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Michael Jordan’s Tequila Cost HOW MUCH?

Michael Jordan Steps Out In Paris

Michael Jordan hit the club in San Diego this weekend, and let me tell you, he was NOT drinking the cheap stuff.

TMZ Sports reports that MJ, his wife and NFL star Dwight Freeney rolled up to Parq Restaurant & Nightclub on Saturday night where (OF COURSE) they got their own VIP area and security. What else did they enjoy? OH I dunno, just a bottle of Clase Azul Ultra tequila, which seems normal enough until we realized that a bottle of the stuff runs roughly $4,000-a-pop inside the club!

Yeah, Michael Jordan is still the king.

While guzzling 4,000 tequila, Jordan also grabbed a flashlight and started messing with one of his friends while dancing to Big Sean‘s “Blessings.” So you know, he might still be a super rich sports legend, but he’s still a goofy dude, too.


Photo: FameFlynet

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MTV VJ Kennedy claims Michael Jordan tried to sleep with her while he was married.

Former MTV VJ Kennedy claims in her new autobiography that Michael Jordan once asked to sleep with her – over a dice game.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, who went by Kennedy in the 90’s, reveals in her book that at the time, she was a virgin. She was having dinner with Russell Simmons and basketball star Michael Jordan at the Bowery Bar in NYC, when the three began playing a game of dice. After a while, Jordan announced “If I win, you come back to my hotel room with me tonight.”

Kennedy balked, and asked if she could play for Knicks tickets instead. Jordan then said he could give her Nets tickets – and announced he was a married man.

“Sure, he’ll filet my vag like a sea bass if he won at dice on a men’s room floor,” Kennedy wrote. “But as soon as I want basketball tickets he’s a Promise Keeper?”


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Michael Jordan’s new wife to sign a pre-nup?

Michael Jordan needs to protect those bazillion dollars he has in the bank!

Rumor has it his wife-to-be Yvette Prieto WILL sign a prenup before they get married.

I about fell  off my chair when I read how much money Michael is worth. Think you have an idea?

Here’s a hint. Michael’s last wife Juanita got $168 MILLION in her divorce settlement.

Head over to my friends at Celebrity VIP Lounge to find out just how much he’s worth! It’s crazy!


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Michael Jordan hit with another paternity battle

Michael Jordan

Retired basketball star Michael Jordan is facing another paternity battle with the same woman who twice claimed he fathered her child in 2005.

The former NBA player has been named in a new lawsuit by Lisa Miceli, who has requested a judge order Jordan to submit a third DNA test in a bid to prove he is the father of her four-year-old son.

Miceli, of Meadville, Pennsylvania, also wants a judge to overturn a temporary restraining order imposed on her by Jordan, after he accused her of harassment. But in a hearing at Crawford County Court on Friday, Jordan’s attorney Frederick J. Sperling claimed his client had already been ruled out as the boy’s father in paternity tests submitted in 2005.

Participating via phone, Sperling also stated that there would be no child-support agreement, as requested by Miceli.

He told Judge Gordon Miller, “Mr. Jordan is not the father of her child, and we’re not going to engage in any discussions on that.”

In legal papers filed in response to Miceli’s claims, Sperling says Jordan only consented to the second DNA test on the condition that she has no more contact with him if he is proved not to be the kid’s father.

Miller has yet to rule on Miceli’s request for another paternity test and the case is due to return to court later this month (Apr08).



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