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Kim Kardashian Is Obsessed With Having A Big Butt!

Kim Kardashian Is Obsessed With Having A Big Butt!

Truer words have never been spoken!

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is totally and completely obsessed with having the biggest butt EVER!

In fact, Kim thinks that the bigger the butt she has, the sexier she will be. Gross, right?!?

According to the latest gossip, Kim just loves having a huge butt and has spent roughly $30,000 on butt injections in order to make that happen. We’ll buy that — she seems self-involved enough to spend some cold hard cash on her rear end. She does seem to think that her butt is all that she’s got to offer — and in some ways she’s right (think: sex tape).

A source said, “Kim’s been focusing on her bum a lot lately – it’s becoming almost obsessive. She says the bigger it is, the sexier she feels. But Kim’s obsession is starting to worry her friends – they’re concerned she’ll take things too far. Kim says she wants an eye-popping booty that everyone notices. It’s part of her brand.”

The source added, “Kim wants to please Kanye and she knows he’s obsessed with her rear. He thinks she has the best bum in the world.”

Her butt looks disgusting…there, I said it!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Kim Kardashian Warns Khloe To Stay Away From French Montana

Kim Kardashian Warns Khloe To Stay Away From French Montana

While Kim Kardashian is over in Paris planning her wedding to Kanye West and making French people think that Americans have absolutely no fashion sense, she has also been busy talking her sister Khloe out of hooking up with French Montana.

A source close to the reality star said, “Kim is telling Khloe that she should be really careful with French after everything she just went through with Lamar. He’s got a lot of family drama that Khloe could get dragged into and Kim doesn’t want her to have a difficult romance this time.”

Despite her advice, Kim has also been bragging that her relationship with Kanye is more stable than anything Khloe could ever have. That sounds about right, no? The source said, “Kim has said that Kanye doesn’t have any family problems or past relationships that hold him back from completely loving her and so that’s what she wants for Khloe. She wants to see her sister happy and she’s worried that French isn’t going to be able to fully commit to her sister. But the comparison irritates Khloe.”

The snitch added, “Kim just hasn’t been as supportive as Khloe would have liked. She’s telling her to take things slowly and saying that French might not be the one for her.”

What do you think?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in Paris


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are over in Paris at the moment (perhaps working out some details for their upcoming wedding?) and of course had to go out on the town for some shopping – and a handy photo op, of course.

Kanye doesn’t look too happy, but then again, when does he? At least Kim’s got her game face on as per usual.



Photos: FameFlynet

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Kanye West is Rapping About Kim’s Exes…

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Go Shopping With Kris Jenner

Rapper Kanye West is so proud of landing fiancé, Kim Kardashian, he’s taken it to song.  In a collaboration with Future, and the new track, “I Won,” his endearing and romantic verse doesn’t take too much interpretation.

‘I made it over NBA, NFL players,’ Kanye raps. ‘So every time I score it’s like the Super Bowl.’

This would clearly allude to Kim’s second ill-fated marriage, to basketball player Kris Humphries, and her earlier relationship with football player Reggie Bush.  More Shakespearian lines include:

Kanye says plenty of other charming things in the song, including ‘I want to dip that ass in gold,’ twice.

He goes on: ‘Baby, we should hit the south of France, so you could run around without them pants.’

Referring to her ginormous engagement ring, Kanye adds: ‘I put that glacier on your little hand, now that’s the only thing without a tan.’

There is a reference to the couple’s daughter North West, as her famous father raps: ‘You grew up on J. Lo, Timberlands by Manolo now, till one day I put an angel in your ultra sound.’

My husband really needs to step up his game.  How great that these two lovebirds found each other.

Kim & Kanye Heading To His Concert

Photos: FameFlynet, Source

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