘s son and the pop artist. (Rory, daughter of the late Bobby Kennedy, and Shriver, daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, are first cousins.)

Simple, sweet and supportive. I dig it!

If you aren’t totally caught up, Cyrus, 22, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21, are totes dating. In fact, their romance has been years in the making, because Schwarzenegger admitted to having a HUGE crush on Cyrus in a 2011 interview with Details. Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s son unabashedly told the mag then that his “eye” was and has always been “set on Miley Cyrus.” And now, he’s got her!

But back to Rory: this sin’t the documentary filmmaker’s first time being supportive of a high-profile pop star dating within her family.

According to US Weekly, she Us that she “couldn’t be more thrilled” that her nephew Conor Kennedy was dating Taylor Swift. “I think she’s fantastic,” Rory said then. “She’s a good friend of our family and we all adore her and love her. It’s great to have her around.”

But who does Rory like better- Taylor or Miley? I can take a wild guess…

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Miley Cyrus Hospitalized For Wrist Cyst

Miley Cyrus Angers Patrick Schwarzenegger's Mom

Finally, Miley Cyrus can “wrist” easy.

The singer was hospitalized Friday night for a procedure to remove a cyst. The cyst, according to TMZ, had been giving her chronic problems for sometime, so it’s good she’s being conscious of her health! That being said, what celeb doesn’t post hospital pics when they’re in for the night? Miley of course did, snapping a photo in an L.A. ER, presumably of the wound…but just like the rest of her Instagram, she photoshopped a happy face. She also posted a pic of herself in a gown, noting how “hipster” it made her look.

The hospital was in Tarzana (located in the San Fernando Valley) and Miley checked in Friday afternoon and will not require any additional procedures.

Take care, girl!

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Patrick Schwarzenegger Angry Over Miley Cyrus Trainwreck Reports

Patrick Schwarzenegger Angry Over Miley Cyrus Trainwreck Reports

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have only been dating for a hot minute, but he’s ready and willing to jump to her defense following reports that she is a trainwreck.

So far, “Miley’s PR team is in charge,” an insider tells Radar, but Schwarzenegger might soon decide to speak up.

As Radar previously reported, his mother Maria Shriver was initially horrified about the relationship, but she overcame her initial fears about the pop star’s influence on her son after spending time with Cyrus.

The Shriver-Kennedy family’s greatest fear was that she would be another Taylor Swift, who was infamously smitten with Shriver’s nephew Conor Kennedy, the source claims.

“Patrick has done a marvelous job in turning Maria from being violently opposed to Miley to now saying she’s a sweet girl and she was really mistaken from not knowing her and only knowing about her from her press,” the source says.

It’s nice to think that he would step up and defend her honor, but it will never quell the reports that she is a party girl – just because the girl likes to party…. What do you think?

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