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Kate Upton Injured Herself In The Most Hilarious Way

'C Mademoiselle' Paris Premiere

Woah, cool it on the REDNECK SPORTS, Kate Upton.

Somehow- like I have no IDEA how- the supermodel injured herself playing the most laid back, chill, everyones-most-always-drunk-and-fat-while-playing-it sport: cornhole.

TMZ cornered the supermodel at LAX just a couple days after she posted a pic of her swollen and bruised right foot and she was still feeling the pain and the shame HARD. Because (and like I said) most people who play this game are fat, drunk midwesterners (it’s called CORNHOLE, for crying out loud).

I mean, she still looks amazing even with her bum cornhole foot, but still…Kate- try not to break yourself next time you play table tennis, darts or another round of cornhole, mmmmkay?

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Posted Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 at 10:10am
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Kate Upton Doesn’t Care That Mariah Carey Took Her GoW Gig

Kate Upton Explains Why She Won't Get Naked

Kate Upton isn’t losing sleep about handing off her GoW gig!

The star has given her stamp of approval to Mariah Carey replacing her as the mascot of t”Game of War: Fire Age.”

TMZ “ran into” Kate leaving LAX Thursday and asked about Mariah stepping in as the company retires Kate’s, uh, busty, commercial. Because her career is like, on the up and up and she has stuff to do, she was super gracious! Or hey, maybe it’s just because she’s a nice person.

I think it’s totally weird that the company is veering from Kate to Mariah, though I guess it has something to do with a music deal. That being said, I’m all team Kate, especially with how nice she was when TMZ asked her about the controversy.

Check out the video HERE!

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Posted Friday, June 19th, 2015 at 9:09am
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Mariah Carey Is Replacing Kate Upton In “Game Of War”

Kate Upton Explains Why She Won't Get Naked

Wow, the fact that Mariah Carey is replacing Kate Upton in ANYTHING seems weird…

AND YET: we learned that Carey will be the new face/rack of  “Game of War: Fire Age.” Yes, her music will also be featured, like anyone who plays GOW cares…

TMZ reports that the producers of the mobile game have inked a 7 figure deal with Mariah to shoot a bunch of promos but most importantly, she’ll be shooting 30 second commercial over two days for the hugely popular game.  The director of the commercial isn’t just some yahoo, too- he’s rumored to be Alan Taylor, the dude who directed “Terminator Genisys.”

It makes sense that Mariah would wanna do this- ‘Game of War’ is a phenomenon, raking in $1 million a day, but it’s also like, do the people that play GOW REALLY care about Mariah Carey? They feel much more like a Kate Upton crowd to me.

What do YOU think of this marketing switch?

Photo: FameFlynet
Posted Friday, June 12th, 2015 at 9:09am
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Kate Upton Talks Twitter, Her Image And Criticism

Kate Upton Talks Twitter, Her Image And Criticism

Kate Upton is featured on the cover of the April 2015 issue of Net-A-Porter’s The Edit. The cover picture is cute, isn’t it?

In this issue, Kate talks about how she’s over Twitter, her public image and the internet as a whole.

On Twitter: “I feel like social media at this point is kind of bullsh*t. At the beginning it was amazing and a lot of fun. It was like, ‘Cool, I can talk to my fans!’ And now I think that we’re losing the art of it. When I first joined Twitter it was just me, but [when] you’ve got contracts, it’s so planned. Now it’s about who has the best marketing, not who has a really good personality.”

The criticism over her image: “[The criticism was difficult] because I actually cared what people thought. The only thing I do for other people now is cook. That’s the only place in my life where I care what they think … I’ve heard people say, ‘You put yourself in that position to be judge.’ But no, I put myself in that position because I really liked that photographer. I wanted to do that piece of work. Not to be judged.”

The internet: “The Internet can be horrible, so I just don’t look at it anymore … But maybe a bit of hate is good for me. Because if I’m in a spot where everyone loves me, I won’t try as hard … People always have low expectations of me, but that makes it easy to impress them!”

Kate Upton Talks Twitter, Her Image And Criticism

I love the black and white dress, it’s hot hot hot!


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