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Lamar Odom Destroys Kris Humphries!

On the court, that is!

In what would be an incredibly juicy game to watch, the Clippers beat the Nets on Saturday night, 101 to 95…which means the two power forwards, Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom…who are still technically brothers-in-law, went head to head on the court!

The Kardashians really are the great uniters!

Both were very professional (which was a change for Kris Humphries, I’d imagine) and played the game respectfully. Still, I wonder if there was any apprehension or awkwardness between two.  Or hey, maybe they felt closer than ever? Both are somewhat estranged from their wives (on paper, anyway), and dealing with crazy publicity because of it!

Neither of them scored, so it was way there was less personal vendetta involved.  Still, I love the idea of them playing Bball against one another. Do you think Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian tuned in?

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Bad news for Kris Humphries! His lawyer quits just hours before latest court hearing

Kris Humphries probably should have taken the last deal offered by Kim Kardashian after all.

The basketball player’s divorce attorney, Marshall Waller, dropped Humphries this morning just before his joint court appearance with Kim Kardashian.

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According to TMZ, Waller says there has been “irremediable breakdown of the attorney-client relationship.”

Kardashian’s attorney, Laura Wasser, is expected to demand a trial date as early as March. The pregnant reality star, 32, filed for divorce on Oct. 31, 2011, just 72 days after tying the knot in a two-part E! special seen by 10.5 million viewers.

Humphries responded by an annulment based on fraud while asking Kardashian to pay his legal fees. Because of the athlete’s repeated protests, the trial has been delayed three times. By demanding everyone from Kris Jenner to his wedding planner be deposed in his annulment request, Humphries has stretched the case to more than 450 days.

The 27-year-old basketball player’s team is expected to complete the discovery phase by Feb 15. If they don’t, Judge Stephen Moloney recently warned, “I’ll indicate the respondent is not complying.”

“It’s sad Kris is playing this game,” a Kardashian source said in Us Weekly’s Jan. 28 issue. “Kim doesn’t think he can be happy until he moves on.”

This guy drives me nuts. I think it’s hilarious his lawyer dropped him.

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are STILL married, he just turned down her $10M offer

Kim Kardashian has been trying to finalize her divorce from Kris Humphries for some time now, and there’s no end in sight. Kim reportedly tried to finish off her divorce by offering him $10 million, but he turned it down!!

“After Kim filed for divorce, she offered Kris a $10 million payoff, with the agreement that he would not continue to pursue an annulment to their marriage on the grounds of fraud,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.

But Humphries reportedly denied the generous offer because he wants their marriage annulled, which would require the attention-loving starlet to admit their marriage was for publicity.

“Kris flatly rejected the offer because it has never been about money for him,” the source said. “He wants to be able to marry in a church again, with a clear conscience, when he finds someone special.”

Unfortunately for Karadshian, she insists she married the athlete out of love and that it was not just for the attention. Now the two have gone head-to-head for more than a year over their ridiculous divorce.

Kardashian, who is dating rapper/baby daddy Kanye West, really wants to be legally single again.

She told radio show Sway in the Morning last week that “in a perfect world, of course I would love to be divorced.”

She added, “[The marriage] is going on its second year, and that’s really tough because I want to move on. I really want to move on with my life.”

If I were Kris, I would have taken the money. Who cares if she publicly admits the marriage was for show – we all know it was! Why is he holding out? Trying to keep himself relevant? What’s the point?


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Kris Humphries sued for giving a woman herpes!

Kris Humphries is a dirty bird! The basketball player is being sued by a woman who claims he gave her herpes, according to TMZ.

Kayla Goldberg claims she met Kris in August, 2010 at the Newsroom Cafe on Robertson Blvd. in L.A.  They flirted, exchanged numbers, and she claims that night they met up at Trousdale nightclub on the Sunset Strip.

According to the suit, Kris came on to Kayla, touching, kissing and dancing with her.  Kayla claims he took her to his hotel and they had sex multiple times … including oral sex.  The suit claims during a portion of the sexual encounter Kris did not wear a condom.

The lawsuit claims Kris did not inform Kayla he had herpes — and she claims in the suit that he did indeed have the disease.

Kayla says a week later she was diagnosed with herpes.  Her symptoms included a sore throat, fever, body aches and immobilizing pain, as well as extreme vaginal irritation and painful legions on her genitalia.

Kayla — who put her full name in the lawsuit — is suing for unspecified damages.

We reached out to Kris for comment …. so far no response.

Just ew…


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