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Another celebrity breakup!

For years Jessica Simpson and her go-to hairstylist Ken Paves have been as inseparable as shampoo and conditioner.

The duo traveled the world, launched a line of hair extensions and even starred together in the singer/actresses’ second short-lived reality show, ‘The Price of Beauty.’

Now, it seems Paves may have have washed the blonde beauty out of his layered tresses for good.

The celebrity hairstylist confirmed that he and Simpson have separated professionally. Sort of. When asked by E!online if the two were at split ends he said, “Yes, but no but….” Paves then stammered a bit and offered up the “we’ve both been busy” excuse.

Meanwhile, a source tells Us Weekly that the pair did indeed breakup because of Simpson’s all-consuming focus on new beau, Eric Johnson.

Paves, the anonymous source claims, has tired of Simpson’s treatment of him. “Ken is sick of her cycle of dumping friends when she’s with a guy. She smothers guys and they dump her. Then she goes back to Ken,” the source told the mag.

Paves was kind about Simpson during an Operation Smile event this week however, telling E!, “Jessica and I have been friends for 12 years” adding their friendship “is always there.”


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Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves are “Done” and it’s all Eva Longoria’s fault.

Can this be true? Can BFF’s Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves have hit a rough patch?

A source close to Jessica Simpson tells E! that the once best friends are “over”. They had problems over the summer, and Paves is no longer speaking to Simpson over “something petty.”

“They’ve had a major fight,” the Simpson insider tells E! News. “Jessica’s devastated over it, she loves Ken. He just won’t speak to her at all.”

Simpson tried to make amends, even inviting Paves along to her 30th birthday party in Capri in July, where she brought along her family, girlfriends and new boyfriend Eric Johnson for a relaxing getaway.

Paves, who was always Jessica’s shoulder to cry on though her many loves and losses, turned her down.

“She was so upset,” says the source.

Along with some other drama, Jessica is said to be upset that Ken has been tweeting his love for his other galpal, Eva Longoria, calling her his “best friend.”

“Jessica was heartbroken, they were so close. Maybe one of them will come around,” the source says.

I secretly love watching the two of them. I watched ever episode of Jessica’s VH1 show Price of Beauty and they were hilarious together. They’ve also collaborated on Paves’ clip-on hair extensions, Hairdo.

He insists there’s no rift between the two, telling E! News he’s been unable to travel to see her because of projects.

“Jessica and I are definitely still friends. Jess is very supportive of my other relationships as I am of hers! The truth is we have both been busy and on different schedules,” he says. “I know Jessica is very excited for me! I’ve brought her dad Joe on to manage these projects. It’s all in the family! We are all definitely still friends…”


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Jessica Simpson her father Joe, and BFF Ken leave her midtown hotel in New York City.


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Jessica Simpson is drizunk.


Jessica Simpson was looking a little worse for wear as she arrived at Beso in Hollywood, CA on August 5, 2009 to celebrate good friend Ken Paves’ birthday.

That picture of him grabbing her arm gives me the creeps!

Two more! (more…)

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