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2013 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Pics!

Last night was the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. They were on so much earlier this year, I wonder why? Every year they fall on or around my birthday, which is the first  week of June. What’s with doing them in April, MTV?

Anyway, what did you think of the show? I’ll get to more of that later, but first and foremost, I have to say Rebel Wilson was a TERRIBLE host. She was completely UN-FUNNY the whole time, and I kept thinking to myself, WHY didn’t she hire herself a writer? Those jokes COULD have been funny, but they came out terribly. She was trying too hard, if you ask me. I felt uncomfortable FOR HER most of the time.

Anyway – we’ll talk more about the awards (and last night’s stage crasher) later. Now we’re all about FASHION! What was everyone wearing? Who was your favorite? Let’s begin!!

Selena Gomez wore a gold dress by Julian McDonald. I think she looks beautiful. The dress is gorg!

Kerry Washington wore Michael Kors.

Zoe Saldana wore Givenchy.


Kris Humphries in major trouble after blowing off his first face-to-face with Kim Kardashian in court!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were scheduled to appear face-to-face this morning for the first time since their split. They are both required to appear at a settlement conference at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse this morning. They were to try and hash out an agreement to save them both from going to trial.

But here’s the deal … Mandatory settlement conferences are routine, but this case has as much a chance of settling as Farrah Abraham has getting admitted to a nunnery.

Sources tell us … Kris is shockingly still demanding $7 mil to go away, even though he says all he wants is an annulment. We’re told Kim not only is unwilling to give him a penny … she’s now demanding that he pay her attorney’s fees.

This case is destined for trial.

Here’s the trouble. Kris Humphries is in NYC! Sources tell TMZ that Kris was at a hotel in NYC at 1AM this morning, and was “extremely upset.” Apparently he didn’t get on JFK’s first flight out – which was 6:00AM. That means – there’s no way he’ll be in Los Angeles for his mandatory court appearance.

This doesn’t look good!


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Is Kim Kardashian lying about her due date?

Kim Kardashian has a tendency to lie about her weight – but honestly, what woman doesn’t. She like’s to tell the press she’s under 140 pounds, when obviously she’s not. I get it – who cares what she weighs (honestly – I don’t) . Well, not only is she lying about her weight – but rumor has it she’s also lying about her due date. According to Page Six, Kim may actually be due in June, and not July like she’s been saying.

Could Kim Kardashian not be telling the truth about her due date? The pregnant reality star said on the “Today” show in January that her and Kanye West’s bundle of joy is due in July, but sources tell us it’s actually earlier.

During a recent baby shower for fashion stylist Monica Rose at Bagatelle LA, Kim was overheard saying she’s due in mid-June. Could a delay announcing the birth give her a chance to enjoy private time with the newborn and lose some weight? Kim’s rep had no comment.

In other Kardashian news, apparently Kim is mortified by the thought of being legally married to Kris Humphries when she gives birth. She says in the new promo for their show “I’m scared with the divorce I’m probably going to have this baby being married to someone else.” She should get used to it – because at the rate their divorce is going, baby number two will also be born while she’s still married to Kris. Apparently their divorce hearing is scheduled for early May, so we’ll see what happens.

She sure knows how to pick an unflattering outfit, doesn’t she? Want more Kim? TONS of pics after the jump!


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Who wore it best: The nude dress from hell?

Looks like Kim Kardashian borrowed that nude dress from her big sis, Kourtney Kardashian! Kourtney wore the dress originally when she was pregnant (I don’t know if it was from her first pregnancy or her second), and I’m thinking it looks much better on her than Kim.

What do you think?

This isn’t Kim’s first pregnancy misstep. Check out her other fashion disasters after the jump! (more…)

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Ray J releases new single about Kim Kardashian titled “I Hit It First.” Seriously.

Back in 2007, an unknown Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with her then-boyfriend, singer Ray J.. Kardashian became a major star once the tape was “accidentally” released (rumor has it Kris Jenner was behind the release), and Kim went off to build a multi-million dollar empire.

While Kim has only gotten bigger, Ray J fell into near obscurity. He hasn’t had an album since 2008, and his brief foray into acting didn’t pay off.

While Kim became famous using Ray J (no pun intended), now Ray J is doing the same thing. The singer teased a new single on Friday, which will appear on his new album. The song is called “I Hit It First”, and the cover of the album is a pixelated photo of Kim. [SEE THE ALBUM COVER - PLUS THE SHOCKING LYRICS - AFTER THE JUMP!] (more…)

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