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Madonna Rails Against Haters, Reschedules Tour Dates

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Madonna is getting some HEAT for the success (or lack thereof) of her new album.

Released in March, Rebel Heart, which is Madonna’s 13th studio album (and least commercially successful) managed to hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200, but has since dropped way lower. And, people are giving her some real backtalk for it.

Madge defended herself against haters after naysayers who criticized her on social media by taking to twitter and instagram to defend herself:

“Shut up jealous bitches!” she captioned an instagram pic. “I hope you are as fun loving and adventurous as me when you’re my age!!!! Hahahha let’s see. #bitchimmadonna #rebelheart.”

The singer was supposed to start touring on Aug. 29 in Miami, but she announced on Thursday that the kickoff date is being pushed back and she will play her first Rebel Heart show on Sept. 9 in Montreal, Canada. This shift affected a few later dates in the schedule, changing plans for those attending her shows.

“As my fans already know, the show has to be perfect,” the star said in a statement. “Assembling all the elements will require more time than we realized. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause my fans. I can promise you this show will be worth the wait. Can’t wait to share it with all my Rebel Hearts out there.”

(Via Us Weekly)

Yikes, Madonna. You’d better deliver or you may have a social media coup!

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Madonna Disses Drake’s Coachella Kiss!

Madonna Once Dated Tupac Shakur

That kiss between Madonna and Drake just got even more AWKWARD, ya’ll!

The singer just did a Q&A with Saturday Night Online, where she said she totally regrets kissing the rapper during a Coachella performance last month.

“You asked the million dollar question,” Madonna said when a fan asked if Drake was a good kisser. “I kissed a girl, and I liked it.”

While her response wasn’t entirely clear, she revealed her true feelings when asked what advice she could give her younger self. “Don’t kiss Drake,” she answered. “No matter how many times he begs you to.”

(Us Weekly)

So wait- not sure what the whole I kissed a girl part of this gobbledygook is, but Madge she seems to say that Drake BEGGED for a kiss from the pop icon. As you know, when she did plant one on him, Drake looks seriously disgusted but said it wasn’t Madonna, but her lipstick that grossed him out.

What do you think’s the REAL story?

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Madonna: No Texting During The Show!

Madonna Once Dated Tupac Shakur

Hey Madonna: you might wanna put your phone away when you’re watching a PLAY.

So here’s the deal- the much anticipated hip hop musical Hamilton debuted this weekend in the East Village- and two celebs were in attendance- Madonna and Michelle Obama.  Apparently, Michelle Obama behaved impeccably, even giving the show a standing ovation. Madonna, on the other hand, wasn’t so polite…

Madonna caught the evening performance of the hip-hop musical, but spies say she spent the second act pecking out texts on her phone. When “Hamilton” star, author and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda took the stage at the end of the show, urging the audience to donate money to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, he mentioned that there was someone in the audience who could afford to pay a lot for something he was auctioning off — someone who did a lot of texting.

Later, the Tony winner tweeted, “Tonight was the first time I asked stage management NOT to allow a celebrity (who was texting all through Act 2) backstage #noselfieforyou.” The tweet was later deleted.

(via New York Daily News)

Dang, Madonna. Maybe take a page from Michelle Obama’s book and UNPLUG for a minute!

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Surprise! Madonna Kissed Drake At Coachella

57th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

What happens at Coachella DEFINITELY doesn’t stay at Coachella…including this controversial kiss from Madonna to Drake!

The two were performing together at Coachella this weekend when Madonna planted a long, IMPROMPTU kiss on the singer/rapper on Sunday night (originally she was only going to dance around him, but in classic Madonna fashion, she surrpised us all!) Drake’s reaction was…disgust, which was definitely not the kind of thing you’d expect to see from a performer.  Though everyone thought Drake was grossed out by Madonna, TMZ reports that his reaction was all about the lipstick, not the singer!

Sources close to Drake tell TMZ that in actuality, he loved the kiss. Drake says he was not banking on getting a mouthful of lipstic, and that’s why he blanched.

When you look closely at the video, it looks like whatever lipstick there is it’s pretty colorless … either nude or beige. What do you think about this controversial Coachella moment? Check out the video HERE!

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