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Kate Nash getting married, in my hometown!


Last year Erin and I had the pleaseure of seeing Kate Nash in Portland (go here for pictures and my review) and we absolutely LOVED her!  It was such a great show!! And now she’s coming back to Portland, to get married!

Kate Nash is getting married. The 21-year-old British singer is fleeing the U.K. to marry The Cribs frontman Ryan Jarman in a private U.S. ceremony on Saturday.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “They are both very excited about the wedding but they didn’t want any fuss. That’s part of the reason why they decided to do it in America.”

The pop pair – who announced they were dating in September 2007 after meeting on British music TV show “Later. With Jools Holland” – will say their vows in front of close family and friends in Portland, Oregon.

Nash – who shot to fame following the phenomenal success of her debut album “Made of Bricks” – was reluctant to have a big wedding because she dislikes being in the showbiz spotlight.

She previously said: “I can’t knock it really – I’ve chosen to be a musician because I love it. But I feel really uncomfortable with the whole showbiz party thing. It’s just not my scene and it can be intimidating.”

“I’ll be in a room full of people name-dropping and schmoozing and I think, ‘This is doing my head in.’ I feel embarrassed when people are impressed by it all, especially when they’re older than me. It’s easy to get sucked in.”


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Kate Nash has ice cream dreams

Kate Nash

Kate Nash has plans to open her own ice cream parlor – if her music career ever dries up.

The Foundations singer harbors dreams of running a shop filled with tasty treats in her native London if fans stop buying her records.

Asked what she would do if her music career ended, she says, “I would open my own ice cream parlor in London, where I would put on little nights and serve up ‘proper’ knickerbocker glories (ice cream sundaes) with luminous green sauce while wearing a cute checked apron.”



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kate_nash_portland_5113.jpg kate_nash_portland_5111.jpg

Erin (left) and I (right) had the pleasure of seeing Kate Nash perform last night in Portland, Oregon. After a few rather interesting opening acts, Kate took the stage, and man – did she rock!

She sang a good 15 songs or so, and wow – she has some serious energy! Erin and I kept looking at each other in shock, cause once she gets going – you can hardly understand her she’s going so fast! She is the greatest performer. She dances, jumps around – plays several instruments. She just kicked ass!

I’ve been listening to her album “Made of Bricks” nearly every day since I bought it. I love it! It’s funny, because when I sing it – I totally sing with a British accent. “You say I must eat so many lemons, cause I am so bitter – I’d rather be with your friends, cause they are much fitter.” It’s very fancy when you say it with a British accent.


We met some really great girls at the show, Claire and Paige (above) – and I have to say hello. Great minds think alike! Next time – bring the slingshot! PS: I remembered your names! 🙂


You can certainly taste some sugar and spice – not to mention a bracing shot of whiskey-tinged wit – in the music of Kate Nash. But when it comes time to answer the question of what the 20-year-old singer-songwriter is made of, one need only look at the
title of her debut album – Made of Bricks.

“People thought that title would make me sound hard, but I really fought for it,” recalls Nash, whose straight-forward tales and warm, winning voice catapulted Made of Bricks to the number-one spot on Britain’s album chart in its first week of release. “Bricks are strong, just like good relationships are strong, and that’s what bricks signify to me. I’m a homey kind of girl and I like hanging out on a Sunday and eating mashed potatoes and bricks just say home and family – the things that I can’t live without.”


References to those items pepper Made of Bricks, but Nash – who grew up just outside London in the working-class suburb of Harrow – is in no danger of slipping into Hallmark territory. She’s capable – on the impossibly infectious single “Foundations” – of detailing the crumbling of a relationship in perfect detail, and self-aware enough to turn the mirror on herself on “Mouthwash,” a lilting look at a girl with “a thousand opinions and not the time to explain.”

Even when those opinions aren’t exactly the nicest – on the finger-popping “Dickhead,” she spends a good deal of time advising a friend not to be one – Nash manages to elicit a smile from the listener. Credit a good bit of that charm to the singer-songwriter’s guileless willingness to get in touch with her inner child – a sassy creature who comes to the fore most clearly on the Tim Burton-inspired “Mariella,” on which she channels that innocent spirit with unfettered joy.

Nash, who has been writing songs since she was 13 years old, recalling “I used to tape everything on one of those ancient tape players where you had to push play and record at the same time,” but initially thought she’d go into theater. After a spell at London’s School for Performing Arts & Technology (alma mater of Amy Winehouse and members of the Kooks) where she starred in several plays and wrote others, she had the good fortune to fall down a flight of stairs and break her foot – an injury her parents tried to soothe by offering up a guitar as company.


“People have said that I only started doing music after my accident, but that’s not true,” Nash says. “I did have more time to write and develop my own style. When I could listen back to the songs I was writing and not cringe, I started playing them for my sisters, and it sort of went from there.”

And it “sort of” picked up very quickly for Nash, whose earliest recordings garnered a huge MySpace following, not to mention raves from kindred spirits like Lily Allen. She made her recorded debut less than a year ago, with the cheeky electro-folk bopper “Caroline’s a Victim,” which sold out its initial pressing of a thousand copies almost overnight, a testament to the song’s catchiness and Nash’s no-B.S. attitude.

Nash scored a deal with Fiction Records less than two months after that first single hit stores. Quickly, she began combing through her notebooks to cull the songs that would come to make up Made of Bricks, paying close attention to “the ones that were the most embarrassing to play, because those ended up being the ones that people liked the most.” In January 2008 Geffen Records will release Made of Bricks stateside.


More often than not, Nash holds down the disc’s fort on her own, alternating between acoustic guitar and vintage synthesizer (the latter being the base for the lighthearted opener, “Play”). Now and again, however, producer Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Babyshambles) drops her into a bit of a sonic maelstrom, and she responds with verve, flaunting an impish charisma on songs like the “Pumpkin Soup.”

No matter what the setting, however, Nash’s personality comes to the fore, making Made of Bricks one of the most unique debuts of the season – prompting the New York Times to dub it “lovable,” and Britain’s Gigwise to conclude “It’s a grower in every sense and one that leaves you guessing, daydreaming and wanting more.” Nash herself shrugs off the hype and assesses her position with typical frankness.

“When ‘Foundations’ got to number-two on the charts in Britain, I suddenly found myself on bills with all of these pop stars like Girls Aloud and I was like, ‘what am I doing here?,’” she says with a laugh. “I was surrounded by shiny pop kids with neat hair and handlers and I’m the geeky girl with rips in her tights and scraggly hair. But then I realized I was there because people liked my songs – people are getting fed up with things they can’t relate to and people who seem out of reach. I’ll never be out of reach.”

Here’s a video I took from the show. This is my very first YouTube video. I shot this myself! So don’t get mad at me cause it’s shaky. 🙂 Here’s “Dickhead” one of my favorite Kate Nash songs. Enjoy!

Here’s another video, here’s “Sh*t Song”.

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Just because I’m bored.

Are any of you into Kate Nash? I needed a new album for my Shuffle, so I decided I’d check out Kate Nash (have only heard the one song they play over and over on the radio “Foundations”). I really like it! My favorite song is one I could never listen to with my children…”D*ckhead” If you’re dying to hear that song, you can hear it here.Anyway – because I’m bored I decided to post this video. I’d never seen it, and it’s my latest ITunes purchase.

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