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Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner are taking things slowly

Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner are taking things slowly

According to the latest gossip, Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner are dating, but are taking things slowly in their new relationship.

Nick split from Olivia Culpo nearly three months ago after they were together for two years, so he wants to take things at a snail’s pace. Reportedly, they are keeping things “pretty light as of now.”

A source close to Nick revealed, “Nick and Kendall are hanging out, but it’s nothing that serious, as Jonas just got out of a relationship and isn’t looking for anything major at the moment. He is really focusing on his career at this time.”

They were said to have enjoyed some dates together after they were introduced to one another by Nick’s brother Joe. A source said, “He enjoys hanging with Kendall when they are both in the same city, and it’s nice because they have a similar group of friends (and family) in common.”

Still, Nick remains completely focused on his career. He recently said, “I’m focused on my work and that, to me, is the priority right now.”

And there you have it!

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Don’t Tell Your 13 Year Old Daughters: Kendall Jenner And Nick Jonas Are Dating

Kendall Jenner Stops To Fill Up In Calabasas


But seriously- if you have or know of any 13-15 year old girls, they are gonna flip out when they hear that Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas have been set up with Gigi Hadid and the rest of the Taylor Swift coven of witches.

Gig’s dating Joe Jonas, and the two of them brought Jenner and Nick together. But their reasons for playing cupid weren’t completely selfless. Us Weekly reports:

“Gigi wants Kendall around all the time,” says a source. “She thinks it would be fun for all of them to hang out.”

Plus, the duo, dubbed G.I. Joe by their friend Cara Delevingne, knew it wouldn’t be difficult to coordinate those group dates. “They are all going to end up hanging out regardless, so it seems like a simple situation, which could be a lot of fun,” the source adds.

Their scheming paid off. After being recently reintroduced, Jenner and Nick, 22, are getting to know each other better over text, but “they had a flirty chemistry from the start,” says another source close to the “Jealous” singer.

The timing is right for Nick, who split from longtime girlfriend of nearly two years, Olivia Culpo, in June. “Nick was single and looking to date and there was an obvious attraction. He absolutely thinks she’s hot,” says the source.

Still, don’t expect public displays of affection from the two just yet. For now, Nick and Jenner are taking it slow and keeping their courtship private. Adds another insider, “When they’re ready and it turns official, we’ll start seeing photos.”

Well, the world is ready. And man, this group is getting super incestuous, isn’t it? What do YOU think of this new couple?

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Kendall Jenner Camel Toe’d Out In Calabasas

Kendall Jenner Stops To Fill Up In Calabasas

Even if you’re a model, those high rise jeans can be BRUTAL!

Kendall Jenner stopped to refuel her SUV while out and about in Calabasas yesterday and while yes, the girl is beautiful, I would suggest, perhaps, a different jean choice moving forward.

The star recently celebrated her sister Kylie Jenner‘s graduation with a big Kardashian/Jenner bash, and looked much less, uh, camel-toe-y in those pics. C’mon Kendall- let’s nip this problem in the…toe?

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Kendall And Kylie Are Launching A Footwear Line

Kendall Jenner And Kylie Jenner Launch Party For Kendall + Kylie Fashion Line At Topshop

Yep, now you can walk like a Kardashian/Jenner (if that’s your pleasure).

And this is not their first time at the Rodeo. Kendall and Kylie Jenner collaborated with PacSun late last year, then they teamed up with TopShop for a new line in June, and now they’re taking their design skills to the streets-er, what you use to walk on the streets…feet!

According to Footwear News, the sisters’ collection (that’s “Kendall + Kylie”) will launch in spring 2016 and consist of footwear, swimwear and clothing. Judging by how fast the two cropped tees they revealed last week flew off the shelves, the collection will probably be pretty darned popular.

Would you buy something from Kendall + Kylie?

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