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Kanye West Is Switching Up Kim’s Fashion In 2015

Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 - Givenchy Fashion Show

When Kim Kardashian says she’s getting a “new 2015 vision,” she means with a TON of help from husband Kanye West.

The reality star tweeted on Monday that fans should brace themselves  “new 2015 vision,” that she’s revamping her look with the help of, of course, her husband Kanye West.

“Up all night redoing my whole wardrobe with Kanye,” she tweeted. “I’m so ready for new looks for the New Year! New 2015 vision.”

Don’t exactly know what that means, but I know it probably has something to do with Kanye throwing out a lot of old 2014 flesh and black stretch tanks, maybe some Luis Vuitton pregnancy stuff?

And kind Kanye let Kim have a couple minutes off to reminisce about her favorite look of 2014.

“This Givenchy look could possibly be my favorite look of 2014,” she tweeted, along with a snap of herself wearing the leather jacket and sheer lace ensemble while sitting front row with North and Kanye at Paris Fashion Week this past September, pictured here.

What does Kanye have in store for Kim’s look? Thoughts?

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Charlie Sheen Disses Kim Kardashian

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen at Scary Movie V Premiere in Hollywood

Charlie Sheen‘s favorite hobby? Ripping on Kim Kardashian.

Charlie Sheen “mistakenly” sent a vicious tweet this morning, which described Kim K as having “Zero gratitude, zero awareness, zero talent, a pox on the face of entertainment she is!” Sheen says he wrote it a month ago and accidentally posted it this morning. Nevertheless, he says he stands by it.

Although Sheen deleted the post, he says he stands by his comments. Charlie tells TMZ that he head a story that Kim refused a little girl an autograph at some lunch place, and Kim told her assistant, “Oh God, can you handle this.”  Charlie says, “The assistant and dooshy got in her car and pulled out and sped past the poor little 6-year-old without even a glance to the child.”

A close friend of Kim’s tells TMZ the reality star told her there’s no truth to the story and that Kim said, “I never say no to autographs, especially kids.”

Yeah, I mean, I know the bar is set low, but I think I’m going to believe Kim’s source on this more than Charlie Sheen’s.  Right? Also Charlie, maybe have your assistant help you figure out how twitter works? Just sayin.’

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Kim Kardashian Is Against Smiling?

Kim Kardashian Calls Nude Photos A Pre-Pregnancy 'Token'

You guys wanna know another one of Kim Kardashian’s beauty secrets? Spoiler: It might make you FROWN.

If you follow Kim Kardashian on instagram,  you may have already learned this: the trick isn’t expensive product, exercise, whatever. In a black and white photo with family friend Shamari Maurice, the reality star revealed that maintaining her famous poker face is what keeps her looking so beautiful.

“See I do smile… even laugh on occasion,” North West‘s mom dished in her instagram caption. “Not too often though because it causes wrinkles.”

Hmmm…that might be one beauty secret that I won’t follow!

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Kim and Kanye Purchase Gigantic House To Preserve Family Unit?

Kim Kardashian Has Super High Hopes For North West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are finally ending their long distance relationship!

Since celebs are busy and rich and all,  sometimes we don’t realize when two people might live on different coasts or spend a ton of time not together. Such is the case for Kim and Kanye, who finally purchased a house rumored to end the “long distance” part of their relationship…

According to TMZ, Kimye purchased the house next door to their Hidden Hills dream home so they can expand their property by nearly five acres.

The plan? A giant kiddie park, movie theater, game room, basketball court, a spa for Kim and a full music studio for Kanye, so he doesn’t have to venture off to Paris or Mexico to record his albums. Check out the photos HERE. 

That sounds good, but does it have a guest house that has really good instagramming light for when Kardashian relatives stay over? It’s important.

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