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Kris Humphries only got $749,000 for Kim Kardashian’s ring (which he bought for $2 million)


Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband decided to sell her engagement ring at a Christie’s auction. While Kris Humphries paid a reported $2 million for the ring, he only saw a return of $749,000.

The Lorraine Schwartz ring featured a 16.2-karat emerald cut diamond, with two 1.8-karat diamonds on the side.

Christie’s didn’t come out and name Kris as the person selling the ring, but his rep confirmed to E! News that it was, in fact, Kim’s ring.

“He has long-since moved on and is very much looking forward to a successful auction at Christie’s on Tuesday, and of course to returning to the court this upcoming NBA season as a Boston Celtic,” the rep said last week.

The ring was valued at $2 million when he gave it to Kim, but come auction time, it was valued between $300,000 and $500,000.

So I guess he did better than expected? Who bought the ring, that’s what I want to know.

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Is Kris Humphries auctioning off Kim Kardashian’s wedding ring?

Looks like Kris Humphries is secretly trying to auction off the engagement ring he gave to Kim Kardashian during their 72-day marriage.

According to the Daily Mail, the NBA player is selling the Lorraine Schwartz ring that he gave to Kim in an upcoming auction at Christie’s in NYC.

The ring is expected to sell for between $300,000 and $500,000, which is “less than a quarter of the price that the ring was said to have cost originally.”

The ring was designed by Lorraine Schwartz, who is a designer and close Kardashian family friend. The ring will be sold during an auction on October 15 titled “Bright & Beautiful.” Here’s the ring on Kim’s finger:

Humprhies isn’t saying whether it’s Kim’s ring, but the owner of the item is listing it as “the property of a gentleman” and adds that part of the proceeds will go to charity.

Also adding speculation that it’s Kim’s ring, the nearly 20-carat diamond, matches the dimensions of Kim’s ring. Pictures of the ring were shown on Christie’s page.

I also read that Christie’s thinks the negative publicity surrounding Kris and Kim’s marriage caused the value of the ring to drop. That just cracks me up.

And here’s the ring Christies is auctioning off. Looks an awful lot like Kim’s ring!


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Kris Humphries’ Ex, Myla Sinanaj Made A Sex Tape

Kris Humphries' Ex, Myla Sinanaj Made A Sex Tape

Kris Humphries sure does know how to pick ’em!

His ex-wife Kim Kardashian was a sex tape star and now we’ve learned that his ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj wants to follow in Kim’s footsteps. Kim really did set a terrible precedent there, didn’t she? So many girls wanting to follow the same route to fame and fortune, that it’s just madness!

TMZ has the full report:

Myla tells TMZ, “I may not like Kim, but she was smart and she’s sexy and I look a lot like her so why not make a tape and make millions and get a reality show?”

Myla fully admits she shot the skin flick for Vivid porn studio — which even hired a Kris Humphries look-alike to bang her silly — saying, ” I had a blast that weekend with someone I was attracted to and had chemistry with.”

We don’t feel that the world is ready for another Kim Kardashian, do you?

Photo Credit: Spread Rumors

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Kris Humphries in major trouble after blowing off his first face-to-face with Kim Kardashian in court!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were scheduled to appear face-to-face this morning for the first time since their split. They are both required to appear at a settlement conference at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse this morning. They were to try and hash out an agreement to save them both from going to trial.

But here’s the deal … Mandatory settlement conferences are routine, but this case has as much a chance of settling as Farrah Abraham has getting admitted to a nunnery.

Sources tell us … Kris is shockingly still demanding $7 mil to go away, even though he says all he wants is an annulment. We’re told Kim not only is unwilling to give him a penny … she’s now demanding that he pay her attorney’s fees.

This case is destined for trial.

Here’s the trouble. Kris Humphries is in NYC! Sources tell TMZ that Kris was at a hotel in NYC at 1AM this morning, and was “extremely upset.” Apparently he didn’t get on JFK’s first flight out – which was 6:00AM. That means – there’s no way he’ll be in Los Angeles for his mandatory court appearance.

This doesn’t look good!


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