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Lindsay Lohan Has Been Acting Cray Again.

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Well, Lindsay Lohan seems to be at it again and by at it again I mean acting anywhere from completely bonkers to annoying and disrespectful.

The actress claimed she was “slipped a mickey” at the wedding of Justin Etzin, consul general and ambassador of tourism for the Seychelles, and model Lana Zakocela in Florence last week. Why she was even invited to such a classy affair? Who knows. Maybe she knew Lana.

“Lindsay left the reception early,” said a source. “She’d gone back to her villa and was running around naked saying she was drugged.”

We hear “it was one thing after the next [with Lohan]” during the lavish four-day affair. Lindsay was painting her nails during the ceremony and looking at her phone,” said a spy.

A report said Lohan claimed she had jewelry stolen at the nuptials. But, concerning any Lohan antics, a rep for Etzin declared when reached for comment: “None of those things are true.”

Then we got word that while she was DJing she was acting a little…off.

And while DJing one event with an “Eyes Wide Shut” theme, LiLo “got upset when she thought someone took her photo. She was speaking in a British accent, ‘Who took the photo? Don’t be an idiot.’ She kept playing Brandy’s ‘The Boy Is Mine,’” said the source.

(Via Page Six)

Listen, the only people who know if Lindsay’s having a second crazy coming are Lindsay, those wedding guests and anyone who is unfortunate enough to have to listen to Lindsay DJing.  But still…what do YOU think? Will we be hearing more about her in the news again? Ooooof.

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Lindsay Lohan is being sued

Lindsay Lohan is being sued

Lindsay Lohan is being sued by her former driver!

A guy by the name of Edson Ricci is taking Lilo to court for allegedly stiffing him out of over $25,000. Shocker, right?

According to the legal docs, the driver claims that Lindsay owes him a total of $26,400 for transportation services that he provided for her. In addition, he claims that he covered one of her old hotel bills, to the tune of $1,439.18.

His total claimed damages are $27,839.18 and he says that he provided his services to the actress between August 21, 2012 and October 23, 2012.

Why did he wait so long to take her to court?

As TMZ points out, Lindsay had a lot of drama going down during that particular year. I don’t think it would really shock anyone if she was guilty of not paying this guy.

What do you think?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Lindsay Lohan is writing a tell all book?

Lindsay Lohan is writing a tell all book?

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly working on a tell all autobiography in a bid to reclaim her life.

She was said to be in secret talks with publishers in London to reveal all in her autobiography and video diary. A source said, “She wants to tell everything, even some of the stuff that happened when she was a kid growing up in predatory Hollywood. She wants to tell the truth in her own words – about her folks, her job, her love life, the drugs, the parties, the highs, the lows, the lies.”

Hey, if she tells the truth about her entire life like that, it might prove to be an exciting read. I’d pick it up, would you?

The source went on to say, “Lilo has so many secrets on some of the biggest powerful people in Hollywood. She hated that her past had come back to haunt her and had no control over what was exposed. Now she wants to start afresh with all her skeletons laid bare.”

Does this sound like something you’d read?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Sorry, Greece, Lindsay Lohan Is All Up In Ya

Lindsay Lohan Parties With Friends In Greece

I guess when you finally finish all that community service, you get a six month trans-European party to celebrate?

At least that’s how it is in Lindsay Lohan‘s world.  The actress is taking a long vacation across Europe and stopped in Mykonos, Greece today for you know, a particular brand of Greek fanfare.  Sorry, Greece, your political structure and economy might be crumbling, and now you have Lilo to deal with.


Photo: FameFlynet

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