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Kim Kardashian Hounding Amal Clooney For A Job?

Kim Kardashian Hounding Amal Clooney For A Job?

Is Kim Kardashian really hounding George Clooney’s wife Amal for a job?!?

According to a new report from RadarOnline, Kim wants a legal job with Amal Clooney despite not being a lawyer or having graduated college. Say what?!?

Amal has been working on a case having to do with the Armenian genocide and Kim wants to add her two cents as a consultant. A source revealed, “Kim has been telling friends that she has plans to do lots of humanitarian work this year. She wants to follow in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie.”

The site reports that Kim “has been calling George’s handlers, pleading for an introduction to Amal” and “also emailed Amal’s London law office hoping to track her down.”

The source said, “Despite that Kim doesn’t even have a law degree – or even a college degree – she wants Amal to hire her as a consultant on the Armenia case. Kim is eager to smarten up her image; She’s planning on visiting refugees from Syriar when she goes to Armenia, and she’s trying to convince Amal that teaming up is a win/win for both of them.”

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Kim Kardashian Skipped The Oscars – Find Out Why!

Kim Kardashian Skipped The Oscars - Find Out Why!

Reality star Kim Kardashian was most notably absent from the 2015 Oscars last night and now we know why. Instead of attending the awards show, Kardashian opted for a night in with her daughter with Kanye West, North.

She also skipped out on the after-parties and did something quite different – and musical. Thankfully, she isn’t trying to revive her singing career, but she is trying her hand at the piano.

“Just finished my piano lesson in time to watch the Oscars’ red carpet!!!” Kardashian, 34, tweeted on Sunday, Feb. 22.

North West’s mom also had a special treat in mind for her husband Kanye West. “I’m going to surprise Kanye by learning one of his songs!” she gushed to her 29 million followers. “He’s hardly on social media so he won’t know I’m tweeting this lol.”

When asked by a Twitter user if she’ll be making an appearance, she responded: “I have no one to watch North so we’re watching together in our pj’s! Next year for sure!”

Do you think it was best for her to stay home? Surely she could’ve found someone trustworthy to keep an eye on North if she really wanted to hit the town?

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Kanye West Had To Take 30 Showers After Amber Rose Relationship

Kanye West Had To Take 30 Showers After Amber Rose Relationship

Before Kanye West married Kim Kardashian, he dated Amber Rose. Before Kim would go anywhere near Kanye, she made him take thirty showers!

Kanye talked to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club where he made it clear that he isn’t standing for anyone talking down about his wife. When asked about Amber’s recent disses against Kim, he said, “She’s just soakin’ in the moment. If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose.”

That wasn’t all either, he added, “It’s very hard for a woman to want to be with someone that’s with Amber Rose…I had to take thirty showers before I got with Kim.”

Do you think that everyone is taking this whole feud too far? What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Kanye West: Friends Turned Their Back On Me When I Began Dating Kim Kardashian

Kanye West: Friends Turned Their Back On Me When I Began Dating Kim Kardashian

Kanye West talked to Style magazine when his new line with Adidas was released. When speaking about his wife Kim Kardashian, he said that friends turned their backs on them when they began dating.

When asked about dressing Kim, he said, “It’s learning. She was always my muse, now she’s become other designers’ muses. Or designers’ muses, because like I said, I don’t want to disrespect designers by calling myself a designer, I just think I have a vision of something that I want to do. But God has a special way to teach people through life. I guess I got a little more credit for my second collection than my first, for whatever that is worth.”

On the topic of their so-called friends, he said, “But soon as we started dating, fashion people were really opposed to the idea of reality stars. And all the relationships, the somewhat friends that I had somewhat built up, completely turned their backs on her and me. They already had their back to her, and now they turned it to me. The so-called traction that I was getting in the high-fashion world was completely thrown out the window and I was finally allowed to go to school, where every day I was in my mom [Kris Jenner]’s house, in my little brother’s old room, Rob’s old room, re-tailoring a Céline skirt, re-tailoring a Saint Laurent jacket, re-tailoring a Zara top, re-tailoring Wolford … And day by day by day, [Kim and I] learned, we got better. We looked at the photographs together and she improved my style, we improved each other.”

You can read the entire interview here if you so choose. It’s a lot of Kanye chatter, so be warned.

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